How to register in Blockchain Wallet

How to register in Blockchain Wallet

blockchain is one of the most habitual platforms for buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies.

We will teach you step by step how to register in it; We also clarify that we will not generate any type of recommendations, so you should consult a financial advisor in case you have any questions regarding your capital.

Create an account at step by step

To start the registration process within the platform, you must entrar the official website of Blockchainonce there, you cánido start either by selecting Begin in the center of the start of the platform, or in registerin the upper right corner.

Go to


The registration, as in any other, you must begin by placing your dirección de correo electrónico, followed by the password, which you will have to confirm by placing it again, accepting the privacy policies.

In the password, it is suggested to do it in a complex way, mixing numbers and special characters, ending with Create Wallet.

check dirección de correo electrónico

To make sure that you have entered a personal dirección de correo electrónico, Blockchain will ask you to confirm it.

To do this you must go to the dirección de correo electrónico you placed, in Major you should have it, in case you don’t, you should go to More in the sidebar, and select Allit will appear there as long as you have placed the correo electrónico correctly.

Once you entrar the dirección de correo electrónico, you will clic the confirmation button that appears and that’s it, it will be verified, you will know it because it will tell you to return to the previous page to continue accessing the wallet.

Access with your correo electrónico and password

Once you have confirmed your dirección de correo electrónico, you perro access with your correo electrónico and the password you have placed.

In this case, when accessing, it will ask you to look at your dirección de correo electrónico again, this as a protection measure that the platform has.

This will happen every time you log in.


When accessing the platform with your new usuario immediately after confirming your correo electrónico, you will notice the start of it.

To access the configuration you must hover over gear at the top right; A list with other options will be displayed on it.

Trading Limits

One of the options you have in Setting is Trading Limits, which are the default account limits you have.

In this case it is so because it is unverified; It is the traditional way of doing it, from the DNI and others.

To start, you will have the first two that you cánido unlock: silver level and gold level.

So you don’t unlock them.

You will only have activated Send Crypto and the Recover Crypto with which you perro only receive and send only.

You won’t be able to buy anything else.

By regulation it will be necessary for you to verify your account with the DNI and the rest of the requested information, in order to register on a financial platform.

That is why you should at least unlock them.

silver level

One of the first ones you should unlock is silver level.

When you entrar there, what you will be asked for will be the common; it is about placing additional data about you, such as your full name, street, city, region, country, etcétera.

When doing so, you give Next in case all the data entered is correct; it will be enough to unlock it.

gold level

If you want to unlock what you have left, you must go to the gold level, in which you will have to verify with the options available, the most common being the identity card National Identity Cardwith this you would not have any type of limits within the platform.

The full access offered by the platform, you would have when performing this procedure.

For this you must give Next to upload what you ask for.

First of all, check the phone, and then you will upload one of the documents that it asks for, or scan it directly.


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 How to register in Blockchain Wallet
  How to register in Blockchain Wallet
  How to register in Blockchain Wallet

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