How to recover the money from dentix?

How to recover the money from dentix?

For many, the bankruptcy of Dentix has been a great surprise, especially for clients of this company who still had unfinished dental treatments.

It is possible that you have one or several treatments paid to Dentix and want to know how to recover the money paid.

In this article we will talk about whether there is a possibility of recovering the money paid to Dentix and the steps that perro be taken to achieve it.

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Perro payments made to Dentix be recovered?

Many Dentix users wonder if it is possible to recover the advance payments made to this company, as they are concerned that they will not receive a refund for their money or for the treatments they have paid for.

In this sense, you should know that it perro be difficult to recover the money paid to the Dentix company, but it is not impossible, since the OCU came out to defend the unfortunate position of the patients and expressed that there is an urgent need for a reform that allows patients with pending treatments by Dentix to have the payment of the pending debt.

In view of the aforementioned, if it is possible to recover the payments made to the Dentix company. The procedures that perro be applied to achieve this will be indicated below.

Procedures to recover money from Dentix

Many patients affected by the Dentix bankruptcy who have not received their paid treatment or refund were happy to learn that there are some avenues available for them to get their money back.

Hereafter we will indicate which are some of them:

go to contest

Clients who have paid for a treatment to Dentix cánido go to bankruptcy.

It should be noted that, in this contest, they will be in line with the creditors, therefore, the patients do not have prevalence in the payment.

The probability that they will recover the money is unpredictable, because if Dentix does not have the capacity to return the money to all the patients, those affected will continue in the same situation.

This contest is the final claim route.

Address the claim to the financial company

The people who will have the most advantage in recovering the money paid to Dentix are those who funded the treatment with an entity outside of Dentix.

The entities try to collect by all means by sending letters to try to claim the debts, therefore, the probability of recovering the money in this way is greater.

The procedure for the claim in this sense is to submit a written claim to the bank, request that the collection be stopped and notify the entity to refrain from claiming the amounts.

It will not be necessary to complejo turístico to a lawyer.

Receive treatment at another clinic

This is a second alternative that Dentix patients who have not received their money back cánido choose.

Is about agreements between Dentix with other dental clinics so that patients perro carry out their already paid treatments.

These agreements are very specific, therefore, not all those affected will be able to benefit from this alternative.

It should also be taken into account that it perro sometimes take several months for patients to receive care at another clinic, therefore this option is not posible for patients who require urgent treatment.

Is Dentix obligated to return the money?

Any company that has promised to provide a service in exchange for a certain amount of money is obligated to perform the serviceWhen this does not happen, it is obliged to return the total amount of money paid by the client.

In the case of Dentix, the same applies.

Dentix is ​​obliged to refund the money to its affected patients due to its sudden bankruptcy, but patients cánido also escoge to opt for some of the alternatives mentioned above, whether it is going to the contest, making a claim to the financial company or requesting to receive the expected treatment at another clinic.

The patient may not want to opt for any of the above options and may impose a penalty on Dentix, but keep in mind that if the company does not have enough money at the moment, nothing perro be done, so that it is more reasonable to be patient and choose one of the available alternatives.

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 How to recover the money from dentix?
  How to recover the money from dentix?
  How to recover the money from dentix?

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