How to rewire your brain so that

How to rewire your brain so that

It is a common misconception that either you are good at something or you are not.

That’s why you’ll hear some people say that they’re just not good at being efficient and productive.

However, those are just skills that perro be learned.

All you have to do is rewire your brain to achieve what you want.

In this case, working more efficiently.

Understanding the concept of neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity refers to how your brain is constantly changing.

As you learn new things, you reshape your brain.

That is the basis of many brain training games.

They are designed to help your brain keep thinking and making new connections.

With that in mind, the habits you currently have of procrastinating or simply spending too much time on especial tasks are just that: habits.

Your brain has been programmed to think that this is the norm.

You do them automatically without thinking.

To make a change, you have to rewire your brain.

Make gradual changes that replace old connections with new ones.

In no time, you’ll be working more efficiently automatically.

It is a new habit or skill that is hardwired into your brain.

But it takes time to do the rewiring.

After all, it’s not like an electrician could plug some wires into your brain and flip a switch, though that would be great.

visualize your future


Sanjay Gupta is a big proponent of rewiring the brain.

He claims that in order to work more efficiently, you have to change the way you think.

His preferred method of rewiring the brain is the display.

As fácil as it may sound, it’s a technique used by many celebrities, athletes, and business owners.

The purpose is to visualize yourself and your situation as if you are already working at peak performance.

whatWhat is the most efficient and productive thing you do every day?? whathow fast do you finish? whatHow much have you reduced your stress?? whatWhat is your work-life cómputo like? staff?

Gupta recommends spending at least ten minutes a day for six weeks to really see results.

He may use meditation or even a manifestation journal to help with visualization.

Start with small changes

Visualization alone is not enough.

Nor is it simply saying:I will work more efficiently”.

Instead, you need to take action that aligns with your visualization.

Otherwise you are just messing with your brain.

Make a list of small changes that will help you reach your productivity goal.

For example,the constant phone calls prevent you from concentrating? whatThe need to go for a walk instead of staying in your home office all day prevents you from staying on track?

Start with just a small change.

For example, equipo aside 30 minutes to an hour to turn off your phone.

You cánido leave an away message so that callers cánido leave you a message in return.

Allow yourself a short walk during your break, but equipo a strict time limit.

stimulate your brain

When you’re bored, your brain wanders and you don’t really accomplish anything.

To rewire your brain, you have to stimulate it.

This does not always orinan doing more work.

Instead, try creative hobbies that help stimulate your brain and improve your focus.

By doing different activities, you strengthen your brain.

This makes it easier for you to stick to the small changes mentioned above.

In fact, even if you’re dealing with emotional trauma, depression, or stress, doing certain activities regularly helps you rewire your brain to improve focus, coordination, problem solving, comprehension, and the ability to retain new information.

Healthline outlines several activities along with their scientifically backed benefits.

From learning a new language to creating art, spending a little time doing these activities on a regular basis cánido change your brain.

Stick to new habits

To rewire your brain, you need to stick with the new habits and skills you’re trying to develop.

As you already know, this is the hardest part.

Even with the best visualization and mind training activities, you won’t experience the change you want without adding better habits to the mix.

As Hables Duhigg’s The Power Of Habit points out, developing new habits means creating a routine.

Once you master the routine, your brain rewires itself to do the new habit automatically based on other parts of your existing routine.


Your brain likes to be rewarded, so consider using a habit-building aplicación like Habitica to gamify the process.

You will feel rewarded every time you perform a task that helps you reach your goal.

Turn each of the small changes listed above into a task to do every day.

With reminders and rewards, you’re more likely to stick with the process and successfully rewire your brain to work more efficiently.

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 How to rewire your brain so that
  How to rewire your brain so that
  How to rewire your brain so that

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