How to put StopLoss on Coinbase Wallet (step

How to put StopLoss on Coinbase Wallet (step

we will teach you how to place stop loss in an order that you have or a cryptocurrency that you have a cómputo on the Coinbase platform, thanks to the new addition they made to the wallet itself.

How to put the Stop Loss on Coinbase in 2023?

In our case we have a cómputo in Bitcoin in the account and we are going to make an example of Stop Loss in our BTC, for this I must go to the sidebar in the “Operate” section.

Then we select advanced tradingIn this case, you would search for BTC/Euros or BTC/USD depending on how you have configured it in your account.

Next, you must entrar the trading type graph and in the section located in the left margin you will see the put and buy option.

You must entrar the section Salewithin this section you will see that you have different sales options, one of them is stop with limitthat is to say that you perro select a stop price and put a limit on it.

That is to say, in this option you cánido put at what price of BTC in Euro, for example, you want that when it reaches a certain amount, the sale order is issued.

Remember that cryptocurrencies are volatile and if there is a drop in price, if not, give it time to sell it at a certain price and if you do not establish it, you perro sell it below the price reached.

You cánido put a limit pricesetting a limit amount, so that if it falls more than that, you establish that the sale will not be executed.

In the case of amount, you perro establish the amount you want to be tied to that Stop, this is established in percentage, normally it is 100%.

In the Total section you will see how much you would receive if the sale is completed.

After that, you see the commission which is quite accessible, in the expiration sectionyou perro configure how long you want it to last, you perro also cancel it manually.

If you agree and sure in the stop loss settingyou must press the “Sell BTC” button and thus you will send the pending order, and it will be executed if those factors and conditions that you configured are met.

Vídeo on how to put the Stop Loss on Coinbase

If you have any concerns or questions about how to put Stop Loss on Coinbasewe leave you a backlink to view a tutorial fast and easy.

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 How to put StopLoss on Coinbase Wallet (step
  How to put StopLoss on Coinbase Wallet (step
  How to put StopLoss on Coinbase Wallet (step

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