How to Save Money in a Piggy Bank

How to Save Money in a Piggy Bank

The piggy bank It’s one of the saving methods that we used when we were children, we would take a coin or bill and deposit it in that ceramic pig. And, when the time came, we would break it to have the fruit of the savings.

This image cánido also be repeated when you are an adult, there is nothing wrong or childish with it.

But the problem with adults is that they are under the weight of many expenses and require certain methods and disciplines to get more out of the piggy bank. In this article we espectáculo you some of the most important and easiest to apply.

How to save with a piggy bank without realizing it with these consejos

Everyone knows about the importance of saving, but how to do it?

Here I leave you 4 consejos/methods to save without you noticing. It’s really easy!

Use the spare change

Basically it’s about take the change that you have left of any payment.

After paying for a coffee or a taxi, keep the money in a specific place (it cánido be an agenda or a briefcase), and when I get home I put what’s left in the piggy bank.

Take advantage of the challenges

A fun and organized way to save in a piggy bank is through challenges.

➡️ One of the most habitual is the 52 week challenge:

This challenge is about saving the amount of money that corresponds to the week. In this sense, if you are in week 1 of the current year, you must place €1 in the piggy bank. Now, if you go for week 2, you must deliver €2, and so on until you reach week 52, and place €52!

It seems to go from little to little, starting as an easy challenge, and escalating to a much more difficult delivery.

  • The final pile is quite encouraging: €1,387

You could do this same principle with greater freedom, for example: use this challenge, but with a fixed amount, or apply it in a month, changing the weeks for days.

Save before you buy anything

The best thing to maintain the habit of saving is not to think about it too much and prioritize before anything else. Our advice is that you start from a previous study, Make your budget and indicate how much you perro save in each payroll payment, or when you receive a payment (in the case that you are self-employed).

So, yes or yes, you will have money in your piggy bank. Best of all, you won’t even realize you’re saving.

Guide an amount and invest it in the piggy bank

You surely have some expense you perro do without, a coffee, some sweet or place where you go to hang out. We all have habits like this.

How about you take the fixed spending you make on these things month after month and save it?

Do the math: if you spend €1 a day on a coffee, at the end of the year you will have spent a total of €352 on it. If you change this expense for savings, you will have €352 available to you, and if you add more expenses the account grows.

How much perro you save with a piggy bank?

The basic answer is “it depends”, it depends on the quantity and the time. In the hypothetical case that you perro apply a 12-month method and save €100 per month, at the end of the year you could have €1,200.

In this case, it will depend on your financial capacitythe method that you propose and the capacity of your piggy bank (if you entrar a lot of money, it may not entrar more).

Have you thought about the iniciativa of ​​creating a piggy bank to save as a couple?

Contrary to what many think having a partner significantly helps financesespecially when you have goals in common, and a good goal is to save to buy something for yourself or your children.

A good iniciativa is to use a piggy bank, applying the consejos that we have indicated above, if you are thinking of saving, do not think twice and put the money in its place.

We hope that these consejos are useful to you, and that by applying them you cánido improve your financial situation, at least you perro develop the wonderful habit of saving.

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 How to Save Money in a Piggy Bank
  How to Save Money in a Piggy Bank
  How to Save Money in a Piggy Bank

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