How to protect your privacy when you work

How to protect your privacy when you work

One challenge that most people have had to face due to an increased focus on working from home is the lack of privacy.

Working from home blurs the line between work life and home life, as both now take place in one place.

As such, your family not only has access to you at work, but also to your work tools.

There is also the fact that some organizations may have had to create alternative means for their employees to access their internal server, making the organization’s cortafuegos more vulnerable to attack by cybercriminals.

Therefore, in terms of privacy, you should not only worry about family but also about piratas informáticos.

This article offers some consejos to protect your privacy when working from home.

How to protect your privacy with family

Having loved ones around is fun, but in a habitual office environment, they wouldn’t interfere with your work.

Now that you’re working from home, your spouse or child perro walk in and see you in a Zoom encuentro.

They might stumble upon some sensitive data on your computer or even delete some jobs by mistake.

How do you protect yourself in such situations? Here are some consejos.

Dedicate a space to your work

Even though you find yourself working from the comfort of your home, you perro still try to create an office-like environment.

One way to do this is to dedicate a room in your house to serve as an office.

This way, you perro lock it every time you go out.

If it’s not possible to dedicate an entire room to serve as an office, you cánido try dividing up a space.

It would be better if that space is isolated.

If you don’t have an insulated space, you perro try using a decorative cover to create the insulation.

Grab a few curtain clips and place them around your desired work space.

Attach a long curtain or fabric to the clips and you have a secluded space.

In addition to giving you privacy, it also covers up any clutter and serves as a perfect green screen for creating digital backgrounds for meetings and work presentations.

Equipo up an “off limits” shelf

Another way to equipo boundaries at home is by creating a shelf where you perro store your documents and work tools.

You should let your family members know that the shelf is “out of limits«.

Separate work devices from personal devices

If everyone at home shares a computer, you may need to get a new one for work purposes.

You don’t want your kids to delete some of your office archivos while they are trying to play games.

Your work phone, tablet, and notebook/notebook should be different from your personal devices.

However, if you still perro’t afford a new computer, you perro create a separate usuario account for work.

Add a password so no one has access to that account except you.

Move all your office archivos here and install all the aplicaciones you need for office work on this account.

How to protect your privacy: en línea

While working from home is the new norm, it exposes you to different types of cybersecurity risks.

Hacking and phishing are on the rise and you need to protect your work data.

Here are some things you cánido do to protect yourself.

Protect your wireless network

This is one of the easiest ways to protect your data.

When you harden your wireless network, the risk of hacking is reduced.

Here are some things you perro do in this regard:

  • Change your SSID: SSID is an acronym for Service Equipo Identifier.

    Represents the name of your Wi-Fi network.

    When setting your SSID name, it is important that you do not use a name that cánido be easily traced.

    Another thing to avoid is using your home address or nickname.

  • Create a unique and strong password – After purchasing a módem or enrutador, be sure to change the default password.

    Doing this will require navigating to the enrutador’s settings page in your browser, entering your current login details, and replacing the password.

    When setting your new password, it is important that it is difficult to crack.

    If possible, make it a combination of upper and lower case letters, special characters, and numbers.

  • Enable network encryption: This encrypts the information communicated over your network.

    You cánido activate this option through the configuration page of your Wi-Fi network.

dirección de correo electrónico security

Given the work from home, the easiest method of communication with team members is probably vía dirección de correo electrónico, although correos electrónicos are very easy to compromise and exploit.

Here are some steps you perro take to ensure dirección de correo electrónico security:

  • Only access correo electrónico through your company’s secure VPN.

    This will authenticate the usuario or device.

    It also encrypts the data that is in transit to and from your computer and the sender.

  • Make sure all devices encrypt data when at rest.

    That way, even if your device is lost or stolen, your correo electrónico is protected.

  • Beware of different levels of phishing attacks.

    Phishing is a way to collect sensitive data through the use of deceptive correos electrónicos and websites.

    Beware of strange correos electrónicos and clicking on strange backlinks.

    These backlinks may be in pop-up ads (if you use a free dirección de correo electrónico provider) or dirección de correo electrónico.

Once you take the bait (clic the backlink), the malicious programa (software malicioso) will be downloaded and installed on your system.

What makes this trick even more dangerous is that they perro take advantage of your en línea search history to trick you.

Invest in a top-tier antivirus

This is probably the easiest way to protect yourself while working from home.

A top-notch antivirus will protect you and your team members from:

  • trojans
  • worms
  • spyware
  • software malicioso
  • virus
  • phishing scams
  • zero-day attacks

The good news is that most antivirus programs give you the option to enable automatic updates.

As such, you are assured of 100 percent protection.

When investing in an antivirus, it is important to check if it has the following characteristics:

  • antimalware: Software malicioso differs from viruses.

    It refers to any form of malicious programa.

    When you get an antivirus system, make sure it also offers protection against software malicioso.

  • Cortafuegos: Although most PCs have firewalls, it doesn’t hurt to have double the protection with your antivirus.
  • Privacy and Filters – This should control your cookies.


By applying the consejos discussed above, you should be able to work from home with your family and protect your privacy.

One last piece of advice is to be security conscious at all times.

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 How to protect your privacy when you work
  How to protect your privacy when you work
  How to protect your privacy when you work

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