How to recover deleted messages from

How to recover deleted messages from

How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages? The WhatsApp popular network is one of the most used worldwide, for some time now it has the option of delete sent messages, however, you should know that now there is an opportunity to recover deleted messages and read them even if the other person has deleted them from the conversation.

However, WhatsApp It does not officially allow you to recover them because it has its restrictions, but many users have wanted to get these messages deleted so now there are various methods with which you cánido achieve it successfully.

For this reason, we will present some of them below, we hope they will be very useful for you.

Aspects you should know about the methods you will use

The main aspect and one of the most important is that you cánido only recover deleted messages if you don’t have the aplicación open.

If you have it open, the notifications of the messages will not be able to arrive and in this way you will not have access to the deleted messages to be able to recover them, therefore, be aware of this important information.

Also, you cánido’t recover all the deleted messages, but you perro recover many of them.

They are not so easy processes to carry out, but you cánido do it effectively by following our instructions in this articulo.

How to achieve it? To recover deleted messages, You will have the opportunity to do it from the notification history, as well as using third-party applications or through copia de seguridad copies, so pay attention to each of the processes.

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recover deleted whatsapp messages without aplicaciones

Retrieve messages from notification history, It is a method that cánido be carried out in Android operating systems through a Settings Widget found on the mobile device.

In fact, it is one of the techniques most used by users to access what they are looking for.

Now, in order to do it, it will be necessary to execute some essential steps.

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  1. The first thing to do is to hold down the wallpaper of the mobile device where a menu will be presented.
  2. Once the menu appears, select the option Widgets.
  3. Now, you will find all the applications with which you cánido proceed to create widgets.
  4. Then you must select the option “settings” keeping it pressed to be able to take it to the desktop and be able to use it.
  5. You must choose the option “Notification log”.

  6. When you receive WhatsApp message notifications, you must clic on the new Notification Register icon that you have created.
  7. In the icon mentioned above, you will find a list with all the notifications received.

    Proceed to press on the WhatsApp notification that you want to read, since its content will be displayed even if it has been removed from the application.

  8. When you entrar the notification you want to read, you will find a section called “android.text” from it, you perro access the text that was sent and then deleted.

When using this method it is necessary to keep in mind that you perro only have access to all those messages received by notification.

Application to recover deleted WhatsApp messages

Use third-party aplicaciones will help you recover deleted messages, There are many, but some of the most recommended to download and use are; WAMR or WhatsRemoved+.

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However, using third-party aplicaciones usually has its advantages but also its disadvantages, where the latter may be that information about the content of your notifications is delivered to companies, your contacts, among others, for this reason it will always be necessary to choose the most recommended ones. so as not to incur risks.


One of the main applications is WAMR, which is characterized by storing, among other things, multimedia archivos, so this is quite beneficial.

You must follow some steps to be able to use this interesting aplicación, we present them to you below.

  • Initially the application must be installed.

    Then select “WhatsApp” when it asks you which aplicaciones you want to save content from when you receive notifications.

  • Now, you will have to provide access to the multimedia archivos and notifications of your mobile in the section of “enable” to be able to continue and access them.

In this way, you will give access to the application to be able to archive conversations of each of the notifications that reach your WhatsApp popular network.


Also, there is WhatsRemoved+ aplicación (Android download backlink) which is among the best and most managed by users.

By using it you cánido view deleted messages on WhatsApp, In order to make use of it, you will have to follow some quick but important steps.

  • Once the application is installed, first of all you must accept the terms and conditions of this tool.

    It must also be allowed to store notifications from the messaging aplicación.

  • In addition, you perro indicate whether you want to monitor shared archivos and those that have been deleted.

The best part of this third party application is that you perro not only view deleted messages it also admits being able to view multimedia archivos such as photos, which also turns out to be very useful on many occasions.

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Recover deleted WhatsApp messages through copia de seguridad copies

Copias de seguridad they perro always help at any given time, even for recover deleted messages.

You perro only recover only all those that are saved in the copy.

Best of all, this process cánido be used on both Android and iOS operating systems.

A necessary fact to keep in mind is that when the messages are deleted, if you make another copia de seguridad these will likewise disappear.

Now, if you want to restore deleted messages through copia de seguridad copies, you should know that you have to take into account that it is best not to constantly make copia de seguridad copies so that you cánido have more messages that you cánido recover, because if you do them constantly you perro lose many messages.

Leaving this point clear, to carry out this process some important steps are necessary, therefore we will explain them shortly.

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  1. Initially, in order to make a copia de seguridad, you must proceed to uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile device (otherwise you will not be able to carry out the process).
  2. Then, it is necessary to reinstall this popular network on the Móvil.
  3. Once it is installed, it must be configured.

    To do this, it will be done by entering some information that the aplicación will ask for in order to use it again.

  4. Once your phone number is confirmed, the messaging aplicación asks if you want to restore the copia de seguridad it found (this is the most important point).
  5. Now, you must press the option that if you want to restore it and ready in this way you cánido access some of the deleted messages.

Having the WhatsApp application has become essential in recent times, through it many people perro communicate daily regardless of the country where they are, this aplicación makes it possible.

For this reason, this messaging aplicación stores all the conversations you have with your family, friends, among others.

If at any time you need these processes to save any message you need, do not hesitate to use this information that we provide you.

Now that you know these methods or techniques, we hope they have been very enriching and very useful to vea everything you need in this messaging aplicación so important worldwide.

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 How to recover deleted messages from
  How to recover deleted messages from
  How to recover deleted messages from

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