How to save in London with these consejos

How to save in London with these consejos

London It is in the top 10 of the most expensive cities in the world, but it is one of the best cities to live and to visit, annually it has about 16 million visitors due, in large part, because of its innumerable tourist centers and beautiful streets.

If you want to go visit or live in London you will need a guide on how to save while there, that will make you get more out of it and have a good time. In this article we have given ourselves the task of compiling the best advice so that this mission perro be successfully accomplished.

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How to save on transport in London

if you are in London Whether visiting or starting to live, you need to move from one place to another, but if you don’t do it properly, you could end up spending a lot of money. In London every penny counts.

So here we will give you some consejos to save money on London transport:

save on transportation public

He London public transport It is quite efficient, only autobuses have about 17,000 different stops. But when using it there are different options that, depending on your requirements, will be more beneficial.

➡️ The best way to use public transport in London is to use some of the transport cards.

In this case, the transport card oyster card it is advisable to use it if you are going to spend less than 5 days (approximately a week) in London. Unless you are going to travel in an exaggerated way in such a short time.

On the contrary, if you are going to stay for more than a week or a month, or you are going to make too many trips in a short period of time, it is advisable to use travel card.

This, unlike travel tiques, is much cheaper.

Save on taxis in London

London taxis are famous, and if you are visiting this has to be part of your London experience.

But when choosing a taxi consider the distanceif you go to a relatively close place you cánido take any taxi, those that you will constantly see on the streets.

But if you are thinking of taking a long trip, such as to the airport, the best thing to do is book a minicab in advance. These are cheaper for this type of travel.

Tricks to save money in London in your day to day

The day to day in London must be a constant saving, things are not cheap, and it is best to be careful with every penny. So here’s how to save on the things that matter most:

save on food

London has a huge variety of dining opportunities, without compromising on quality. If you want to save as much as possible, you cánido consult a lugar de comidas guide where, generally, they do price comparisons. You cánido also eat in supermarkets where the costs are quite low.

Also keep in mind that there are fast food establishments (GBK, Burger King or Pizza Express), and these have constant promotions and discounts, which they announce on their web pages.

In London, bars and pubs have “happy hours” where you cánido save a lot, they also sell house beer, made by themselves, which is very cheap compared to imported beer.

Save by buying at bajo coste

In London there are various charity shops (aid to NGOs), called charity shopsThey sell everything at very cheap prices.

You perro also take advantage of good shopping seasons such as black fridaywinter sales and mid-seasons.

Likewise, you cánido try to identify where the stores are located bajo coste of clothes, in London there are many of them in which you cánido buy everything for €1 or less.

Save by staying at a good price

In central London there are a good number of hotels, but not all of them are cheap, so it will be necessary to do a very good investigation of their prices.

Always try to locate yourself in a strategic geographical area, since, it may be the case, that what you would save on accommodation you could end up losing on public transport and even more.

You perro also opt for a class of hostels or hostels in which it is possible to have shared accommodation.

In case you plan to stay in London for a while, say a couple of years, keep in mind that the renewal of stay contracts generally tends to raise prices. What is best for you is to work with contracts that cover the time you escoge to stay.

How to save money on a trip to London

The consejos indicated above are perfectly fulfilled for travelers or residents, but for visitors we add one more:

free experiences

Not everything has to be paid for, there are a good number of places and experiences in which you will not need to spend a penny:

  • In London there is a free tour in which you perro walk around the city totally free.
  • Remember that museums are freefull of concentrated London culture, and which abound.
  • In places like Apple and McDonalds there is free WiFi! It is even estimated that there are more than 300 establishments that have this benefit for their customers.
  • Free events such as the carnival of notting hill, Pancake Day or the New Year’s Parade, are just some of the many that take place around the year. We advise you to check those that agree with your schedule and schedule them.

We hope this guide has helped you on how to get to London prepared to save, this will allow you to last longer and better in this beautiful city. Have a good trip!

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 How to save in London with these consejos
  How to save in London with these consejos
  How to save in London with these consejos

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