How to register with LocalBitcoins

How to register with LocalBitcoins

The LocalBitcoins platform offers you numerous advantages in the digital financial ámbito and it would not surprise you to want to become a usuario of its platform. But how do you sign up for LocalBitcoins? That is precisely what this articulo will be dealing with, which will explain step by step how to do it.

First of all, you must entrar the page registration of the LocalBitcoins platform, for which you cánido use this backlink.

Important: If you are redirected to the home page, you perro access the registration page by pressing the button established for it and, thus, you could start the process.

What steps need to be taken to open a LocalBitcoins account in 2023?

Once inside the LocalBitcoins registration page, you must proceed as indicated below:

  • In the box titled “Register a new account” You will be asked for the following requirements:
    • entrar a Name of usuario that you have chosen
    • Next, you will have to register a Correo electrónico address of your property
    • After that, you have to add a Passwordpreferably, of a complex structure, and you will confirm it by entering it again in the section that follows
    • Subsequently, you must indicate (by checking the respective boxes) whether or not the account you are going to open is a company account and, if you want to receive, or not, news and communications from the platform by correo electrónico
    • And, finally, you will verify that you are not a robot by clicking on the hood and then press the button Check in
  • In a pop-up box, you will be shown the Terms and Conditions of Service, which, by legal obligation. you shall Accept at the end of said box, but not before reading (preferably in advance) the clauses that are exposed there.
  • Immediately, in another pop-up box, you must Accept also the Privacy Policysimilarly.
  • You will then be prompted to confirm the dirección de correo electrónico with a verification backlink that will be sent to it. To do this you must open it and look for that message.
    • You cánido locate it directly in one of the inboxes
    • Gonna More > All in the left sidebar (in the case of gmail), where it will surely appear
    • When you open this correo electrónico message you will see the verification backlink required on the LocalBitcoins Registration page, to which you will proceed to give him a clic to confirm the verification of your correo.
  • In this way, you entrar the next phase of the information request made by the platform, where you are now asked for personal informationwhich must be authentic:
    • You must entrar your Nameas it appears on your identity document
    • Also your Surname(s) in the same way
    • Also, you must select the Country code in which you live
    • Also introduce a Number of phonewithout leading zeros, as indicated
    • You Country of residence
    • He trading volume estimated in euros
    • And, indicate, by marking the respective boxes, whether or not you are a politically exposed person
    • With everything filled in, proceed to give clic in it button Send for this information to be processed
  • Consequently, you are directed to another page where you will have to verify through a temporary code (sent vía mensaje de texto to your phone) that the phone number you have affiliated with the LocalBitcoins account is yours. Once you have it, you will proceed to entrar it in the respective section of the page and clic on the button Send.

And, in this way, it will have remained created and activated your account so you perro start trading on it. However, this is not all you need to do to have a LocalBitcoins account. Next, you will learn about some adjustments that you perro give to your account to optimize its operation.

What other settings cánido you give to your LocalBitcoins account once created?

As is typical of a financial platform, LocalBitcoins gives you the options to contribute increased security and support to your digital negotiations and make full use of the functions of your new account. How do you do it? Very easy.

  • At the beginning of your first session in LocalBitcoins, you will find a series of options that you cánido immediately enable, and they are the following:
    • protect your accountoption with which you cánido add another layer of security to your account, enabling the check in two phaseswhich consists of linking the mobile phone to the platform to receive codes that you must entrar, apart from your password, before each login or important transactions.
    • Learn about how to use LocalBitcoinswhere you cánido consult about the legal conditions of use which sets the site.
    • Select the best offerwith which you have the power to carry out activities of buy and sell in general.
    • identity verificationwhich allows you to make real financial operations by unlock all features (using your national identification document) from your LocalBitcoins account.
  • On the other hand, you have the option of levelsin the section of Settings > Verification, which consists of clearing the limits that, in principle, your account has, in order to reach higher trading volumes. You achieve this by providing more identity data. The more you identify, the higher level and volume of negotiations you will have and the fewer limits on your transactions.
  • And finally, within the range of options, you have to the right of the top bar, a icon with shape of person Where you will find a series of additional options that will be useful in terms of settings and other settings of your account.

So if what you want is sign up for LocalBitcoinsThis is the exact way to do it. This articulo is prepared so that, when opening a new account on said platform, you do not have major obstacles and you know how to register, to which we hope you will be very successful.

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 How to register with LocalBitcoins
  How to register with LocalBitcoins
  How to register with LocalBitcoins

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