How to save money on flights using Google plus

How to save money on flights using Google plus

A helpful website that I use during the early stages of planning a new trip is Google plus Flights.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest travel expenses (especially international) are plane tiques.

I remember spending $1600 on a round trip ticket to Europe in 2014, whereas now, I regularly see flight deals to the same destinations for just $400 round trip!

Imagine how many more experiences you could get if you just saved some money on flights.

Fortunately, there are some easy-to-use, “free,” tools on the Internet that could help you save that money.

Saving money on flights is easier for maleable travel times, of course, but with advance planning and the right research, you could save during peak season, too.

As I mentioned earlier, one of my favorite money-saving tools is Google plus Flights.

You have so many options to equipo up the cheapest and best flights you could buy!

It may be preferable to use private browsing mode or clear cache and history when using Google plus Flights.

This is due to the perception that airlines alter prices in response to information they get from your browsing history (I have no personal knowledge of this).

Here, I detail some of my favorite tools in Google plus Flights, and how to use them to save tons of dollars.

Plan by time, by destination, or by neither!

When you first look at Google plus Flights, you’ll notice that you perro entrar your dates and search for flights the traditional way.

Scrolling down, though, you’ll notice that you cánido actually discover destinations, entrar any month, weekend you want to travel, or even pick a destination, and then search for the cheapest times to fly there.

The permutations and options are endless!

Entrar a few different options for cities to fly

If you’re like me, then you probably have more than a handful of destinations you’d like to travel to at any given time.

Google plus Flights is awesome because it allows you to search for flights to different destinations during the same period of time.

If you want to maximize to save money, you perro choose the cheapest destination and save the others for later.

Note: To use this feature, you must entrar the airport codes in the search bar, separated by commas.

Entering city names doesn’t work.

Use Explore Map to really visualize your trip

I love using the Explore Map option to really visualize the journey I could take.

This view also comes with the same categories that you cánido use to customize your search, such as price, airline, duration, etcétera.

Choose destinations based on your interests

Let’s say you like adventure travel and you’re not completely equipo on a especial destination.

Using the map view, you perro check famous destinations by Adventure Travel and the cost of plane tiques to get there.

To get the best price estimates, too, select the appropriate options for the other categories listed above.

Duration matters, because round-trip prices change based on how long you spend in one place.

Visualize prices using price tables and bar charts

I find the calendar view extremely useful for seeing which days are best for flying in and out of a city. ohJust changing your trip for a couple of days perro sometimes save over $200!

To get to this view, first entrar your destination and then your dates.

Clic the return date box, then select Maleable Dates.

This option comes with a calendar view that espectáculos easy-to-read prices.

Another great visualization tool is the bar chart.

This espectáculos the difference in fees from month to month.

Select the length of your trip for the best results.

You cánido access the bar chart by selecting Price Chart instead of Maleable Dates.

Keep track of prices if you’re not ready to book

After going through this exercise, I’m sure you must have found at least one flight that works for you.

But if you’re not ready to book, you cánido always track the flight.

If you’re lucky, the prices could drop even more!

Flight tracking also helps me keep track of destinations and reminds me that I haven’t booked flights yet.


Along with Google plus Flights, you cánido also subscribe to the free version of Going, formerly known as Scott’s Cheap Flights, that sends you correos electrónicos about flight deals from various destinations.

However, these deals only last for a couple of days, so you should take advantage quickly.

Another decent site for flight and hotel deals is Travel Pirates.

Travel Pirates

If you are traveling within the United States, Southwest Airlines has sales several times a year.


I have a warning about Google plus Flights: if you feel like traveling, it perro become quite addictive.

I hope this guide has helped you navigate Google plus Flights, and is useful for your next trip.

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 How to save money on flights using Google plus
  How to save money on flights using Google plus
  How to save money on flights using Google plus

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