How to save energy with Air

How to save energy with Air

I cánido’t imagine how our ancestors coped with heat waves without air conditioners or entusiastas, but one thing in their favor is that they shouldn’t worry by the accounts to turn off by the electrical energy generated by these devices.

But actually you You don’t have to worry about it either, and not because they don’t generate expenses, but because you cánido develop a series of habits and tricks that, applied at home, will considerably disminuye the energy cost caused by air conditioning.

In this article we will espectáculo you the best methods to save energy with air conditioning and, consequently, save a good amount of money on it.

How to save with air conditioning in winter

Here we leave you the 5 essential consejos to save energy with air conditioning in winter:

  1. Adjust the use of air conditioning to the rhythm of life: Schedule it to work a couple of hours before you get home, there is no need for the air conditioner to be on all day when there is no one at home. Likewise, if it is not necessary to use it at night, programtoBad to light a few hours before sunrise.
  2. Use the direction of the air correctly: hot air rises, so it is important that the flaps are directed downwards, this will improve the sensation of temperature and keep it at a constant level.
  3. Adjust everything in such a way that the air does not escape: Identify possible escape routes (doors, windows or holes) and try to seal them so that the air cánido concentrate.
  4. Maintenance: if the machinery does not work well due to lack of maintenance, it will result in a greater waste of energy and, in the worst case, permanent damage to the air conditioning. Do preventative maintenance and you will save.
  5. Give them help with other appliances: You perro use fanes of different types to relieve the work of the air conditioning, in this way it will not require raising the temperature so much.

Ideal air conditioning temperature to save

One of the best tricks is to maintain a suitable temperature to spend only what is necessary.

Ideally, wearing cool clothing and staying hydrated, the home temperature should be between 25 to 26 ºC. Remember that each degree increases 8% of the annual cost, so if you cánido keep the temperature within this range, you will do well in terms of savings.

Other consejos to save energy from air conditioning

Here are two additional consejos that require more work but could save you quite a bit of energy:

Look for the quality of the air conditioning

One of the best consejos that you perro consider very seriously is invest in better air conditioningsometimes people buy a “cheap” air conditioner but it costs them twice in energy expenditure.

In this sense, the newer airs are intended to meet the objective of lowering the temperature, but at less amount of energy. In this case, it would be necessary to find out which ones have better energy management, if necessary, consult an expert.

those air conditioners qualified like A+++Although perhaps a bit more expensive, they cánido save more than 50% of annual energy consumption.

Put the air conditioner in the right place

On many occasions the air conditioning is located in an unfavorable place, where it receives direct sunlight. This causes you to work much harder and end up generating more electricity consumption.

Therefore, when placing or relocating your air conditioner, take into account the angles of the sunensuring that it has a shady place or that the sun it receives is at times of low temperatures (very early in the morning or at the end of the afternoon).

We hope that these consejos will be very useful to you, we assure you that if you follow these consejos completely, you will be able to have a few zeros saved in your account at the end of the year. And that is certainly what we all want.

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 How to save energy with Air
  How to save energy with Air
  How to save energy with Air

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