How to save on the Electricity Bill in a way

How to save on the Electricity Bill in a way

The arrival of the electricity bill It is usually a big headache… and pocket.

Consumption torments us all year round, but it becomes even greater in the winter and summer seasons for different reasons.

It is because of that we present you ones consejos and tricks that They will come in handy to save on your electricity bill.

The best consejos to save light at home

One of the first things you perro do to save electricity is ddisminuye contracted kilowatts.

Many times we hire more than we need.

To find out what your true cost is, calculate the consumption of the devices that you usually have on at the same time, add a margin for lighting and that is the real consumption you need.

Compare electricity rates of the different marketers to see which ones offer better offers or better discounts in the fixed term of consumption.

You perro also use the rate with hourly discrimination.

This type of rate establishes two consumption periods, each with its own price: “peak” hours (from 12 noon to 10 pm in winter and from 1 pm to 11 pm in summer ).

The rest of the hours are called “valley” and cánido imply savings of up to 47% compared to the base rate.

Another very effective resource is use LED bulbs.

Between 25 and 30% of a home’s consumption is due to lighting.

That is why the use of this type of light bulbs perro generate notable savings, well noNot only do they provide excellent lighting at low consumption, but they also have a much longer lifespan.

The household appliances that consume the most are refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and electric ovens.

That is why it is convenient when changing them, the buy low consumption.

What an appliance indicate that you own higher energy efficiency (A, A+, A++) means that consume 55% less energy.

Do not abuse heating or air conditioning.

Sometimes, in the cold months it is preferable to be a little warmer and in the warm months to open the windows to generate air circulation.

Heating increases its consumption by 5% for each degree above 20° and air conditioning consumes 8% more with each degree below 25°.

The best tricks to save light at home

Appliances that have the stand-by mode (sleep mode)continue to consume electricity in almost 10% of the total consumption.

If you disminuye Stand-By to a minimum by disconnecting some equipment, you will savetoIt’s enough money.

Use gas stove instead of electric stove.

Gas is more energy efficient, since it costs less to obtain the same energy.

Opens the blinds and make the most of sunlight during the day, thus avoiding turning on the lights.

Do not wash after meals.

The most expensive prices for electricity are during the after-dinner hours (2-5 pm) and dinner (9-10 pm). That is why it is not recommended to use the dishwasher after eating or the washing machine after dinner if you have an hourly rate.

Wait for a more conveniente time slot outside these hours.

Insulate the house correctly; Door, window and glass openings are places where heat escapes in winter.

Por y tambiénthis reason, you must make sure to cover all the cracks, place carpets, mats and weather stripping, in addition to placing curtains on all the windows, as they work as insulators.

In this way, it is possible to reach keep 30% more internal temperature.

Another trick is adapt the decoration according to the season.

Thus, both the use of heating and air conditioning are reduced.

In winter you perro decorate with rugs, thick curtains and wool upholstery.

In summer, opt for light cotton or chiffon fabrics.

What is the best device to save light?

Spain is the country in Europe where electricity is more expensive.

Therefore, the objective is to lower the electricity bill at all costs.

Motivated by this reality, they have devised devices that will help to spend less energy, and here are some of them.

➜ Smart plug

The main function of this socket is control the on and off of any deviceeither programtondo or regulating its function from a mobile application since they have a Wi-Fi connection.

In this way, it is possible to turn on the device that is expected to be needed upon arrival, such as the water heater, a few minutes before, preventing it from consuming throughout the day.

In addition, its price is relatively low and it perro pay for itself in a short time.

➜ Smart bulb

Are special bulbs 10W cánido save 100% energy consumption thanks to LED technology.

10W power offers bright illumination and long life of use.

They have WiFi connection and cánido be controlled from a tablet or mobile.

It features 3 color modes: warm white, cool white, and RGB lights, providing 16 million colors to instantly change the look and atmosphere of the room.

TOothers, allowsno adjust temperature and lighting of the bulb from 1% to 100% according to the needs.

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➜ Programmable socket timer

This timer automatically controls the time of any of your appliances based on your settings with just installarlo in the socket.

It perro be used to automatically turn lights and electrical appliances on and off up to 3680W.

owns hUp to 10 ON/OFF programs per day or on selected days during the week.

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 How to save on the Electricity Bill in a way
  How to save on the Electricity Bill in a way
  How to save on the Electricity Bill in a way

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