How to recover the money from privicompras?

How to recover the money from privicompras?

Privicompras has become for many the perfect solution to get their money’s worth, as this shopping club provides discounts on products, promotions and unique opportunities.

However, many Privicompras users have been upset to see that they have lost a percentage of money for being affiliated with their services.

In view of what has been said before in this article We will clarify if Privicompras really takes money from you and if it is possible to recover it.

Privicompras perro take plus money from you

Privicompras has partnerships with a large number of en línea stores.

That is why it is recommended both by web pages and by many people.

It is possible that you have joined the Privicompras platform by invitation or recommendation of a friend and that is why you have not read its policies and regulations, but you should know that in the first month of use (called free trial) you have to pay $1 for that month. After the first month the commission increases to $15 per month.

Privicompras does not defraud its users with this commissionsince it makes it known in the small letters of its regulations, but it does not clearly indicate the type of charges that its users make for the use of its shopping club.

It is important to pay attention to invitation buttons such as: Get your discount now! U Get 10% in cashback!

Recover the money paid more in Privicompras

If you have had a bad experience with Privicompras, it is likely that you want to recover money that you paid for not knowing the regulations or recover the plus money for refunds.

In this sense, you should know that Privicompras is very accommodating with its users and most of the problems that usually arise are solved without legal action being taken.

From now on we will indicate the alternatives that you have at your disposal so that Privicompras returns your money paid:

Contact Privicompras customer service

To recover the money from privicompras you must contact them to the free number 900878710.

You should bear in mind that its opening hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.

to 9 p.m.

and Saturdays from 10 a.m.

to 5 p.m.

Send a postal e-e correo electrónico with your complaint

If you prefer to get in touch by postal correo to get your money back, you perro write to Privileges in Purchases, PO Box 14.596, 28080 La capital de españa. You perro also write to the e-e correo electrónico [email protected]


Unsubscribing from Shopping Privileges is quite fácil, even if you have accumulated plus money in refunds they perro credit it to your same card.

You cánido unsubscribe by dirección de correo electrónico, through its website and also by phone.

Most likely, the platform will have no problem refunding your money if you have not had a good usuario experience, so do not hesitate to report your complaint.

Does Privicompras return the money overcharged?

In view of the fact that Privicompras notifies its users of the monthly commissions it charges for the use of its services before the use of its service is accepted, this platform has no obligation to return the money, because in short, it is acting legally.

But if you didn’t notice the notification and want your money back, Most likely, Privicompras will return it to you.

There are many users of Privicompras who have expressed that they have received their money back in their account immediately after unsubscribing from the platform.

So you perro contact Privicompras and hope for the best.

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 How to recover the money from privicompras?
  How to recover the money from privicompras?
  How to recover the money from privicompras?

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