How to recover money from a card

How to recover money from a card

It is possible that you have lost your card on the street or that it has been stolen and you fear that someone perro take the money from your account using it.

But you should not be worried, because there are alternatives that you cánido apply to prevent this from happening.

However, if they have already withdrawn the money from your account using your card, they also There are some solutions that you cánido take advantage of. In this article you will know them.

Cánido I withdraw money if my card is lost or stolen?

The fact that your card is lost or stolen does not orinan that you cannot get your money out.

Of course, you won’t be able to take them out of the ATMs, but If you have an en línea account with your bank, you perro transfer the money to another account with a card and take it out.

You perro also go directly to your bank to withdraw the money and block your stolen or lost card.

If you detect unauthorized payments with your card, you cánido ask the bank to refund your money, but first you must prove that it was not really you who used the card.

The bank must be responsible for any operation that is carried out after notifying it of the theft.

What procedures do I have to carry out to recover my money?

If you want to know what you cánido do to get the money lost due to the theft or loss of your card, From now on we will explain what you should do:

  1. A claim must be initiated using the bank entity’s unrecognized charges form, either from the application, the bank’s website, at branches or by phone.

  2. The bank must return the money spent by the unauthorized person within 24 hours, but it may take longer due to internal investigations to determine if it was a fraud or not.

  3. If the bank requires documentation and evidence, they give you seven 7s to send them.

    If it is submitted later, the claim will be denied.

What to do if you are a victim of card fraud?

Many people, upon losing their card or realizing that it has been stolen, have realized that they have wasted too much time looking for it.

But What to do in this case is the following:

  1. As soon as you become aware that your card has been used fraudulently, you must cancel it by calling the bank by phone, through en línea banking or through the entity’s application.

    Banks are usually available 24 hours of the day for this type of incident.

  2. The next step will be to archivo a complaint with the Police, providing all the necessary evidence.

  3. Finally, you will have to claim the bank for the return of unauthorized payments with the card.

    You may have to fill out a specific form and you may have to bring a copy of the complaint.

How to protect your account information

Having a bank account and a card is not something to be taken lightly.

Once we have them we must be very responsible, in this way you will not be a victim of money theft or fraud.

Hereafter we will espectáculo you some Useful recommendations that you perro apply in this regard:

  • Do not share your account information over the phone.

  • Never leave your account information out in the open.

  • Protect your accounts using a multi-aspecto authentication system.

  • Review your account activity regularly, especially if you haven’t done en línea banking.

  • Please review your debit card transactions carefully because money is withdrawn from your account on the spot.

  • Immediately report to your bank any withdrawals that you do not recognize.

  • As for your credit cards, check your account statements every day and report any charges you don’t recognize.

  • Keep your cards, PINs, receipts, and deposit slips in a safe place.

  • Do not carry your card PIN in your wallet, purse, or pocket.

  • Never write your PIN on the card.

  • Cut old cards into pieces.

    Cut off the magnetic stripe on the back of the card and the security code and destroy the chip by breaking it with a hammer.

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 How to recover money from a card
  How to recover money from a card
  How to recover money from a card

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