How to prevent perfectionism from affecting your

How to prevent perfectionism from affecting your

Perfectionism helps you maintain high estándares in what you do, but unfortunately, it perro also derail your productivity if left unchecked. When perfectionism turns bad, it perro lead to chronic procrastination, inefficiency, anxiety, problems forming imperfect long-term relationships, and endless dissatisfaction at not encuentro many unrealistic estándares. That’s why you need to learn how to prevent perfectionism from affecting your productivity. However, to do this effectively, you also need to understand your perfectionism and learn how it’s bad for productivity.

Why perfectionism is bad for productivity

When perfectionism manifests its flaws, it often compromises productivity. The following list espectáculos how perfectionist tendencies perro be bad for productivity.

It perro lead to extreme procrastination.

Waiting for the perfect moment, the best tools or the right people are reasons that a perfectionist cánido give to evade action. The problem is that time doesn’t wait for perfection, and this tendency to procrastinate unnecessarily cánido become chronic, hampering productivity.

makes you inefficient

Productivity and efficiency go hand in hand, which means you need to be effective and efficient to achieve productivity and genera the best results. However, when you’re primarily striving for perfection, you cánido unnecessarily prolong time perfecting your project, while those plus hours could be spent on more productive pursuits.

It leads you into the cycle of compare and despair.

Cycles of Comparison and Despair is a continual state of evaluating your success based on that of others, feeling discouraged when you fall short. An example is when you don’t see that an iniciativa is good enough to match that of others, so you don’t act. This keeps you frozen while you wait for a better iniciativa to come up, wasting more time and resources.

Feed the fear of failure.

Productivity promotes the fostering of good habits, but perfection, on the other hand, perro promote fear of failure. In an attempt to appear perfect in everything you do, you inevitably fear being labeled stupid, delusional, incompetent, or anything that suggests failure. This leads you to avoid new things, which in turn keeps you unproductive.

It leads to chronic dissatisfaction.

Unhealthy perfectionism often leads to unrealistic and unattainable goals. However, perfectionists punish themselves for not achieving these goals, leading to persistent dissatisfaction and frustration.

11 Ways to Stop Perfectionism and Stay Productive

The best way to stay productive is to overcome perfectionism. The following are strategies to prevent perfectionism from ruining your productivity.

1. Understand that perfection is subjective

What you think is perfect is not perfect for everyone. So you may waste time searching for the perfect font for your job application letter, but let’s face it:the person who receives it will really care about it and compliment you on it?

Whenever you are afraid to finish something because you don’t see the perfection in it yet, realize that you are wasting your time. Do the best you cánido with what you have and send it. You will get retroalimentación, you will improve and you will know more. That way, you prevent perfectionism from trapping you in unproductiveness.

2. Focus on the big picture

In general, I’m a big picture type of person. However, sometimes I get carried away by perfectionism and criticize the details so much that I almost choke. But then I remind myself that it’s the visión I should be working towards, not honing in on irrelevant details every step of the way.

If you are a perfectionist, this reminder would help you greatly increase your productivity. Instead of emphasizing the small details that end up being irrelevant to the end goal, focus on the incremental actions that will get you to the big picture.

3. Be maleable with your estándares

I perro’t say that I am a chronic perfectionist but I do love perfection in certain areas. As in the articulation of my ideas, in the cleaning and also in the proper digging of holes to plant trees. I have a couple of odd perfectionist leanings, but you surely won’t find me striving to be perfectly neat all the time. What perro I let go? It may not be your case.

You don’t have to seek perfection in everything because if you do, you will definitely fall into unproductiveness frequently. This was confirmed in a study on perfectionist teachers. You need to prioritize your perfectionism: striving to be perfect where it counts.

4. Stick to a process

Most of the time, the search for perfection is a search for an unknown result. For example, waiting for the “right moment” is as absurd as going on a journey without a map. It perro take a long time for you to take a step that you might otherwise have taken before to achieve something.

