How to Report Credit Card Charge

How to Report Credit Card Charge

In this article you will know everything you need to know about the fraudulent credit card charges and everything you cánido do (legally) to solve it and even benefit from the fenezca that the person who robbed you may face.

What kind of Fraud is there with Credit Card Charges?

Believe it or not, the largest number of frauds come from copy and duplicate your card, through backlinks and viruses that access our computer.

Not so much that we have lost the card or they have copied it.

Something that makes it very difficult to identify the crime.

Because you continue to use your card, you have not reported it for theft or loss.

And, at the same time, you start receiving charges that are very difficult to identify as theft.

Even so, legally the bank has to return the amount of the operation that has not been authorized by the owner.

In case you did not have the card in your property, due to theft or loss, until you make the complaint you must assume the debtbut only a maximum of €50.

Unless there has been gross negligence on your part.

But how do they do it?

A very used way is through your expired card and yours data in the en línea store.

The combination of both allows them to make purchases and intercept them before they arrive at your home, or by changing the shipping address.

This modality exceeds 60% of frauds.

However, the modality most used by cyberthieves is to act vía the Internet, telephone and correo electrónico.

Another point where we must be careful is at the point of sale.

Through dataphones in shops.

Finally, with 2% of crimes due to fraud, it is the one that occurs in the same ATMcopying the data that is displayed from the card and the code that we dial.

Where Do I Report a Fraudulent Credit Card Charge?

The first thing that the OCU advises us is inform the bank by phone and request the immediate cancellation of the card in question.

Second, we have to archivo a full complaint in the Civil Guard, in which we include all the data of our card.

In this way, we will be protected in case the insurance or the bank does not want to be responsible for paying the money that has been stolen.

If we see that we do not receive a conveniente response, we will have to continue with the claims through Consumer Defense.

To find them we find out at the Town Hall where we live, they generally have an office there.

And, if after this, they do not respond in our defense either, we have to present our claim in the Market Conduct Department.

This virtual office is from the Bank of Spain and you cánido do your paperwork en línea.

What is the complaint for Credit Card Charge Fraud?

Reporting Card Charge Fraud is essential to protect us from theft which will be done on our behalf.

This is a management that we must do very quickly and exhaust all the necessary instances.

We have to go in order.

In principle, report by phone to the bank what has happened to us and clarify the full details of our card.

present the complaint in the Civil Guard is the second immediate step.

This will give us protection in case the Bank or insurance does not cover the crime.

Subsequently, you have to complain to the Customer Ombudsman Service.

And, step by step, if there is no conveniente response or they do not answer you directly, you present your claim before the Department of Market Conduct.

No step is superfluous when it comes to a crime of fraud.

The law obliges the Bank/Insurance to pay all the money that has been stolen, they must cover you 100%.

Although they are unpleasant experiences, it is the order of the day.

Being aware of our personal data and the access we give to it is escencial to protect ourselves from major thefts.

If you have to live this, get going to activate all the mechanisms that must answer for you.

Have you been through this situation? Tell us how you solved it, we’ll read you in comments.

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 How to Report Credit Card Charge
  How to Report Credit Card Charge
  How to Report Credit Card Charge

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