How to play Texas Hold’em poker | Guide

How to play Texas Hold’em poker | Guide

During all the time that I have been writing in MoneyWorld I have talked about dozens of methods for earn money en línea which I use myself.

The vast majority of these methods consist of free systems that remunerate our daily activity.

Whether it’s PTCs, survey panels, or bitcoin earning pages, to name a few, they all pay us when we perform a series of tasks.

However, there are other different ways that I use to make money.

Among them, poker.

I have been playing en línea poker for many years and I wanted to talk about it on the blog.

Being the first articulo on this subject I will start with a explanatory tutorial on how to play poker.

In this way, we will see all the rules and analyze the main features of the game.

There are several types of poker, but today we will focus on learn to play poker texas hold’em.

What is poker texas hold’em

Who else who least has ever heard the term poker.

In a summarized way, I would define poker as a card game in which the participants make a series of bets, while looking for a combination of cards that allows them to win against their opponents.

Within the world of poker there are different variants.

The first one that we usually learn is the one known as Draw Poker, which is the most classic version of this game.

However, the most widespread version of poker and the one that is played the most on the internetIts the Poker Texas Hold’em.

In addition to these two classes, there are also the omaha pokerhe 5 card stud and the 7 card stud.

Whatever the modality, our objective will be to backlink the best possible combinations.

What steps make up each hand and how to play poker correctly? As regards the Poker Hold’em, which is the modality that we will see today, is played by dealing a total of 2 cards to each player and exposing five in the middle of the table.

At the end of the play, we have to make combinations of 5 cards, choosing between the two that we have in hand and the 5 that are exposed on the table.

throughout a play there are a total of four rounds on which jugadores perro bet:





In these rounds, depending on the combinations we have, we perro choose between: Don’t go, Pass, Match the bet or Raise the previous bet.

Finally, the player with the best hand wins the game.

How to Play Texas Hold’em Poker

Poker Hold’em deck It is made up of 52 cards..

Thirteen cards for each suit (hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds).

Types of winning hands in Poker Texas Hold’em

As we have just seen, in poker it’s about trying to hit a hand that is better than our rivals.

In the end, it is what will allow us to play, bet with more confidence and win.

Each type of poker has its especial game mode.

However, there is a classification of winning hands that applies to almost all of them and that determines the player who must win the pot on each hand.

Starting with the worst hand and ending with the best, each combination consists of the following cards:

➤ High Card

The most important card in poker is the Ace., followed by K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2.

If at the end of a hand no player manages to hit anything, the player with the highest card wins.

If one player is holding an Ace and the other is holding a K (as in the picture), the player holding the Ace wins.

➤ Couples

It consists of combining two cards of the same number or figure.

The higher the value of the pair, the better.

So, for example, a pair of fives will always be worse than a pair of nines.

(5-5 vs.


➤ Two Pair

Exactly the same as the previous one, but with two figures or two numbers.

In case two jugadores have two pair, the one with the higher pair wins.

That is to say, if one has KKQQ and another player has AA22, he wins the second for having a pair of Aces.

➤ Trio

A combination of three cards of the same number or face.

In this case, the player with a equipo of Jacks will always beat the player with a equipo of fives.

(JJJ Vs.


➤ Stairs

Backlink 5 cards with consecutive numbers, regardless of the suit they have.

As an example, it could be 3-4-5-6-7 or 9-10-JQK.

➤ Color

Backlink 5 cards of the same suit.

The order of the numbering does not matter, because it is not a ladder.

It is important to note that these are cards that have the same suit, not the same color.

The best combination is known as Flush to Ace.

➤ Full

The full house combines a couple and a three of a kind at the same time.

As in almost all cases, if two jugadores have the same hand, the one with a higher three of a kind wins.

➤ poker

The hand that gives its name to the game and that consists of combining 4 cards that have the same numbering or the same figure.

In the event that two jugadores tie with a four of a kind, The one with the highest card will win..

➤ Straight flush

The straight flush is a combination between the Straight and the Flush.

In this case we will have to manage to mezcle 5 cards of the same color and with a correlative numbering.

➤ Royal Flush

The best hand in poker and that beats all the others.

It is about making a straight flush but with the highest cards in the deck.

That is 10-JQKA of the same suit.

It may happen that in the same hand two jugadores have exactly the same combination.

In these cases the jackpot is divided among the winners equally.

Position of the jugadores at a table

After seeing all the combinations that we perro do with the cards, what remains to be seen is our position on the game table.

Normally, slots are allocated by giving the Dealer position to the player who draws the highest card.

And the Big Blind and the Small Blind, just to your left.

Initially, it could start like this:

This aspecto must be given great importance, because as the game progresses, the position we occupy cánido be decisive.

Each time a hand ends, the turn jumps to the next player to the left.

When we are Big Blind or Small Blind, we have to pay a “fee”.

These are called Blind Bets.

These are two mandatory bets that are in each hand that is played and they are made before starting the game.

All jugadores will pay these bets as soon as it is their turn.

The purpose of these blind bets is to have money in the pot before you start playing.

The most important characteristics of these three positions are the following:

⏩ Dealer or distributor (also known as Button)

The dealer is the player who deals the cards and his position is considered the best that a player perro occupy.

Except for pre-flop, in all other rounds he will be the last to speak.

This means that the Dealer cánido vea the movements of his rivals and act accordingly.

⏩ Big Blind

The Big Blind is one of these two mandatory bets that we just looked at.

It represents the minimum bet that must be paid to participate in the play.

We cánido never bet less than the amount marked by the Big Blind.

In addition, the player who pays the Big Blind will always be in the second position to the left of the Dealer, so he will speak last in the Pre-flop round and first in the rest of the rounds.

