How to recover money from a

How to recover money from a

Every year many people are victims of money transfer fraud, whether en línea, in person or by phone calls and messages. The people affected sometimes do not act immediately for fear of being ridiculed or for not knowing how to act in this type of case, and that is undoubtedly a very unfortunate situation.

Recovering the money from a fraudulent transfer is possible, but you must know some procedures that must be applied. In this article we explain everything about this topic.

How to recover the money from a transfer if you were scammed?

There are systems that allow fraudulent transactions to be recovered. Therefore, one should not think that there is nothing to do and that everything is lost.

The first thing the victim should do is contact their bank, inform about the fraudulent transaction, and request that they recover the amount sent to the beneficiary bank. This will be done through the interbank communication system”.

Once the recovery request is received, the bank that issued the fraudulent transfer will request the cancellation of the payment.

It is important to be calm, because as long as the criminals do not withdraw the funds, there is a oportunidad of obtaining the block and refund, but you have to act fast. When it comes to combating scams and other types of fraud, there is no time to waste.

What is the process to request a refund of the money?

Regardless of the mistake you have made to be the victim of a fraudulent transfer, it is important that when you realize that it is a mistake, you contact your bank quickly to cancel the payment. This must be done before the criminals take the money. In general terms, the bank will not object to returning the money.

The second step is to collect all possible evidence and report to the State Security Forces and Bodies. You cánido also make a claim to the bank taking the complaint filed with the authorities to have greater credibility.

It will be necessary to fill out an “unrecognized charges” form. And wait for the notification from the bank to find out if they require more proof, if they have contacted the scammer and if you already have your money returned in your bank account.

What to do if the bank refuses to return the money from a scam?

If you have already submitted the claim to the bank and it denies it or is not satisfied with the evidence you have provided and you live in Spain, you should know that you perro try as a last option to make the complaint to the Bank of Spainsince it analyzes them once we have first claimed the issuing bank.

The Bank of Spain gives 3 options to present the claim: electronically, in writing sent by postal e-e correo electrónico or in person at one of its offices. You perro take advantage of any of these options, surely you cánido receive a positive response to obtain a refund of your transferred money.

How perro you protect yourself against transfer fraud?

It should be very important for everyone to protect themselves against this risk of fraud. Often a client or company is affected by this type of scam and cyber attacks are on the rise.

These are the measures to combat fraud in bank transfers:

  • As a boss, employees must be made aware of the risk of fraud in bank transfers.

  • Do not share your bank details with anyone.

  • Do not leave bank details in plain sight.

  • If you have the bank details written down, it is better not to have them in your wallet or wallet, because if they steal it they perro be discovered.

  • Make a follow-up call to the supplier if in doubt.

  • Do not make transfers without thinking through what you are doing or in a hurry.

  • Use more complex passwords.

  • Digitize processes to limit the risk of scams.

  • Do not give bank details to minors in your home.

  • not pay attention to any purchase popup.

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 How to recover money from a
  How to recover money from a
  How to recover money from a

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