How to play Quini 6?

How to play Quini 6?

Would you like to learn how to play Quini 6? Next, we tell you everything you need to know about the biggest betting game in Argentina.

As its name indicates, the Quini six is ​​a national raffle that takes place twice a week. In order to win the jackpot it is necessary that you hit the six numbers that will appear favored in lottery. In order to choose these numbers, the player must go to a betting agency and buy their ticket.

It is important that you keep your ticket until all the draws have finished, as it is a proof. In addition, otherwise if you have won you will not be able to claim your prize.

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How and where is Quini 6 played?

Jugadores cánido participate in Quini 6 with three game modes: Traditional Quini, Rematch and Sale or Sale. In addition, there is another modality called Plus Jackpot in which a prize is awarded to all those jugadores who have matched six numbers taking into account the 18 balls that are drawn in total in the three previous draws.

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By purchasing your ticket, you cánido participate in the Traditional Draw in which two independent draws of six balls are made. This raffle includes the First Draw and the Second Draw.

But that’s not all, because for an additional payment you perro participate in two more raffles: the Rematch and the Siempre y en todo momento Sale.

That way, it will be possible to have one more shot at each. It should be noted that, in all draws, you always play with the same numbers that have been chosen the first time.

He traditional draw first and second They have three wells. The largest is distributed among those who have six hits. The second is distributed among the jugadores who have had five hits. Finally, the third pot is divided among those who have matched four numbers.

For its part, the rematch draw only has one well and is distributed among those who have matched all six numbers. In this case, there are no prizes for five or four hits.

What is the tax of the earnings

Rules of the game

  • The player must choose six numbers from 00 to 45.
  • You only get the first prize if all six numbers have been matched.
  • For each draw only six different balls are drawn. No more no less.
  • Draws are held every Wednesday and Sunday at 9:30 p.m.. They are televised, so you cánido see live what is happening.
  • You perro also see the results on the official page of Quini 6.
  • The Traditional Quini 6 consists of two draws: the First Draw and the Second Quini.
  • The first prize is distributed among all the jugadores who have guessed correctly, as long as there is more than one winner.
  • In all draws if there are no winners, the jackpot accumulates until the next corresponding draw. That is, if it is the Rematch, it accumulates until the next draw in this category.
  • All types of draws have a minimum insured jackpot of $1,500,000 (one million five hundred thousand pesos).
  • For his part, in the draw Quini 6 Always Comes out six balls are drawn. In the event that there were not one or more winners with six hits, they are distributed among those who have obtained 5 hits. If not, it is between the 4 hits or until winners are registered.
  • For those who achieve the 6 hits they have an plus prize on the 18 numbers that have been drawn.

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Frequent questions

How much does it cost to play Quini 6?

Currently, to play Quini 6 you have three possibilities: $70 to participate in the traditional draw and the second; $105 with which you perro add the Quini 6 rematch draw; $130 to participate in all the draws.

Until when cánido I buy my ticket?

If you want to participate in Quini 6 you cánido buy your ticket until 7:00 p.m. on Wednesdays and until 8:30 p.m. on Sundays. The rest of the week at any time.

Are there always winners in Quini 6?

No, unlike other betting games, in al Quini 6 there are not always winners. When this happens the jackpot rolls over until the next draw. In the only case in which there are always winners is in the Always Sale Draw.

Is there a limit to the vacant well?

No, the vacant pot accumulates until there are one or more six-match winners.

Renatep Form How much do you win with 4 hits? And with three?

In the Draw It always comes out you cánido win with four or three hits. The third prize is awarded to those who have matched four numbers of the draw. At least they receive a prize equal to the value of the bet.

Up to what number is Quini 6 played?

The bettor has the possibility of choosing numbers from “00” to “45” de hecho. Thus, a total of 46 options are available.

How long do I have to claim my prize?

If you have won the Quini 6 you have up to 15 business days to claim your prize counting from the first business day following the draw.

How do I collect my prize?

If the value of the prize does not exceed the amount established by the AFIP, you perro do so the day after the draw by presenting yourself with your ticket. If the amount is greater, you must wait until the fifth business day and collect it at the locations determined by the Popular Assistance Fund.

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 How to play Quini 6?
  How to play Quini 6?
  How to play Quini 6?

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