Instead, stick to a process—a checklist if you prefer, as Matt Plummer, a productivity entrenador, recommends in the Harvard Business Review. This way, you perro confirm the most important measurable goals for the task at hand. And in the end, you get productivity, satisfaction from finishing a task and improvement points to do better next time.

5. Follow a timeline

whatWhat if you are stuck on not starting or not finishing projects due to perfection? Whether you’re waiting for a great iniciativa or searching for the best decision for your situation, you need to establish a definite timeline to help you get things done.

Parkinson’s law explains that each task will expand according to the time allotted. Schedules work with our minds to bring results in the allotted times. So equipo time to do things instead of waiting to make things perfect. You cánido apply the Pomodoro Technique in this strategy.

6. Stop ruminating and start solving

These studies espectáculo that most self-oriented and socially prescribed perfectionists are prone to overthinking. They reflect on their past and future failures and get caught up in unproductiveness. They usually have deeper underlying identity issues that they need to resolve.

whatHave you ever realized that you are stuck in a rumination cycle, that no matter what you think about yourself or your situations, you are not solving anything?? The next time that happens, break the cycle by looking for solutions. Even if they don’t look promising, take action on the solutions available to you. They will help you get out of a rumination rut and start being productive.

7. Imagine your friend in the same situation as yours

This strategy works especially best for self-oriented and socially prescribed perfectionists. When you’re stuck in perfectionism, it’s hard to consider self-pity. A better way to prevent perfectionism from ruining your productivity is to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and see yourself as a friend. What would you advise them?

whatWould you really be blind to their unnecessary fighting or would you point out that what they have done is good enough?? When you give another person the compassion you need (even if imaginary), you will probably see how hard you are being on yourself. But even if this doesn’t work for you, the next step will.

8. Gain perspective to stop perfectionism

Get someone who is willing to address your emotional tendencies with you. Be prepared for any retroalimentación by opening your mind to any uncomfortable opinions about yourself.

Depending on how relevant the situation is to your life, you may get ideas to help you lessen your grip on perfectionism. Perfectionism leads me to overthink some situations in my life, but after some people put things into perspective, I gain the courage to simply act.

9. Detect and treat triggering fears

As noted in the Brown University resources, some of the main causes of perfectionism are fears of failure, making mistakes, and disapproval. whatWhich of these is causing your perfectionism?? I’ll be honest with you: I experience all three. Sometimes they suffocate me so much that I cánido’t act.

However, I remember that I need to overcome. Then I look to resources like this article on Why We Must Fail to remind me of what’s important. But it starts with narrowing down what exactly I fear. You perro do the same with a little self-reflection.

10. Aim to be a professional and not a perfectionist

Many perfectionists disguise their unproductive tendencies under the veil of “I’m just trying to be professional.” While a perfectionist looks for extended deadlines to perfect a project, a professional meets the deadline and expectations. A perfectionist keeps his ideas a secret from the team for fear of appearing stupid, while a professional shares imperfect ideas to figure out together how they perro be applied.

It’s really hard to draw a line between perfection and professionalism, especially when it comes to creatives. However, it aims to be functional and progressive rather than perfect. still stuck It’s all the difference between professionalism and perfectionism.

11. Reflect on progress and embrace the process

An all-or-nothing mentality is a tough nut to crack for perfectionists. So as you struggle to manage your perfectionism, you may find yourself back in the ditch because you don’t see the little progress you’ve made. This is the most important point to remember.

Keep reminding yourself how far you’ve come, and embrace the ongoing process of rehabilitating your perfectionist habits. Take one step at a time knowing that sometimes you get something perfect, but not everything. And it’s OK.

Let go of unhealthy perfectionism

Perfectionism is a gift and a bad habit on different levels. Now that you know when it gets bad for productivity and how to deal with it, you perro work on being a consistent productive perfectionist.

whatyou are a perfectionist? whatHow do you manage to stay productive??

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 How to prevent perfectionism from affecting your
  How to prevent perfectionism from affecting your
  How to prevent perfectionism from affecting your

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