How to save money: methods, tricks and

How to save money: methods, tricks and

If you have come here looking for an infallible trick to learn How to save moneyI am sorry to tell you that you have come to the wrong place.

They do not exist infallible tricks to save money every month.

But there are methods that will help us do it efficiently and effectively.

According to a 2018 study “6 out of 10 Spaniards are not able to save a single euro” so we must deduce that the other four do.

This cánido happen for two reasons: either because they know how to do it and do it by sacrificing their popular life, or because their income is high enough for them to save money with some ease.

But for the rest of mortals who have a mileurista salary.

How to save by charging 1,000 euros?

Well, as I told you before, there are no infallible methods, to save money.

However, there are methods that will help you do it efficiently and effectively.

Keep reading and I will espectáculo you saving methods that exist, consejos to save money every day to be able to have some kind of mattress for unforeseen events.

Do you follow me?

How to save money in a piggy bank

Save money in a piggy bank It is one of the first ways that we learn for our small projects from a very young age.

One of the first things we learn is not to touch part of the money we receive, keep in mind that no matter how many consejos and tricks we give you, this part is in your hands.

For example, you perro start earning money en línea and save all or almost all of this part.

Control your expenses

The famous phrase “where does the money go?” It is very habitual, it has already happened to everyone and this is the main mistake that is made when saving.

If you don’t know how much you spend and what you do it on, how do you intend to save? I am going to explain a series of Tricks to know how to control your expenses And if you don’t know what we spend our money on, we cánido’t know in any way How to save money.

  • You cánido do it the traditional way: with a pen and paper, creating a column for income and another for expenses, in which you will have to write every time you receive or spend money.
  • you cánido use an intermediate method, like an excel sheetIt’s the same, only the sheet will be saved on your computer or any mobile device so you perro modify it whenever you want.
  • various applications that are responsible for keeping everything under control, do the expense report for you, in addition to many other things.

    In fintonicfor example, you cánido group all your bank accounts and forget about everything else.

Difference between your needs and your whims

You have to keep in mind what are important things and what really are not.

Keep in mind that the important things for any family are the basics:

  • a roof
  • three meals every day
  • clothes

And even if you don’t think so, everything else is superfluous, you’re not going to die for or have a drone of 1,000 euros, a latest model phone or the latest model car.

We will be just as happy with a móvil inteligente, a car and a home drone that meets our needs and is not worth 10 times more than a habitual one.

Fixed quantity

Don’t wait until the end of the month to save, do it right when you get paid.

I would recommend you save between 5 and 10% of your salary, depending on your possibilities.

The amount is almost unimportant, but be constant and save some amount every month.

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Take advantage of offers and promotions

You perro take advantage of the offers to buy quality clothing or food at low-cost.

Always take advantage of the 2×1 or 3×2 offers.

Take the opportunity to buy food about to expire, which supermarkets usually disminuye a lot.

It is food in perfect condition but when it is about to expire, its price is lowered to give it an outlet.

Take advantage of promotions and pages to test products on the internet.

table to save money

When you already have things clear about what your priorities are and where you perro cut back, you should make a budget with fixed expenses, such as food, electricity, gas and rent (or the mortgage) and variable expenses ( whims, unforeseen).

In this money saving chart you perro include or remove boxes adapting it to your current level of life.

You perro make a table with excel, or simply on paper, as I explained above.

The more cambiantes you apply, the more exactly you will be able to know how much money you perro save, how much your expenses are and what things you perro do without.

At first it will seem a bit tedious, but by the end of the month everything will be clear and it will be easy to do day by day.

Rules to know how to save money in Spain

As much as we want to save, we are going to save very little if we don’t know how to do it.

They are fácil rules, but they must be carried out if you want to have a little money saved.

Keep reading that I am going to explain the time rules to know How to save money.

Do you dare to continue reading?

30 minute rule

Humans are guided by impulses, both on a personal level and when buying, it is what is called the 30-minute rule.

If we are able to resist that half hour without satisfying our impulse purchase, we perro already say that we have overcome it and we perro do without the product (which we surely do not need).

24 hour rule

This rule perro be summed up in a few words: think carefully about what you are going to buy.

Obviously, this statement is only valid for expensive products.

When you need something, do not buy on impulse, you must think things through and always weigh the pros and cons well.

Think that if the disbursement that you are going to make is going to be worth it.

Economically it is the same to spend 100 euros on a coat than to spend 50 twice on two coats.

In this sense, I advise you to weigh the quality of a product and the durability that it may have.

You have to take into account the product you are going to buy, the price it will cost you and above all, the use you are going to give it.

15 day rule

Here we go older.

Suppose, for example, that the refrigerator in your house is about to break.

It is a necessity product that you have to have at home yes or yes.

My advice for save money It is not to jump for the first product you find, but to compare, both sin conexión (lifelong stores) and en línea.

If you do a good search, you cánido save a few euros that perro come in handy for future occasions.

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how to save money kids

Starting to save as a child is a very good iniciativa, both for parents (who should teach them) and for the children themselves. if we start to know How to save money As children we will have a habit acquired for the future, and although as children we do not need (relatively) save moneysince our basic needs are covered thanks to our parents.

Although as children we are not aware of this, since we will always have parents or grandparents to buy our “whims”, it is good to educate children that if they want a whim that is out of the ordinary (a game, a toy) let’s save our pay or the consejos that they give us.

In this way we will know when we are older that things are not given away and that to get what we want, it is best to make an effort, in this way, when we achieve it, the satisfaction will be greater than if we do not have to make an effort to get what we want.

How to save money as a teenager

In my view, adolescence is one of the most complicated stages of life.

It is when our character is formed and when we begin to forge ourselves as men and women.

In the subject that addresses us, saving money as a teenager it is sometimes quite difficult.

Unless, in the previous stage, the child, now an adolescent, has been instilled that it is necessary to save to get the things you wantit will be difficult for the adolescent to want to save.

However, if it has been Always had the habit of saving for things that one wants, it will be much easier for adolescents to save from their pay or consejos (grandparents, parents) and even from small jobs that they perro do to get the games, clothes and dispositivos you want.

At this stage, many adolescents cánido start doing small jobs to earn money, sometimes helping neighbors, or in businesses, both family and non-family.

From the outset, you must be aware that you have to save a part of the benefits either for whims or for unforeseen events.

If we start doing it from adolescence, in adulthood it will be much easier for us.

Opinions on how to save money

As you perro see, save money It is not something so complicated if we have two things:

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  • effort to save
  • have the economic capacity to save at least something every month

The first premise is obvious, since if you don’t want to save, you won’t do it, and the second almost too.

A person who does not make ends meet cannot save anything.

For the rest, it is not too complicated to save, with a few small premises and maintaining them over time we will be able to save money both for unforeseen events and to give ourselves a whim.

I am one of those who think that it is better to save money first and then buy that good that we need (a car, a motorcycle) or that we long for.

If, on the contrary, we do not want to wait and we want that good, we will have to borrow from the bank and although there are many banks that do not charge interest For account maintenance, they are going to do it to lend us money.

If you ask for a loan from a bank, you will discover that in the end you buy a car for yourself and half a car from the bank, with the consequent frustration.

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 How to save money: methods, tricks and
  How to save money: methods, tricks and
  How to save money: methods, tricks and

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