How to put a TAKE A PROFIT in ETORO

How to put a TAKE A PROFIT in ETORO

Like any good trader, your goal is to make a profit on your investments. In fact, business without profit is a bad business. Therefore, in your account eToroas in other platforms, the Take a profit Do you want to learn to how to equipo a take profit on eToro? In this articulo we are going to explain it to you, step by step, in a clear and instructive way.

However, you may be wondering:

What is a Take a Profit within eToro?

In short, this term literally means “profit taking”, and refers, in the depósito market context, to obtaining profits when, being in a long positionthe quoted price rises to the objetivo that you have equipo through the order Take a profitwith which, the operation would be closed.

But, to get fully into the subject, we will comment on the way to execute this order within eToro. Not before, of course, you do the right thing, and this is to obtain, first of all, access to your account of the current platform.

How to put a TakeAProfit on eToro

being already inside your eToro account you must look for the trading box that will allow you to adjust the Take to profit, and you will do it in the following way:

  1. search and clic to option instrumentsin the left sidebar of the main page of your account.

  1. Within Instrumentsyou’ll choose the asset in which you want to make the purchase and clic on top of it to be able to operate within it.

  1. Inside of the instrument or asset you have chosen, press the button Investlocated at the top right of the page for the same asset.

  1. Once this is done, you will already have before you the trading box of the aforementioned asset and you will be able to start operating in it; in this case, place a Take a profitwhich is what you are going for.

Now yes, you cánido continue to the objective:

Place your Take a Profit on the Asset to Buy within eToro

With this trading box you are given the typical trading options Buy and/or Sell assets inside eToro. You are also shown the different orders with which you have to execute these operations, among them, that of Take a Profit. Next, we will detalla how to place the latter within the configuration of this trading box:

  • In the section Buy (long position), which already appears open by default, you get, in addition to the stop lossthe order of Take a profit. In order to use its features, just clic on it on.

  • First of all, you must place the amount of your purchase to be carried out, either based on amount or based on units.

  • You cánido too up or down the index from Take to profit in the signs + and respectively, or introduce them directly vía keyboard, depending on what your objective is when buying within the present asset. You perro also see, just below that section, the index in percentage regarding the amount of your purchase.

  • And, finally, once you have everything ready, you have to clic to Execute the Operation to open this order, with which your position would already be open.

Important: Keep in mind that the percentage that you want to entrar must be less to the value of the share, otherwise it would be very difficult for this price to reach the fixed index and you would not be able to reach your Take a profit.

Perro I make Take a profit in a Sale?

yes yes it cánido be done Take a profit on a sell trade. In fact, it is practically the same procedure as in the case of the purchase, only this time you will do it when you estimate that the price of the asset will fall, since it would be your short positionand you would get your profits when that price goes down.

How to place a Stop loss along with your Take a profit on eToro?

the order of stop loss goes hand in hand with the Take a profit in a long position. While the Take a profit is used to obtain profits, the Stop loss is for disminuye losses. You cánido place this command as follows:

  • Equipo the parameters following the same pattern as in the case of Take a profit, keeping in mind that your Stop loss must always be at a convenient margin below price of your buy position.

HE Take a Profit It is one of the orders that you have within the trading platform. eToro and this could turn out to be a very useful tool for you. In this articulo, we have tried to explain it to you as best as possible for your guidance.

Also keep in mind that you perro modify (increase, lower, replace, Cancel, etcétera), this order once you have opened the position, in case the objective you were pursuing has changed.

Vídeo tutorial on how to put a Take a Profit on eToro

If you want more details about the subject, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at our vídeo how to put a Take a Profit on eTorojust clic the backlink below:

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 How to put a TAKE A PROFIT in ETORO
  How to put a TAKE A PROFIT in ETORO
  How to put a TAKE A PROFIT in ETORO

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