How to put a cafeteria with little money? 【5

How to put a cafeteria with little money? 【5

The dream of the cafeteria is one of the main ideas when people think about investing their money in their own business that is productive and that generates good financial returns.

And it is that a sierpe cafeteria has been the dream of many, as well as in the movies, where cafeterias become the ideal space for meetings, meetings and celebrations, and that produces great satisfaction for its owner, both spiritual as emotionally and financially.

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  • In this sense, we have to talk about everything that implies the investment for a coffee shop, how much does it cost to equipo up a cafeteria and What does it take to open a coffee shop?

    Investment for a cafeteria

    The investment for a coffee shop It implies spending money but not as much as for other businesses such as gyms and those large capacity establishments that require a good amount of expensive equipment.

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  • In this sense, we must understand that this is an investment that cánido be made if the person has notable capital, noting that there are many places to establish the headquarters, since the cafeteria is necessary both in schools, hospitals, shopping centers, universities, in short, in all places where there is movement of people who require a coffee service with accompaniment.

    How much does it cost to equipo up a cafeteria?

    The question towards how much does it cost to equipo up a cafeteria It is the first thing we do when we have in mind to start in this business, so we must emphasize that in minimum investment the person must have at least $70,000 pesos, being a moderate investment business, so it is a bit more accessible for investment.

    What does it take to open a coffee shop?

    First of all the creation of the plan, we cannot invest in a coffee shop if we do not know the destination of it, so the ideal thing before everything is to create a plan where the location is established, the concept of the cafeteria, the service it will provide, if it will be small, medium or large, and everything else that involves the establishment of this business.

    But to get a better iniciativa of what does it take to open a coffee shopWe have to talk about 5 consejos that will help us in the pursuit of this great investment.

    create a concept

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  • It is important to look for the concept based on the needs of the place where the cafeteria will be established, since the ideal is to create something completely new, offer a service that other nearby cafeterias do not offer, in order to have something additional that implies that people want to visit the place.

    This part has a lot to do with the clientele you want to objetivo, since the decoration will greatly influence what you want to espectáculo in your cafeteria and the people you want to attract to it.

    We talked about everything that will be the representation of the cafeteria, that is, decoration, music, menu, emphasizing that the public is very especial and that everything exists in the world, so the concept must be well thought out.

    Establish a business plan

    The business plan will be the one that helps you in the conception of the project with no view to failure, that is, it is the one that guides you along the indicated path to prevent the cafeteria from failing before it starts.

    The business plan allows the duel to create savings in capital investment, as well as implies knowledge in the entrepreneur since he has investigated about his business and how it succeeds, so, before Getting started You already know the audience you will be targeting, the path you will take, and the way you will stand out for the project to be successful.

    input prevention

    It What does it take to open a successful coffee shop?In addition to what we have already mentioned, it is to have the menu that will be presented in the place in advance, since the owner cannot just improvise without knowing what he needs to prepare the preparations and without the clients having a stable base from which to choose. what they want to consume.

    So the prevention of inputs will help you consolidate an ideal menu for your business, emphasizing that you will be prepared to offer the best in your cafeteria and that you have what it takes to take out customer orders.

    Acquisition of cafeteria equipment

    Of course, for the business to work, the investment must be made in all the necessary equipment to carry out the work, that is, the owner must acquire machinery such as the semi-automatic coffee maker, the coffee grinder, the industrial blender, the ice machine , the display case for desserts, the crepe maker, the oven and the point of sale.

    As advice, we must emphasize that this material must be of good quality, so you should seek help from experts in the field to invest in machinery with good performance and durability, otherwise, you will not have the equipment for a long time. good condition and this will affect your financial income.

    Carry out the paperwork for the cafeteria

    Establishing this type of business involves presenting the iniciativa to legal institutions, therefore, in the case of México, the entrepreneur must face the following:

    • Certify the type of company you undertake, as well as the type of service you are offering: natural person with business activity.
    • Go to the nearest SAT module to find out about the steps to enlist.
    • In the case of having employees and offering popular security, they must register with the IMSS.
    • Certificate or Land Use License (at your local town hall).
    • Opening Exhibition Announcement or operating license.
    • License for the sale of alcohol (if you escoge to integrate it into your menu).
    • Authorization of the Ministry of Health.
    • Opening of Establishment of the Ministry of Health.
    • Registration in the register of importers.

    Other elementos we recommend:

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     How to put a cafeteria with little money?  【5
  How to put a cafeteria with little money?  【5
  How to put a cafeteria with little money?  【5

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