How to request a Credit Card Without

How to request a Credit Card Without

Traditionally, credit cards were associated with a bank account. However, the possibilities have expanded and the market offers more options. Not only banks but other financial entities design Cards without requiring you to open an account.

Where is the catch? Keep reading and we will tell you the pros and cons of this new alternative.

How to request a fast En línea CREDIT Card Without Changing Banks in 2023?

If you have a bank account and need to add one credit card quickly, but you are not interested in doing it with your bank. You have the possibility of going to other banking entities, which for a minimum of requirements will give you the card you need.

But, whenever we talk about economic and financial management, you have to know what is offered in the market. Continue reading because we are going to comment on all the features to keep in mind when requesting a Credit Card without changing Bank.

Currently has two posibilities to apply for a credit card without changing banks.

For both, the management is very fast:

Perro go directly to the bank that interests you and ask for the Card in question. You will have to prepare the minimum requirementshow to be:

  • Documentation that confirms your monthly solvency, the case of your payroll, and those of previous months. They cánido even ask you for the employment contract.
  • Details of your current bank account, to which the card will be associated and from which your monthly expenses will be charged.
  • Your official identification in order, which espectáculos that you are a legal resident in the country.

If you are one of those who manages everything by Internet, there is also a way to do it to request your card. You just have to entrar the official Web of the bank and create a usuario, through which to manage the entire process.

Very afín to the previous case, is to request the card through the mobile aplicación of the bank. You have to create your usuario, register your data personal and attach the documents what they ask you As soon as you receive your request, you receive an automatic message confirming that the data and solvency verification process on going. And that an operator will contact you soon.

This last step usually solved by phone or fenezca, through correo to your address. Once your application is approved, you will be informed of the limit amount of credit you have access to.

How to request a Credit Card without changing banks with ASNEF?

We all know that being in the ASNEF list means the inability to request any credit, as small as it may seem. This is because all banks consult this list before accepting a credit application. Even so, there are companies that grant a credit card knowing that the usuario is part of this list.

The request is through the official website of these entities, or of their mobile aplicación. They ask you for personal data mainly and solvency. The application is relatively fácil, but they will give you the Card only if they verify that they will be able to pay off the debt you acquire.

Let’s detalla you the possibilities that many of them give you:

  • A management of your very fast requestwhich includes an almost instant pre-acceptance
  • Credit card with a limit between €5,000 and €10,000
  • They do not require you to change banks
  • With little more than your ID

Among these entities we find these:

  • evo. You have to open a bank account with them
  • Creditea. As long as your ASNEF debt is not for other loans
  • WiZink. Only if your ASNEF debt is not for financial reasons

You will wonder why there are so many advantages, right? The business is in the interests. Therefore, you have to vea very well the conditions of the card that they grant you.

The methodology to apply for a Credit Card, in this case without payroll, is the same again. Tea register through the web official or, with the mobile aplicación Of the entity. You entrar the data that they request, and shortly, they communicate with you to make their verifications. Within the same week you usually have a response to your request.

Each entity has its own requirements.For example:

  • Wizink offers its Credit Card, even if you don’t have a payroll. Your credit cánido reach €10,000. And you perro even benefit from discounts and offers on your purchases en línea.
  • Evo also offers its Credit Card without having a payroll, with a maximum limit of €5,000. The primordial requirement is to open a bank account with them.
  • Creditea allows you a loan at no cost and with the first month without interest. The initial loan is low, and then, as they confirm that you pay your debt, they extend the maximum limit to €5,000.
  • Vivus does not require you to have a payroll either to access your credits. In your case, you have mini-credits of a maximum of €300, which cánido amount to €1000

How to request a Credit Card Without Changing Bank without payroll?

Request a credit card without changing banks and without payrollit is also fácil through the entities that we have previously indicated. Accessing by your website or through its mobile aplicación.

you register as usuario and complete the data they demand of you, both personal and financial. Requests are usually resolved very quickly. AND the entities with less demands are:

As you will have noticed, the requirements that are requested to give a Credit Card are very fácil. Even in extremely unfavorable conditions, such as being without a payroll, being on the ASNEF list, or without changing banks. However, do not forget to consider that the interests of this type of credit they are extremely tall. Compare conditions before hiring and control your spending the maximum possible.

EXTRA: How to request a PREPAID Card without changing banks?

Banks also give the possibility of having a Prepaid cardAlso called a wallet. Even if you have your checking account at another bank, for many reasons, you may prefer to delegate the prepaid card option to another entity.

This alternative is available in most banks and its management is even faster than requesting The credit card. The reason is logical: with a prepaid card you spend the money you load on it. You never require borrowed money. With which little risk implies for a bank.

You don’t need to have a bank account with them, but you do you need to backlink it to your account. Because to load money the modality is like a transfer, so that it is requires identifying the sender and goes to a specific recipient.

If you do not have a sufficient cómputo on your card, you will not be able to make payments with it until you load it again.

The application for the Prepaid Cards it perro be done vía en líneathrough the official website of the entity you choose, or through its mobile aplicación. It asks you for basic data and documents to identify you and your bank account that will be associated. The approval of your application will be very fast.

We hope this information has been useful to you. If you want to know more, just write us in comments.

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 How to request a Credit Card Without
  How to request a Credit Card Without
  How to request a Credit Card Without

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