How to register on Bitso

How to register on Bitso

Bitso It is a very habitual platform cryptocurrencies; in other words, a wallets.

As a bridge for the administration of our cryptocurrencies through this platform, we will teach you how to register in it, or how to create an account

However, we clarify that we will not generate any type of recommendation, which is why, in this case, it will be necessary for you to consult a financial advisor if you need suggestions regarding your capital.

Entrar the Bitso page

The first thing you should do is go to the bitso official websiteonce in it, you go to the upper right section, in the green button that says creat your account.

Possibly the backlink will take you directly to the account creation section, which is precisely where we are interested in going.

creat your account

Once you are in creat your account, we must fill in the different parameters that it asks us to create an account within the platform.

you will have to choose Staff either business, according to the case.

However, we will explain step by step how to do it with a personal account, which is the most used by the majority.

Personal account

You must fill in everything that the platform asks for, starting with the country in which you radica, followed by your dirección de correo electrónico and a password that you must then confirm by entering it again.

As in most cases, the key is confirmed to verify that there is no fallo and you are wrong on the first try.

It will generally require that the password be complex, or at least combining numbers and symbols.

Following this, accept the terms and conditions, as well as the privacy notice, and culminate in giving I am not a robot to be able to select Begin and verify your account.

Verify your dirección de correo electrónico

By selecting Begin, it will be necessary for you to entrar a six-digit security code that has been sent to your correo electrónico to verify that you have entered an dirección de correo electrónico belonging to you.

When you go to your correo electrónico, it should appear in Majoror in any case All.

In either of the two options you must have the correo electrónico, if not, you must confirm that you have placed your correo electrónico correctly, otherwise, you will have to do the procedure again. The code that will come to you is temporary, You must copy and paste it in the dirección de correo electrónico confirmation section to start the verification.

Fill in the data

The next thing that it will ask you is to fill in your information, consider that it is something mandatory that all financial platforms have.

Everything will be quite fácil, you just have to go step by step, starting with the name, then both the first and the second surname.

Once you complete it, you will give Following.

Then it will tell you if the name is correct, which you must confirm by clicking on yes, it’s my official name and it will take you to next step where you will have to place the date of birth, then to Following again.

Legal sex, occupation and sources of funds

Filling in the data will also require even more personal information, such as legal sex, male or female, and selecting again Following; followed by this it will also be necessary to provide the information of the occupation you have.

Similarly, it will also be necessary attach source of funds what will you use To do this, a list will be displayed from which you must select the one that best suits you, if it comes from your savings, your salary, the sale of a property or company, among others.

Politically Exposed Person

The next question that the platform will ask you is if you are a politically exposed person, PEP, or if a family member is.

You will have a little information about it that will help you answer.

Cell phone number

To conclude the validation of personal data, we will have to confirm the mobile phone number.

The code of your country will go by default, considering that you should have already placed it previously, you give Following.

It will immediately send an mensaje de texto to your mobile to confirm that it is yours; With this you would already have verified the mobile linked to the platform.

Account Limits

You will be able to have the information of the limits that you currently have, both in Fiat and in Crypto.

In case you want to increase the limits, or choose not to have them, you would need to verify the address, tax identification documentation, etcétera.

With this you would no longer have any limits with the platform.

Other options in the profile

It is important that you know that in the Profile You have other options that you perro configure.

Specially in notifications You cánido configure the notifications that you want to receive.

On the other hand, in Boundaries you cánido change limits, in coinsthe ones you want to appear relative to you to see how much you have in your local currency.

Likewise, the Security It would also be something important, being ideal to activate it to the maximum so that you have a security that, the more complete, the better in your account.

The most habitual is two-aspecto authentication called Two-aspecto token (2FA).

Two Aspecto Token (2FA)

If you manage to activate this security authentication, it will ask you to confirm when you log in with a code that will reach your mobile phone, in addition to the password that the application has.

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 How to register on Bitso
  How to register on Bitso
  How to register on Bitso

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