How to Save Energy with the Washing Machine?

How to Save Energy with the Washing Machine?

The washing machine It is one of the most essential appliances in the house. However, it is also one of the most energy consume. ANDThat is why we are going to present you with a series of consejos to make more efficient use of both it and energy.

Consejos to save energy with the washing machine

It’s all in the details, and these fácil washing machine consejos cánido make a big difference to your electricity rate.

Take advantage of the maximum capacity

In other words, fill the drum of the washing machine of clothes without exceeding its capacity. In this way, in a single wash you cánido clean a large amount of clothes, and thus not waste light. either water in several low-load wash programs.

Use cold programs

Washing with cold water reduces electricity consumption. The use of a 30º program instead of a 60º one cuts energy consumption in half. On the contrary, hot programs perro increase electricity consumption by 80%. HE you should avoid these programs that are for heavily soiled laundry. Commonly, it turns out convenient to do a manual pre-wash with hot water.

Use short wash cycles

Long wash cycles are for clothes that take a long time to remove stains and soils. But, daily clothes that only need to be removed from sweat, odors and small stains, the programs are convenient short from 15 to 30 minutes They consume much less energy and water.

Spin instead of tumble dryer

The dryer is one of the appliances with more consumeor energy. Spinning emplees less energy than tumble drying, so spinning and hanging outside is always the best option.

The best washing machines to save energy

The washing machines that save the most energy are those that are classified with A+++ energy efficiency, you are able to save up to 50% on consumption. These are some of the best on the market.

➜ EVVO 3.9

The Spanish brand offers this highly energy efficient front-loading model with a load capacity of 9kg at 1400 RPM. Has inverter motor that allows you to add clothes during the wash.

EVVO 3.9 washing machine, 9 kg, 1400 RPM, White

  • QUIETER The eDRIVE is an innovative motor that EVVO has developed for its washing machines. It is capable of eliminating most vibrations and…
  • FEWER BREAKDOWNS The eDRIVE motor is 30% more efficient than the best models on the market thanks to its rotation system by means of magnets in…
  • MORE SAVINGS The EVVO 3.9 is one of the most economical washing machines on the market, with an energy efficiency of A+++ -10%. Every time you use it you will be…
  • PROLONGS THE LIFE OF YOUR GARMENTS Our washing machines have been created to take maximum care of your clothes, that’s why we have designed the ePROTECT drum in…


Ultra-modern design with energy efficiency 30% higher than A+++ classification. Touch display with programs that adapt to all types of clothing and temperature and revolution settings to your liking. It has an engineSmart Yonverter” that works thanks to a magnet which reduces friction and consumption.


Considered the best low consumption washing machine. With an A+++ energy classification that offers up to 30% savings. It has technology6 Motion Direct Drive” thanks to which it adjusts the movements of the drum depending on the type of fabric and selected program.

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 How to Save Energy with the Washing Machine?
  How to Save Energy with the Washing Machine?
  How to Save Energy with the Washing Machine?

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