How to request an invoice on Aliexpress

How to request an invoice on Aliexpress

Internet sales are well known throughout the world. And every year the number of commercial operations of this class increases. If we talk about the positive points, there are many that we perro mention, such as the comfort it provides to customers. But there could be some complications when you need the purchase invoice.

In this article we are going to mention everything related to Aliexpress invoices. For example, when you must request it and the conditions to do so.

Should I Request an Invoice When Buying on Aliexpress?

In general, when you buy, whether en línea or by other means, the seller sends the invoice along with the item. It is a rule that applies to every company. However, Aliexpress is not the seller of the products, but the intermediary. For that reason, it is not their responsibility to send you an invoice.

This means that when making a purchase through Aliexpress, you must request the corresponding invoice. If you do not request this, you will only receive the paid product and, depending on some conditions, a proof of Aliexpress service.

When should I Request the Invoice when Buying on Aliexpress?

The time to request the invoice is one of the most important details in this process. If you don’t do it at the right time, you could lose the opportunity to obtain your purchase invoice. Before mentioning the application process, we are going to tell you about the reasons that may lead you to need the Aliexpress invoice.

  • legal procedure. The Directorate of National Taxes and Customs could require the presentation of your invoice, for example, to allow the entry of your purchase into the country.
  • Voucher. If you must justify to a company or other entity the details of your purchase, you must request the invoice.

To request the purchase invoice, you will need to carry out a series of steps. To start, you must have the information of the selling company on hand. This information is escencial to start the application process. The good news is that, at the time of making the purchase, you cánido already see the data of that company in your Aliexpress account.

The right time to do it is just when the merchandise is dispatched. You must contact the seller. To do this, you will have to use the Aliexpress platform. Privately, you ask that the invoice corresponding to your purchase be sent to you.

At the same time you must send you the information required in an invoice. That way, the process will be quick and hassle-free. As the intention is to help you, we stress the point of including all the data that you consider relevant. The correct elaboration of the invoice depends on it.

Once your data is confirmed, the selling company will send you the document. Now, you cánido use it according to the circumstances that arise.

Perro I Request an Invoice when Paying with Aliexpress Pay?

Aliexpress Pay, or AliPay, is a electronic medium which allows you to enjoy all the functions of Aliexpress. You perro download it to your phone or mobile device, register and you cánido start using it.

Among the advantages it offers, is being able to pay through the same application. Another of its positive points has to do with the security it provides to its customers, especially on the subject of Data Protection.

After carrying out the entire purchase process, and paying the established amount, you perro have access to a form where all the information appears of the operation performed. Although you perro see it immediately, you should know that it is only an informative document, it does not have any legal validity.

But, you still have the possibility of requesting the legal invoice of the purchase. It only requires you to perform the corresponding series of steps. We review them one more time, briefly.

  • contact seller. Remember to do it when the order is dispatched.
  • Request the invoice. Do not forget to include the necessary data.

In this case, you cánido include in the request the data of the “invoice” that was delivered to you through Aliexpress Pay. This will greatly facilitate the delivery process by the selling company.

As you perro see, if you have the information of the selling company, you cánido ask for your invoice. There is usually no problem in doing so. However, in rare cases, the selling company may refuse to send the invoice.

Only in these cases, you will be able to communicate with Aliexpress company directly. You have to make use of Customer Servicesubmit your request and wait for your response.

There is a detail that you should not overlook. Communication with the company that sold you the product, or with Aliexpress customer service, it will usually be in english.

Do I get an invoice when buying at Aliexpress Plaza?

The way to request the purchase invoice applies even when it is done in Aliexpress Plaza. So if you want the invoice, you need to start with contact the seller and follow the rest of the steps indicated above. However, there is a notable advantage in relation to this option: the communication, because it is a business in Spain, is in Spanish.

You do not need to use another means to communicate with the seller. you cánido do it directly from Aliexpress page. Sure, it has to be private, especially since you will have to reveal personal information, such as your company details.

You must keep in mind the amount of the purchase. Only those that do not exceed a minimum amount are VAT exempt. It is necessary to take this point into consideration so that you do not have legal problems.

Although when comparing companies of this class, Aliexpress is not one of the easiest to request the invoice, it is possible to do so. you just have to follow the recommendations above and you will succeed.

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 How to request an invoice on Aliexpress
  How to request an invoice on Aliexpress
  How to request an invoice on Aliexpress

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