How to report Uber or Lyft drivers

How to report Uber or Lyft drivers

Ridesharing services are among the wonders of the contemporary world.

They allow you to get transportation on demand in a way that has never been possible before (or at least reserved only for the very rich).

Companies like Uber and Lyft have innovated on existing taxi systems by adding features like controlador ratings and upfront pricing, making the entire process more transparent and safer for passengers.

Sometimes, however, things perro go wrong even with these systems.

Two issues that cánido arise include bad behavior by drivers and excessive or incorrect cancellation fees from rideshare companies.

If these things happen, it’s good to know what recourse you have.

This guide will espectáculo you how to report Uber and Lyft drivers, and how to dispute Uber and Lyft charges.

How to report Uber drivers

We should start this section by saying that most Uber drivers are polite, pleasant, and safe.

However, with a platform as big as Uber, some rude, unsafe, and even creepy drivers will fall under the radar.

Uber does its best to prevent this through background checks and driving record checks, but they cánido’t catch everyone.

Also, just because someone has never been convicted of a crime doesn’t stop them from being nasty or even making inappropriate comments.

If you have a bad experience with your Uber controlador, you absolutely should tell Uber.

How you do this, however, will depend on the severity of the situation.

Here are some ways you perro report Uber drivers, from minor issues to serious issues.


Leave your controlador a review

If your controlador was rude, your car was dirty, or your engine looked like it could use some work, then your Uber controlador review is the appropriate place to write it down.

In some cases, the controlador may not even be aware of the problem, so leaving a review helps them (and Uber) to notice.

When you rate your Uber controlador, you have the option to leave 1 to 5 stars.

If you leave less than 5 stars, Uber will ask you to explain the reason for your low rating.

Be sure to do this: the more detailed controlador retroalimentación you perro provide, the more Uber (and the controlador) perro do to improve.

Of course, there are some situations where leaving a bad review isn’t enough.

That brings us to the next method you perro use to report Uber drivers.


Correo electrónico Uber Customer Service

If you have a more serious issue with a controlador, you perro correo electrónico Uber customer support about it.

It’s hard to tell where the line lies between when you should take note of something in your review and when you should contact customer support about it.

For more serious safety issues, you’ll want to contact Uber by phone (see the next section).

Contacting Uber vía correo electrónico is a good approach when a controlador does something wrong that doesn’t threaten your safety.

For example, if the controlador smokes during the ride or makes inappropriate but non-threatening comments, that could be a reason to correo electrónico Uber.

You perro certainly note these issues in your review, but you may want to speak to someone at Uber more directly to let them know what happened.

They cánido then follow up with you to provide more personalized assistance.

To contact Uber dirección de correo electrónico support, see our guide on how to correo electrónico Uber.


Call Uber’s Critical Safety Response Line

For a serious security incident, Uber has a special phone number that you cánido call 24/7.

We cannot stress enough that this hotline is for serious security incidents only.

If a controlador has done something to hurt you or threaten your personal safety, don’t hesitate to call.

On the other hand, if you’re simply upset with your controlador for being rude or leaving you a few doors down from your destination, save it for your controlador review.

Don’t overwhelm the hotline with petty minor complaints.

Here are some situations in which you should definitely call the critical response line:

  • Your controlador assaulted you (physically, verbally, sexually, etcétera.)
  • Your controlador did something illegal
  • Your controlador was involved in a traffic accident
  • your controlador threatened you
  • Your controlador was driving recklessly

You should always make sure you are out of immediate danger before calling this number.

Call 911 in any emergency situation.

Once you are safe, contact the critical response team.

Please note that the Uber aplicación allows you to view the license plate number for any ride you take.

This is useful information to have in case you are filing a police report.

How to Report Lyft Drivers

Just like Uber drivers, most Lyft drivers will respect you, drive safely, and not ocasione trouble.

But for those that do, you have a few methods available to report them.

