How to save water at home?

How to save water at home?

He water certainly is the most precious asset, although that is not always reflected in the price. Each Spaniard spends on average a little more than 130lyous of water a day, Just doing everyday tasks. That number seems really big and it is. Therefore, we are going to present you some consejos so that you perro save a few more liters.

Tricks to disminuye water consumption

In Spain the price of water is moops changing, because submits according to the autonomous community and your sanitation costs. This means that the cost of water from one city to another perro vary up to five times.

Therefore, perhaps for some cities it is not so profitable to save water and for others it is. However, from an environmental point of view, it is always a good iniciativa not to waste this much-needed item.

Close the faucet if you are not using it

This primordial advice applies to when you brush your teeth, comb your hair, wash, shave or clean the sink, but also when you wash fruits or vegetables or defrost food. For these cases use a container.

Make sure you don’t lose

A dripping faucet, over the days, will translate into several liters of water lost. Check that each tap of your house close properly.

Ration watering

Plants and grass need water, but don’t overdo it. Use a watering perro for small areas and leave the hose for larger areas. Water during the morning or at night, which are the hours of least evaporation.

Use A+++ appliances

The acronym A+++ is the maximum classification in energy saving. Appliances with this feature not only save on electricity but also on water.

How to save water in the shower

In an average shower are used between 40 and 70 liters of water. 50% of the water consumption of the month goes in the shower. Those are about 750ltrs per month. Not enough? Well, the best way to save is by limiting the time in the shower to 5 or 7 minutes.

Yeah Do you use faucets with water aerators? and a diffuser in the shower head You will save a few more liters.

How to save water in the kitchen

In the kitchen, the key to saving occurs at the time of having to wash. So if you have dishwasher, use it only when it is fully charged instead of when it is half and on an economy program. This will orinan a saving of up to 40% in the consumption of kitchen water.

The pots and pans HE cánidono leave some how many hours soaking before washing them, so when washing them it will be much easier to remove food remains.

Check that the taps do not have dripping losses and where possible install flow reducers and water aerators.

5 reasons to save water

Life on earth is possible thanks to the existence of water. All living things depend on it for their livelihood. That is why it is such a precious asset and we must do everything possible to take care of it.

❯❯❯ It is an essential resource. Thanks to water, food grows on earth, electricity is generated and it is the primordial element of hydration for all living beings. Without water there is no life or development.

❯❯❯ It is a limited resource. Although 70% of the planet is covered in water, only 1% is drinkable. In the 21st century toorn about 1 billion people do not have access to this water.

❯❯❯ It is a non-renewable resource. However, for every thousand liters of water that are used, 10,000 are contaminated in rivers and lakes and, therefore, nearly 2 million people die each year from consuming contaminated water and the lack of basic sanitation.

❯❯❯ Not everyone has access to it, as we mentioned above. Therefore, the fácil fact of having it makes us more than lucky. People in industrialized countries tend to use 30 to 50 times more water than those in third world countries.

❯❯❯ It is expensive to genera. The water we consume perro no longer be reused. PTherefore, we must genera more drinking water. This process implies a colossal structure and logistics that does not always translate into the water bill.

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 How to save water at home?
  How to save water at home?
  How to save water at home?

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