⏩ Small Blind

The Small Blind is the other blind bet that we have yet to see.

The amount to be paid will be half of what the Big Blind says.

In other words, if the Big Blind is 100, the Small Blind will be 50.

Regarding the movements of the player who posts the Small Blind, he will be the penultimate to speak in the Pre-flop round and the first in the other rounds.

These positions will determine the order in which the rest of the jugadores will speak.

It is important to know what position we occupy in each hand to devise a strategy.

We must also have located the Delivery Man, who will be the last to speak.

The table cánido be divided into three groups according to the position of all the jugadores:

early positions » The two Blinds and the two jugadores to the left of them are included.

They are the first jugadores to bet on all hands.

Intermediate positions » Depending on the jugadores at the table, this would be the 2 or 3 jugadores to the left of Early Position.

Late Standings » The best positions since they are the jugadores who speak last.

Betting Rounds in a Texas Hold’em Poker Hand

in each hand of Poker Texas Hold’em there will be a total of four rounds on which jugadores perro bet.

Besides of preflopround in which we find the Blind Bets, are the flophe turn and the River.

This is so as long as you reach the end of the hand.

It is possible that by betting on the Flop or the Turn all jugadores fold, which would not result in the River.

In any case, we are starting with an ideal hand.

Thus we will reach the end of the play and we will see the movements that we perro make in each round.


Jugadores who are positioned in the Big Blind and the Small Blind must pay the previously agreed Blind Bet.

at the time, the Dealer proceeds to deal two cards to each player.

Once these two cards have been seen and without showing any on the table, the first round of betting begins.

As we have seen at the beginning, jugadores cánido choose to Bet, Check, Call or Reraise.


The Dealer espectáculos three cards on the table and we try to mezcle them with the two we have in hand.

At this point the second round of betting begins and the first player to speak is the one closest to the left of the Dealer.

As in the Preflopjugadores perro Bet, Check, Call or Reraise.


In this round, the Dealer espectáculos another card to the table, making a total of four.

We continue to mezcle the cards on the table with ours, choosing the best choice.

Again, the dealer’s leftmost player again speaks first and the other jugadores perro escoge what to do.


The last round of all.

The Dealer espectáculos the fifth and last card on the table.

Now it is final and we have to get the best possible combination using our two cards and the five that are on the table.

The bets begin and as in the previous rounds, we perro choose to Bet, Check, Call or Reraise.

The jugadores who equalize will have to espectáculo their cards and only the outcome of the play remains to be seen.

Whoever has the best hand wins the pot.

An all-in is when a player risks all of their chips in a single hand.

Consejos and advice before playing poker

We have already seen what our position at the table implies, the four rounds we have in each hand to bet on and which card combinations are the best.

We are almost ready to start playing!!

Being a game with bets, I would like to give a series of guidelines that have been good for me.

If we follow a strategy and equipo ourselves a constant style of play, we will always have a better oportunidad of winning than if we play to see them come.

Recommendations on how to play poker

1- As it happens with almost everything, Practicing is how we get experience and knowledge.

Hence, setting a long-term strategy is so important.

2- In poker luck influences, but also probability and statistics.

It is possible that one day we get great cards and lose our hands, and the next the opposite happens.

For me, that’s the luck aspecto.

However, even if one bad day we lose hands with pairs of Aces, most of the time we will be winners.

3- After winning or losing a hand with a big pot our mood changes.

That cánido lead us to make mistakes such as going to plays that we shouldn’t call, changing strategy, betting differently, etcétera.

4- Patience is an essential requirement to play poker.

There are times when hands and hands pass and we only get bad cards.

If we are impatient, we cánido wear ourselves out and make the mistakes we have seen before.

5- We have to be aware of the money we risk.

That is, for me €100 cánido orinan a lot of money and for another person it perro be small change.

If I play €100 with that person, I will have more respect to lose than him.

It is a aspecto that cánido influence my way of playing.

6- Sometimes we start a hand with very good cards, we bet big, and on the Turn or the River the contrincante hits something.

It is key to risk only when we are sure that we are going to win.

Otherwise, the smartest thing to do is to withdraw.

7- You have to be alert with the possible lanterns.

There are jugadores who bet big to intimidate the table.

As I said before, it is best to risk only when we are convinced that our play is better.

If he carries a bluff, then we will have caught him as a bluffer.


I have a lot of poker related things left that I would like to talk about.

Today I simply wanted to make a guide for all those people who either have never played this game or are interested but still don’t quite understand it.

Anyone before you start playing you should understand 100% everything we have seen in this tutorial on how to play poker.

Afterwards, it’s just about playing playing and playing.

From the moment there are bets, we are running the risk of losing what we have played.

It goes without saying that poker is a game of risk.

You perro play with play money or real money.

But in both cases, if we don’t know what we are doing, most likely we will end up losing everything.

Months ago we saw how to play poker for free in pokerato web of american poker in which we perro play and win real money without investing not a penny These types of platforms are perfect for users who are curious about playing poker, but don’t want to play for real money.

There are many free poker sites with which to practice, but if we also have the incentive of being able to exchange points for money, all the better.

And here we end for today with the how to play poker guide, that I have already rolled up enough.

I hope it has been helpful and now you have a better understanding of how to play poker.

In the first hands you play, this articulo cánido help you if you leave it open in another window.

Take advantage of it!!.

To say goodbye, do you have any questions or do you want to ask me something? Leave a comment below and I will help you in any way I perro.

Until next time.

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 How to play Texas Hold'em poker |  Guide
  How to play Texas Hold'em poker |  Guide
  How to play Texas Hold'em poker |  Guide

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