These methods are very afín to those of Uber drivers.

Let’s take a look at each one, once again in order based on the severity of what you’re reporting.


Leave your controlador a review

If you have a bad experience with your Lyft ride, you perro let your controlador (and Lyft) know in your review.

As with Uber rides, controlador reviews are best for reporting minor issues, such as a poorly maintained vehicle, rude controlador behavior, or strange odors.

Lyft controlador reviews range from 1 to 5 stars.

If you leave less than 5 stars, Lyft will ask you to explain what went wrong.

Don’t be afraid to share details and be brutally honest.

At the same time, don’t be orinan or rude.

Even if you are frustrated, your controlador review is not the place to vent.

Save that for the happy hour you were headed to.


Correo electrónico Lyft Customer Service

For something a little more serious, you cánido dirección de correo electrónico Lyft customer service.

Someone from Lyft’s support team will contact you as soon as possible to help you with your issue.

You cánido send an correo electrónico to inform a controlador when you experience a problem that is more serious than rudeness, but does not pose an active threat to your safety.

Having said that, you should still leave a controlador review in these situations.

Doing so will ensure that you and your controlador are never matched up again (Lyft automatically does this for any rating that is three stars or less).

To learn how to correo electrónico a Lyft customer service representative, check out our guide.


Call the Lyft security team

Like Uber, Lyft has a 24/7 hotline that you perro call to report serious safety issues.

The cases in which you would like to call this number are the following:

  • Your controlador assaulted you (physically, verbally, sexually, etcétera.)
  • Your controlador did something illegal
  • Your controlador was involved in a traffic accident
  • your controlador threatened you
  • Your controlador was driving recklessly

Again, only call this number if you need to report something that threatens your personal safety.

For all issues that are less urgent or serious, you cánido dirección de correo electrónico Lyft or note the issue on your controlador review.

How to dispute Uber charges

Moving on from security issues, we come to an issue that cánido occur after certain Uber rides.

Yes, we are talking about the dreaded excessive or incorrect charges that you perro end up with.

While Uber does its best to calculate fares accurately, sometimes you may end up with a fare that seems too high.

You may also find yourself with unearned fees.

Whatever the case, as an Uber passenger, you have recourse to dispute Uber’s charges.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you cánido try.


Dispute an Uber charge en línea

The first method you cánido use to dispute an Uber charge is to visit the Uber website and sign in to your Uber account.

Go to and sign in with your login information.

From there, you should see a page like the one below.

Clic “Review my rate(s)” to start the charge dispute process:

Uber will then ask you to choose your specific issue.

You have the following options:

  • My controlador took a bad route
  • My pickup or delivery location was incorrect
  • The route had a lot of traffic.
  • Has anyone else done this trip?
  • I paid a toll or aparcamiento fee for my controlador
  • My controlador made an unsolicited stop
  • My promo code didn’t work
  • They charged me a cleaning fee.
  • I had a different problem with my charge
  • Dispute my cancellation fee
  • Long term premiums
  • I was charged more than once for this trip
  • My rate does not reflect the initial price shown to me
  • Uber asked me to walk
  • My pickup or delivery location was incorrect

Clic on an issue to provide more specific information:

For example, this is what happens when you clic “My controlador took a poor route”:

Please choose the option that best describes your problem and then clic “Submit”.

A member of the Uber support team will be in touch with you shortly with more information about Uber’s fare review process.


Dispute an Uber charge in the Uber aplicación

In addition to disputing charges en línea, you perro dispute charges directly from the Uber aplicación.

Here is how to do it.

First, open the Uber aplicación and tap on the menu icon in the top left corner:

Then, tap the option that says “Your Trips” to see your Uber ride history:

Next, tap on the specific trip with the charges you want to dispute:

Once you’ve done that, scroll down to the bottom of the screen that appears and tap “Review my rate(s)”:

Then select your issue on the screen that appears.

