How to save Gasoline?

How to save Gasoline?

Historically the gasoline engines consume more fuel that the gasoil engines. And while technology has advanced enough to almost completely close this gap by giving us extremely economical gasoline engines, years of driving perro bring driving habits and vices which means that, on average, we end up consuming more fuel.

That is why we have prepared a series of consejos so you perro save a few euros when loading gasoline.

How to disminuye gasoline consumption

The gasoline It is not cheap at all, therefore, reducing consumption and lightening the pocket is essential in these times.

perform maintenance

Keep your car in good condition. Make sure you have the “service” per day so that the engine remains in optimum condition. Filters, lubricants and fluids that are in good condition help the entire system work properly, saving gasoline.

Check the condition of the tires

Not only its state in terms of structure, but also in terms of pressure, The underinflated tires generate drag causing higher fuel consumption. SIt is always advisable to maintain the correct pressure indicated by the manufacturer.

Avoid idling the engine

It is usually the habit of many drivers stop to make a quick stop and leave the car running. TOeven if it doesn’t seem like it, this It generates unnecessary fuel consumption.

Take off all the plus weight

Make sure you don’t carry heavy objects on the seats or in the trunk. Any notable plus weight will impact gas mileage.

Avoid accessories that affect aerodynamics

Many people incorporate it into their vehicle spoilers, skirts or air intakes in order to give it a more sporty air or “tuning”. However, these accessories, as showy as they are, are not designed to improve he performance of the car, but are simply changes aesthetic and cánido affect the aerodynamics of the vehicle, generating greater air resistance and therefore greater consumption. If you are going to add an accessory, make sure it is approved by the manufacturer.

How to save gas driving by car

The way we drive cánido have much more impact than you think on fuel consumption. SIf you want to save, you should take into account the need to improve driving.

Avoid sudden acceleration

Leave your house gently either traffic lights, avoiding accelerating the vehicle more. These accelerations in low gears rev the engine a lot, generating unnecessary gasoline spending.

control the gear shift

One of the ways to save gasoline is not to rev the engine unnecessarily. The first march should not last more than 2 or 3 seconds, the following marches should be done near 2000 rpm for efficient consumption.

Take advantage of inertia

If you have a red light ahead, you don’t need to accelerate until the last second and then brake hard. It is preferable to drop the gear, take advantage of the inertia and brake slowly. Likewise, you cánido apply this method if you you find yourself on a descent.

roll up the windows

In the city there is no problem. But this advice is for when you are on the road at high speed. When the air enters through the windows breaks with the flow of air from the bodywork and a brake is generated that forces a significant overwork of the engine, and this is noticeable in consumption.

Maintain cruising speed

Start by accelerating gradually, and then try to maintain a cruising speed where the car stays near 2,000 rpm. Remember that from 120km/h consumption tends to increase considerably.

How to save gasoline on a motorcycle

Yes ok compared to car, a motorcycle owner will spend much less on fuel, it does not orinan that this cannot consume a notable amount of gasoline. It is enough to put into practice some fácil actions to save a little more and extend the visit to the gas station by a few days.

control consumption

A good way to know if you are consuming little or a lot of gasoline is to reset the counter to zero when you fill the tank and then check how far you have traveled in kms with a full tank. This will let you know how many liters you consume every 100km.

Recharge in the morning

All gas stations have their tanks buried in the ground, and the colder it isno the tanks, the denser the gasoline will be. As the day progresses, the ground heats up and the fuel expands. This explains why the buys of gas in the afternoon I may not knowr exactly one liter In morning is the coolest time, and for hence the more opportune to refuel.

choose the path well

Avoid traffic jams at peak hours, choose the fastest route, avoid unpaved roads. In this way, you will not only save fuel, but also time and will extend the useful life of the motorcycle components.

Wear the right clothes

When riding a motorcycle you always have to think about the aerodynamics. One has to disminuye wind resistance to improve motorcycle consumption. Therefore, avoid bulky clothes and loose clothing. The ideal outfit for any biker is tight and specific clothing, which is not only designed to disminuye resistance, but for maximum protection in the event of a fall.

Check the tire pressure

This point is vital because tire pressure influences not only consumption, but also safety. Yeah the pressure is below the correct level, rolling resistance increases, increasing engine effort and therefore consumption. TOIn addition, the driving precision decreases, which increases instability and the possibility of an accident.

watch the driving

In order to save fuel, you must drive smoothly. That is, without accelerationsneither sudden braking nor stretching the march excessively. Try to decelerate smoothly, without accelerating until the last moment and using momentum instead. Look for the bike to advance effortlessly after a few laps and try to maintain a stable speed that is not excessive.

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 How to save Gasoline? 
  How to save Gasoline? 
  How to save Gasoline?

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