How to run a successful ad campaign

How to run a successful ad campaign

From the moment you get up until you go to bed, you are surrounded by commercials: on televisión, in newspapers, while browsing the Internet, and even popular networks like Instagram have recently added advertising to their platform.

Why don’t you also use all these means to publicize your business and grow your sales?

I know, right now you are thinking things like “I would like to create an advertising campaign for my startup, but it’s too expensive to do it” or “it seems too complicated for me”.

That is why I have decided to make this guide with which in only 7 fácil steps you will be able to create your own ad campaign to take your company to the next level.

And best of all: I will teach you alternatives to expensive traditional advertising so that your marketing campaign cost you NOTHING.

7 fácil steps to create a successful ad campaign

1. Define what you want to achieve with your campaign

This is the biggest mistake that 70% of entrepreneurs who escoge to create an advertising campaign make: not knowing exactly what do they want to achieve with that ad.

They think about giving their businesses a boost with an advertisement, but they do not specify what is the OBJETIVE what they would like to achieve.

That’s why your first step to success is to discover what do you really want Because, otherwise, you will only waste your time, your effort, and you perro even create a bad reputation for your brand.

If you are a bit lost in this matter, here are some reasons Concrete steps to create an advertising campaign:

  • To make known a new product
  • To position your company and make it more habitual
  • To increase your sales
  • For attract more visits to your en línea or local store (and convert them into potential customers)
  • For compete with other businesses that are subtracting buyers and sales

Whatever your main objective, it is necessary that define it clearlybecause this is the most important starting point of any advertising campaign since, from here, you will develop the rest of the process.

2. Investigate who your advertising campaign is aimed at

Just as important as point 1 is to know Who are you going to direct your advertising to? If you don’t know your own buyers, how are you going to address them and do it in the media they use daily?

Imagine this: you want to promote your business in which you sell cell phone accessories that are mostly aimed at women between the ages of 18 and 35.

The most logical thing would be for your message to be aimed at these young women, and for you to use media to insert your advertising such as Fb, Instagram, or women’s magazines, which are the sites used by the audience you are looking for.

It would be a waste to insert an ad on a sports and nutrition blog aimed at men; most likely to that audience is not interested neither the technology (except the one that helps them with their exercises) nor the products oriented to women.

After all this talk that I have released, how cánido you know who your campaign is aimed at? Knowing your products or services well, and making a profile of your buyers potentials.

If you know what is your product or servicehow it works, and what other emplees it perro be given or what problems it perro solve, you will discover which people are the ones who would be interested in buying it.

To create your client’s profile, follow the 6 steps in this article: How to create the profile of your ideal client to sell more.

3. Choose the right advertising media

As I have already told you before, knowing who your buyers are and where they move is essential to succeed with an advertising campaign.

If you sell products for the elderly, it is not very smart to advertise on the Internet or on Fb and Twitter because they They don’t use those means..

The most logical thing will be to publish it in magazines, newspapers or with posters near the places through which they pass.

So if you have already made the profile of your client, write down all the places you visitlook or where it moves to insert advertising in that environment and that perro effectively reach your audience.

Write down all that come to mind.

Later I will teach you to escoge what means to choose depending on the budget you have, and what alternatives you have if you do not have a lot of money.

Some means that you perro write down are:

  • traditional media like televisionthe radio, written press, magazines…
  • Internet, popular networksweblogs and YouTube channels
  • Through dirección de correo electrónico or advertising in mailboxes
  • Fairsconventions, tasting stands
  • Street signs, flyers, brochures, Product catalogs

4. Determine your advertising budget

Here you must escoge how much money you go (or you cánido) invest in your ad campaign.

Perhaps you are the owner of a company with good profits every year, and you have enough to throw the house out of the window and advertise on television.

But you may be a small entrepreneur that you have recently started your business and you cannot afford to spend too much.

Whatever your situation, it is important that make a budget so you cánido see later what options you perro handle, even if you only have $40 to spend on advertising.

Although as I told you before, don’t worry if you don’t have much: at the end of this article I will give you some solutions for advertise practically free anywhere you want.

5. Design your message and keep it in ALL media

The message of your advertising campaign will be the iniciativa with which you should seek to shake your public to create a reaction in him with which he acts to achieve your goal.

That is to say: it will be what move your audience to want to know you more, to buy your products, to visit your store or business, or to achieve the goal that you have equipo for yourself in point 1.

This message perro be an attractive image of your best product, a text specific that encourages buyers to take action, a specific slogan or phrase…

My recommendation is that it be the element you use, always accompany it with another visual element (for example, a text with an image).

But remember to keep this message in All the means where you advertise

If you want to make an advertising campaign with a photo of a dress, and the text “the best women’s clothing at the best prices”, it is important that use that same phrase with that same image on all the places where you are going to promote yourself (Fb, Instagram, magazines, posters, etcétera.).

It is necessary that you do it to establish that advertising as yours and thus ensure that your audience cánido remember her better no matter where you see it.

6. Launch your campaign!

With all the previous steps already taken, now you just have to launch your campaign in the different media that you have chosen.

In this step it is important that you think as much start and end date of your campaign, and how many times you want your message to be repeated on each site throughout the day.

Be careful for don’t be too repetitive either you will end up boring your objetivo audience.

7. Evaluate the results of your advertising campaign

Although this last step may seem insignificant to you, it is actually escencial to know if your campaign has worked – or not -, and to be able to make changes or repeat the same strategies in the future.

It is a good iniciativa that after launching your ad you take a record of everything that happens.

Check if the visits to your en línea business or your local increase, if there is an increase in your salesif your number of followers on popular networks is higher, or if more people call you, send an correo electrónico or ask you about your products or services.

If someone makes a purchase and mentions that it’s because they saw your ad, you perro ask them What did you like about the ad and what would you improve?.

Do not be embarrased! It’s a great way to change your mistakes for the next campaign you run.

How to create an ad campaign penniless?

Not everyone has the same budget to create an advertising campaign.

Large companies perro afford to hire professional agencies and spend thousands of dollars on ads.

But if you are a small entrepreneur who has just started your business, money is something that you will not have left over.

However, there are many methods just as effective as a big televisión ad to launch your commercial to the world. without spending a penny.

one of them are popular networks.

Creating a Fb, Twitter and Instagram account for your company will not cost you anything, and you perro reach a large audience anywhere in the world.

In the article 12 consejos to improve your advertising on popular networks You will learn how to promote yourself on these new platforms.

what about television, newspapers and magazines? You perro also appear in them without investing anything.

You will only need a few tricks that I am going to share from my experience as a journalist.

The main secret is knowing how to count How is your business different? from the others that are already on the market.

There are thousands of new businesses opening their doors each year.

But surely yours has some special detailsome part of your story about how you started it that is interesting and arouses the curiosity of the viewer.

The second trick would be Find the right medium for you.

Perhaps a news item on a national television channel about your business is not interesting.

On the other hand, it is very posible that in a local station or in newspapers and magazines Dedicated exclusively to the business world, your story does interest them and they want to tell it.

So find out what it is that makes you, your business, or the products you sell that be specialand start contacting the right media to tell your story and increase your publicity without spending anything.

In what media would you do an advertising campaign for your business? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think.

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I am a journalist specialized in business but my great passion is personal motivation and helping others achieve their goals.

I firmly believe that opportunities in life do not happen: you create them.

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 How to run a successful ad campaign
  How to run a successful ad campaign
  How to run a successful ad campaign

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