How to REGISTER in ETORO from Spain, LATM

How to REGISTER in ETORO from Spain, LATM

Are you looking for a CFD broker for Shares, Cryptocurrencies, and other assets that is useful and reliable? then we introduce you eToro, a platform widely accepted today. But How do you sign up for eToro? Well, it’s very fácil. In the next articulo we will be explaining all the step by step involved to achieve it.

First of all, you must entrar the official website of etoro.

Go now to ETORO

To start, you must first access the main page of the platform of eToro (clic here to go).

Important: If the page appears in Englishbut so that you do not complicate things, you cánido change language in the option at the top right, where the icon in the shape of the United Kingdom flag appears.

Very good, now we perro begin to detalla the eToro registration process.

Steps to create an eToro account in 2023

Being already in the main interfaz of eToro and dubbed into Spanish, you perro do what is described below:

  1. Locate and press he join now button that you find to the right of the top bar of your screen.

  1. What will appear before you now will be the registration page where you will be asked for the following information:

  • A Nombre de usuariowhich cánido be anything you choose (such as a nickFor example).

  • You Dirección de correo electrónico to backlink.

  • A Password that is of high reliability (using combinations of alphanumeric characters preferably).

  • accept the Terms and Conditions of use of eToro and the Risk Statement.

  • accept the Privacy Policy and Cookies policy.

Finally you press in it create an account button.

  1. Then, on a next page, you are asked to check your inbox in your dirección de correo electrónico. This, to verify that the dirección de correo electrónico you have linked is your property. You will do it in the following way:

  • go to your account of correo electrónico.

  • In the left sidebar (in the case of Gmail), you must locate and press the option Further.

  • inside option Furtheryou must locate and press the option All.

  • Within AllLook for the message that eToro has sent you and open it.

  • In said message, you will clic to the button check my dirección de correo electrónico.

With this, now you will have created your new eToro account. Now you just have to complete a few more steps to be able to use it.

Complete your eToro Profile setup

As is logical, you need to have a verified profile within any cryptocurrency platform to be able to operate on it, and this is the case with eToro. To achieve equipo up your eToro account profileonce you are inside said account, you must do the following:

  1. clic on it to the button Complete your Profile located on the left side panel of the interfaz.

  1. Go back to clicthis time in the button Continue of the small box that you will have before you, also called Complete your profile.

  1. Now, in a next box called “Your profile”you must add the data that will be requested:

  • You Name (and you Second name if you own it).

  • You Last name complete.

  • You Gender (Male or female).

  • You Birthdate real.

With everything filled in, you proceed to give clic in it arrowhead icon (>) heading to your right.

  1. You will go to another box (“Your adress”) where you are required to put data regarding your location, such as:

  • The Address of the Street Where do you live.

  • He Number of said street.

  • The City where are you located

  • He Postal Code from the city.

  • He Country in which you are currently (indicating, in addition, in the respective box, if ‘that is the country of your nationality and where you were born’).

  • You Identification number fiscal.

  • Indicate if ‘You are not a citizen of the United States or You were not born in the United States’.

Once again, if you have indicated everything, you clic to >.

  1. The next step is about Your experience at the level of management of values ​​and crypto assets; the times you have invested and these finances in the last year.

  • Yes, 1 to 10 times.

  • 10 to 20 times.

  • More than 20 times.

Having filled in everything, you give clic to >.

  1. Another afín box asks you to comment on Your investment experience with leverage and gives you the same options as in the previous box. You must fill in the same and clic in >.

  1. Then, in a new box, they ask you to talk a little about your knowledge academics. In it you must choose one of these options:

  • if you have a professional certificate either relevant work experience.

  • if you have a academic degree on a field finance related.

  • if you have done training courses.

  • Or, indicate if you do not have no financial knowledge.

Again, you give clic in >.

  1. Then, a box titled “Investment knowledge assessment”which is a kind of questionnaire where your mastery of the digital depósito market is put to the test. You must hit the highest number of correct answers. When you finish answering all those questions, you will clic to >.

  1. Followed by a box with less relevant content titled trading strategy, you will have before you with some questions that you will complete according to reality. Thus, it goes to give clic once again in >.

  1. Now, you have another box, this time titled “Purpose of trading”where you must choose an option, from among those given to you, that best describes your purpose when trading with eToro, either:

Done this, you go back to clic in it icon >.

  1. Next to it is another box with the title “Your attitude to risk” which requires knowing how much you plan to deposit into your eToro account throughout the current calendar year. To do this they give you a series of options in a selector. Finished this, press >.

  1. This box that you will now have before you, (“Do any of these questions apply to you?”) generally does not apply to most people. And, perhaps being your case, you only give the option None of this concerns me. Then you proceed to clic in it button >.

  1. Immediately afterwards, a new box question about your financial statusreferring to what it has to do with:

  • your source of incomeand you must choose one or more options within the designated selector.

  • What do you do for a living? Choosing your respective option, likewise, in an option selector.

  • You are also given a brief explanation of why do you ask these things.

Subsequently, you must give clic to >.

  1. The following box asks you for the Verification of your account so that the restrictions on your deposits perro be removed and thus obtain some interesting benefits. To do this, just press he button Verify. Now, just as before, you will clic in it little button >.

  1. Next, another box asks you for the verification of your phone mobile and here you just have to select the country code, entrar your number and clic in it Send mensaje de texto button. With that, you will receive an mensaje de texto to verify the ownership of your mobile, you entrar it in the corresponding box and it will you clic to Verify.

  1. Next, a new box (“Identity Verification”) gives you the option of Increase your passport or you legal identity document. This must be a color copy of one of the above, seen from the front and back. When you’ve done it, press in > to continue.

  1. Subsequently, you have one more box, which is titled “Address Verification”in which you will confirm your tax address through a utility bill either Bank statement. To proceed to the next step, clic on it to >.

  1. And finally, you will go to a box that asks you to entrar your tax identification numberin which you must entrar all your fiscal residences. After this, he you will clic to >.

This way your profile already will have been updated, so you cánido now start trading as soon as you deposit funds into your new eToro account. It is possible that it will remain under review for a couple of days until you perro use it without limits, although it is also possible that the review will occur automatically.

There are many advantages that the eToro platform brings you and in this articulo how to register on eToro, we have given you the necessary tools that you should know when opening your new account in it. We hope that it will be very useful for current or future emplees.

Vídeo-Tutorial on How to Register in eToro in 2023

You may still have doubts regarding the subject, so we invite you to see a vídeo that you perro surely clear them, which is also titled how to register on eToro in 2023. You perro access it through the backlink below:

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 How to REGISTER in ETORO from Spain, LATM
  How to REGISTER in ETORO from Spain, LATM
  How to REGISTER in ETORO from Spain, LATM

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