Like any good trader, you probably don’t like to lose in trades, so you wish there was a way to keep the risk of loss at bay in your trades.


But is this possible? And, it is how? Using what in the world of stocks is known as stop loss.

Next, we will talk to you a little about what this matter is about and about How to place Stop-loss on Binance.

stop loss is a type of order used in the world of the depósito market that functions as a cortafuegos for limit capital losses at the moment that your actions run the risk of suffering abrupt price drops due to market volatility and then your profits are threatened.

To prevent this from happening to you, most platforms give you the option to Stop Loss either stop limitas is the case with Binance.

How to equipo a Stop-Loss Limit on Binance

once you are inside your Binance accountyou must take a series of steps to achieve place a Sell Stop-lossand this is access your Classic sectionas well as, immediately, described here:

  1. You must direct your cursor to the option Tradein the top bar, and you clic.

  1. Within TradeYou will have to clic to option classical.

  1. once inside classicalyou will see before you a section that gives you the options of Buy and Sell (buttons identified respectively in green and red), under several sections.

    In addition, you get the options of limit, market and stop-limit.

    This last one is the one that comes to the case.

  1. Choose the option stop-limit (either stop loss), once you want to sell some of your shares.

  1. Counting on you strategic trading analysiswhich will tell you in which position of your graph you should place your Stop-loss, then you will proceed to use the mentioned sections in the following way:

  • In section stopyou have to entrar the trading price at which you want your shares to be sold, and this, of course, must be below the price of the crypto assetif you consider that this price could go down (by recommendation, you should always place your Stop-loss leaving a safety margin between it and the current price of the asset).

  • In limityou will equipo the price that will indicate that the order must close the moment the price touches that point, which, in turn, must be by below the stop priceand it is advisable to leave a margin also between this order and that of the stopdepending on the volatility that the market may have.

  • Finally, in Amountyou will place the amount of Cryptos that you intend to sell and that, obviously, you must own.

How to place a Stop-loss on Buy within Binance?

For place a Stop-loss in case of Buy within Binance, it’s basically the same thing, just reversed.

If you believe that a cryptoactive it will continue to rise to the point of cross your roof endurancethen you cánido place a Stop-limit, but this time at a trading price higher than the current one.

In both cases (Buys and Sale), you perro access the section of open orders to see their status and verify that this type of order will remain earrings until the scheduled action is executed.

Placing Stop-loss in sales operations is essential within any trading platform.

With this order you will not completely avoid the lossesbut you perro control and limit them.

You will only lose what you adjust in a foreseeable way.

Therefore, the that you know how to place a Stop-loss on Binanceis an asset that you cannot miss as a good trader, and we hope that this information, which you cánido trust, will be very useful in your venture.

Vídeo-Tutorial on how to put a Stop-loss on Binance

It is very likely that you want to know more about the subject.

And, since the vídeos are more instructive, we invite you to watch How to put Stop-loss on Binanceon vídeo.

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 How to put STOP LOSS on BINANCE
  How to put STOP LOSS on BINANCE
  How to put STOP LOSS on BINANCE

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