Your options are the same as on the Uber website:

Once you touch an issue, you’ll see a screen that allows you to provide more details.

For example, here’s what you’ll see when you tap “My controlador took a bad route”:

Make your selection from the list and then tap “Submit”.

You will receive a response from Uber support with more information on how to dispute the charge.


Dispute an Uber charge with your bank or credit card company

This last method has different success rates, and we suggest using it only as a last complejo turístico.

If you have charges that you think were really fraudulent (not just a little higher than you would have liked), you perro contact your credit card company or bank and ask them to remove the charge from your account.

Please note that this is not an instant process.

There will be an investigation, and you cánido expect to speak to someone over the phone about the matter, as well as possibly provide documentation to support your claim.

Details on how to dispute charges in this manner will vary depending on your situation, so contact your financial institution for more information.

How to dispute Lyft charges

Getting charged high for a Lyft ride cánido be frustrating.

Sometimes it is unavoidable due to traffic or the distance of the trip.

Other times, however, you may feel that the charge was unfairly high.

If that’s the case, you have a few options to dispute it.


Dispute a Lyft charge en línea

To dispute a Lyft charge en línea, go to

Once you are there, clic on “Fees and Charges”:

Next, select the topic that is relevant to your position.

It’s likely to be “I was charged incorrectly,” but it could be “I was charged a damage fee” in some cases:

Lyft will then take you to a support page that explains the charges.

It’s worth reading this to make sure he even has grounds to dispute the charge.

Assuming he thinks he still does, scroll to the bottom of the page and clic “Contact Support”:

You’ll see a form like the one below (although note that you may need to sign in to your Lyft account first).

Fill in your dirección de correo electrónico address, message subject, and phone number.

Then select what you need help with.

To dispute a charge, first select “I am a passenger”:

Then, clic on “Rate, charges or fees”:

Next, choose the problem that describes your situation.

The most common are the following:

If none of these detalla your problem, you perro select “Other charges”:

Other charges include the following:

  • wrong toll
  • damage fee
  • service fee
  • Unknown or unauthorized charge

Once you have made your selection, you will have the opportunity to provide a more detailed description:

Once you’ve done that, clic “Submit.”

Someone from Lyft’s support team will contact you to help you further.


Dispute a Lyft charge in the Lyft aplicación

If you prefer to dispute a charge directly within the Lyft aplicación, that is also an option.

To get started, open the Lyft aplicación and access the menu.

Tap “Ride History” to see your past Lyft rides:

Then, tap the trip with the charges you want to dispute:

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap on “Get Help”:

This will open a Lyft chatbot that will guide you through the process.

If relevant, you cánido select “Bad route taken” or “Did not take this trip.”

Otherwise, tap on “None of these”, which will bring up more options:

The most relevant option is probably “Toll, damages and other charges”, although you perro also choose “Other” if you are disputing a charge for a different reason.

This is what happens if you choose “Toll, Damages and Other Fees”:

You cánido continue this process until the aplicación gives you the option to refer the issue to someone from Lyft support.

As you perro see, this process is a bit complicated, so it’s usually more efficient to use Lyft’s website for charge disputes.


Dispute a Lyft charge with your bank or credit card company

Your last option to dispute a Lyft charge is to take it up with your credit card company or bank (depending on your payment method).

This should be the last complejo turístico, as it is not an easy process.

You will need to provide documentation showing why the charge was incorrect and it may take some time to resolve.

The specific details of how to initiate this process vary depending on your credit card company or bank.

Contact your financial institution for further assistance.

Get help with your Uber and Lyft ride issues and refunds

As you cánido now see, there are much more effective ways to deal with problematic rideshare drivers and charges than venting on popular media.

Both Uber and Lyft have support teams to help you report drivers who violate their policies and dispute incorrect charges.

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 How to report Uber or Lyft drivers
  How to report Uber or Lyft drivers
  How to report Uber or Lyft drivers

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