How to save, the best applications of

How to save, the best applications of

For know how to save you have to learn itUnfortunately, no one is born taught and the knowing how to save is difficult, especially when they have not taught you and you have not had any economic setback. At the moment you cánido learn how to save with financial management applications that make your job easier.

If you have suffered it, if you have had to repay a loan and you have not been able to and even so you have had to do it, you will surely look for some financial consulting so as not to fall on the same stone again.

In addition to this, if you do not want or cannot hire the OVB financial consultants or another company, you cánido download applications to control your expenses.

In this article I will explain some applications that you perro install on your móvil inteligente to control your expenses, Control the money you have and the money you cánido spend.

Although if you search the android or iphone ecosystem you will find dozens of applications to save money. In this article I am going to explain the seven that, in my opinion, are the most interesting and the ones that you perro get the most out of. Shall we continue reading?


This aplicación we perro only find it on androidd, so if you have an iPhone you will not be eligible for it. The good thing about it is that it you perro use it on multiple devices at the same time. you will have to go adding income and expenses by handalthough it will always be in a very fácil and intuitive way.

Once the transactions are added, the application generates reports and categorizes expenses so that we always know where our money is going. There is information graphicspossibilities to create a budget and even go forward with it with your savings and thus be able to use multiple currencies.

challenge 52 weeks

This is one of my favorites. What the aplicación does is challenge yourself to save little by little over several weeksgradually increasing the amount of money you contribute to the savings plan.

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The operation is extremely fácil. You’ll start by contributing a small weekly amount to your savings, but week by week it will gradually grow. The iniciativa is that when 52 weeks pass you have saved the not inconsiderable amount of 2756 euros in this way. It is a progressive way to saveso that you do not start having to save large amounts a week and that you cánido gradually adapt to the amounts that you equipo aside.


This application focuses on creating budgets for your expenses. In the aplicación you perro design envelopes for expenses in restoranes, leisure or whatever you think best, in addition to this, the aplicación will also allow you to control all your expenses and your income to keep good accounts.

With all that information about your finances They will espectáculo you graphs and all your expenses will be well categorized. It also has widgets based on your location to manage common expenses. It cánido be synchronized with all your devices and it will allow you to export transactions in csv format on its website.


This application is based on the iniciativa of manage finances as a couple. You cánido add both your account and that of your partner and both of you cánido keep track of how much each of you spend And where is the money going?

It may be a Very interesting aplicación for couples who are formed at an advanced age and who have both left a relationship. In these cases, each person usually has an individual account and by joining, this aplicación perro make it so that there are no monetary frictions.

Honeydue is going to us allow to send money to your partner and equipo monthly limits for your family expenses. It will also allow you to create your own custom categories for expenses, receive reminders for receipts, or even ask the other about a mystery purchase.

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With this application you perro centralize the information of your expenses. For those who are most jealous of their privacy, this may be one of the most interesting, since does not ask you to directly backlink any accounts.

In this application, however, you will have to entrar your expenses by hand and you will be able to categorize them to be able to know where your money is going and what you spend the most on. This way, the fácil fact of entering your expenses by hand will make us more aware of them. In addition, you cánido synchronize it with various devices.


Very interesting application designed for help you achieve your savings goals and teach you how to save. All this is done very simply. You will only have toWhat to mark the income and fixed expenses of each monththen the application will tell you how much you cánido spend each day, depending on what you say you spendtea It will indicate how you are doing in the savings goal or if you are going to make ends meet.

This aplicación us will also offer monthly savings histories, graphs with your daily expenses, the possibility of managing finances as a couple, managing expenses to know what you spend the most on. you perro also see the progress of your monthly savings, and allows us to manage expenses in real time from various devices. All this is in a fácil and very fácil interfaz.

money manager

Another application to be able manage your domestic economy and thus know how to save and where to do it. You will be able to see the income you receive and the expenses you are making. You have an option to take a photo and add a geoposition to the different payments you are making.

Like almost all applications of this type, you will be able to add categories to order payments. In the aplicación you perro make a forecast of expenses, and it has an interesting option such as protecting the application with a password. You perro schedule transfers between your accounts, review your expenses in daily, weekly, monthly or yearly slotsor even download these expenses in an excel.

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Final opinions on how to save

As you perro see, this and others applications cánido help us and teach us how to save. Whatever you choose, Do not worry if a month you do not manage to save what you would have likedIn these times it is something habitual.

What is important is think about doing it every month and having the intention of saving, especially for important things, such as our children’s education, paying the mortgage and having an adequate estándar of living when we retire.

If you want to know other articles afín to How to save, the best financial management applications you cánido visit the category save.

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 How to save, the best applications of
  How to save, the best applications of
  How to save, the best applications of

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