How to save on Natural Gas Heating

How to save on Natural Gas Heating

In winter times the gas heating It is a tool that meets our needs, but, just as you cánido satisfy a basic human need, it perro ocasione a worrying expense of money.

A strategy to combat this constant expense is to take into account a series of methods, habits and preventions that could save you a few numbers in the account.

In this article we explain it to you in detail.

Save natural gas heating useful tricks

The best way to combat all these problems is by applying these basic, but very effective principles:

Maintain radiators and treat them well

The best thing you cánido do to save money on natural gas heating is to make a good radiator maintenance. In this sense, it is necessary that for you to be able to gas now, the radiators must be working at their highest point of optimization.

In this sense, the first thing you should do before turning on and starting the heating is bleed the radiators. How to do it? Here is an excellent vídeo for you to do it yourself:

Another issue that you must take into consideration, and that is of escencial importance, is that of do not put things on top of radiators. The habit of placing wet clothes on it to dry them reduces its performance, the best solution is to place them close and not on top of radiatorsAlthough this is a slower drying method, it is certainly more economical.

Take advantage of the natural heat

A gray day may dawn, where the temperature is not going to help you at all, but there are others where the sun’s rays will give you a precious gift: the opportunity to save heating.

In order to take advantage of the conveniente days you have to open the windows, the curtains, and let the sun rays in.

It is also important that you turn off the heating and let a cool breeze stream for about 10 or 15 minutes at most. This will be enough to regulate the temperature in the home.

Adapt the heating to your rhythm and schedules

No, you shouldn’t. And I orinan going to work and spending up to 12 hours a day away from home and leaving the heating on. It’s a bad iniciativa because a good amount of money is wasted in that process.

What if you must do? Turn off the heating when you leave, and schedule it so that it starts heating an hour before your arrival.

Other consejos to save natural gas heating

We have already given you the best consejos, the main ones so to speak, now we leave you 5 tricks to save even more with heating:

  1. The thermostat at the right temperature: use the right temperature, in general terms 21 degrees should be enough (you perro see more about it in the next point), in the same way if there are many people at home it is not necessary to keep it at this level. You perro lower it a couple of degrees if necessary.
  2. Wrap: if you add clothes, you perro decrease the degrees, and if you decrease the degrees you save energy/gas, that is, money.
  3. insulate home: due to small openings in doors and windows, a lot of temperature cánido be lost. The best you cánido do is somehow seal off these pathways that drain temperature.
  4. Eliminate unnecessary rooms: guest rooms, or those in which no one lives, do not require heating. Try to exclude them.
  5. shorten time when bathing: do it in the smartest way possible, as a kind of habit: turn off the tap when soaping up and do it quickly, so you will waste less water and gas.

whatTO How many degrees does the heating get?

Even with all these consejos you should maintain the heating temperature, but what is the ideal temperature and why?

According to IDEA the ideal temperature for closed spaces is 20 to 21 ºC, and when sleeping it is recommended to lower the temperature about 2 degrees. Which could be too cold for some.

If that is the case, you cánido appeal to the previous advice (such as keeping warmer and better), since it is estimated that for each degree of ascent, a 7% more consumptionlikewise increasing your annual payment.

We hope that our recommendations are useful to you, and now you cánido save a little more money on the use of heating. After all, it is about being smart and wise with our belongings, now all that remains is to put it into practice.

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 How to save on Natural Gas Heating
  How to save on Natural Gas Heating
  How to save on Natural Gas Heating

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