How to pay with the mobile? Different methods

How to pay with the mobile? Different methods

One goal of technology is to make life easier to bear, that’s why new technological solutions have been proposed, one of them is to pay with the mobile, which it is becoming more prevalent with each passing day.

If you are one of the people who have not gotten to try mobile payments, you may have doubts about it.

Here we espectáculo you everything you need to know to pay with your mobile.

How to Pay with the Mobile with a Savings Account?

A savings account is one that opens in a bank, with the objective of depositing money to save.

Sometimes this account is also used to make payments directly from it, especially when you have saved a good amount of money.

If you have a savings account and want to make a payment with it, you have the advantage of being able to use your mobile to make payments.

Most banks worldwide have mobile applications that allow their users to make payments and any type of transaction quickly and comfortably.

To pay with your savings account you must inform yourself to know which is the aplicación of your bank, download said aplicación and backlink your bank details with it and proceed to make the payments you want.

Making your payments from the aplicación is much easier than making them en línea or in person.

In this way you perro make payments with your savings account from anywhere, at any time and without complications.

How to Pay with the Mobile with Current Account?

Most people have a checking account.

Many people prefer them over savings accounts because of the great benefits they bring, especially for business customers.

To pay with your mobile from a checking account you have 2 options: pay with your mobile by entering your bank’s platform en línea, using your bank’s mobile application to make the payment.

To pay en línea You just have to access the search engine of your mobile, entrar the url of your bank, entrar with your access data and go to the payment area of ​​the platform.

Fill in the information requested for payment and that’s it.

If you wish pay from a mobile aplicación with your current account, go to the application store of your mobile, download the official aplicación of your bank, look for the payment option in the aplicación, fill in the requested information and that’s it.

How to Pay with the Mobile with Virtual Account?

There are many people who have virtual accounts, because these accounts are booming because various electronic means use it to make payments and purchases.

Virtual accounts are generally managed from users’ mobile phones.

This makes all kinds of movements with these, including payments on physical sites and En línea.

If you have a virtual account and you don’t know how to pay with it, you should keep in mind that the way each virtual account emplees is different from othersThat is why we recommend you go to the information section of your virtual account, there you will be told in detail how to make a payment through it.

Generally, many requirements are not requested to make a payment through your virtual account.

Some of the information that they frequently ask for is the correo electrónico of the person or business to whom you will make the payment and they also request a means to verify that it is the owner of the account who makes the transaction.

How to Pay with the Mobile Without a Bank Account?

You should know that to make payments, the customer is generally required to have a bank account, but if you don’t have one yet and you are receiving money by other means, you cánido also make payments from your mobile.

Pay make payments from your mobile without a bank account you have two options: pay with a virtual wallet or pay from someone else’s bank account.

Pay with a virtual wallet

If you receive money through virtual wallets such as Paypal, Uphold, Airtm, Payeer or others, you perro make payments in stores and en línea sites where they receive these types of coins.

For this you perro use your mobile.

Every day there are more places that are adapting to new payment methods, so do not hesitate to ask in several places if they accept digital money.

Pay from someone else’s bank account

If you haven’t been able to open your own bank account yet, but you’re using a friend’s or family member’s account to receive money, you perro ask the account owner for permission to make payments in stores and en línea sites by accessing the bank’s platform from your mobile.

How to Pay with the Mobile Abroad?

Whenever someone travels abroad, the question arises about how to make payments.

In this case, you no longer have to think so much, because thanks to technological advances, today you cánido make all kinds of payments from your mobile, wherever you are in the world.

To pay with your mobile anywhere in the world you perro use the following alternatives that you have at your fingertips:

NFC payments

Many businesses have an NFC payment system, especially those in developed countries.

If you are going to travel to any of these countries, make sure your mobile has the NFC system so you perro easily make payments abroad.

Payments by virtual account

If you have an account or virtual wallet, it will be very useful to pay abroad from your mobile. You cánido complement this means of payment with another, because it is possible that in some places they only accept payments by cash and bank card.

Payments by banking application

If you have a universal bank account, such as a merchant or BBVA, you cánido take advantage of it to pay abroad from your mobile.

For this you must download your bank’s application in advance and learn to use it correctly, in this way you cánido make payments quickly and easily.

How to Pay with the Mobile in Local Businesses?

Many local businesses are willing to accept different means of payment, many of which are very different from conventional methods.

A frequently used method is payment through mobile phones.

If you want to know how to pay with your mobile in one of these stores, from now on we will detalla several alternatives:

Pay by NFC

The NFC payment method is a new means of payment that is gaining more popularity in stores every day, as it is very easy to use.

This consists of an electromagnetic system that allows a customer to make a payment by simply bringing their mobile closer or smart watch to the dataphone with NFC.

Pay by bank account En línea

Use your mobile search engine to entrar the url of your bank.

Entrar with your access data and proceed to make the payment by completing the requested information through the en línea platform.

pay per aplicación

You perro download your bank’s mobile application to make payments in different places.

Using it is very fácil, you just have to fill in a field with your data and those of the person to which you will make the payment and that’s it.

How to Pay with the Mobile from Fb?

You should know that perro’t pay on fb in physical locations or on websites.

What perro be done economically speaking with this popular network is to add means to pay for Fb advertising.

For manage billing and mobile payments of your popular network Fb you must do the following:

  1. Tap at the bottom of your mobile aplicación.

  2. Tap on the “Payments” section.

  3. Once you access there, you perro clic on the following options:

  4. Payment methods.

    This is for adding, deleting or editing debit, credit or ad credit details.

  5. Billing controls.

    They serve to establish a payment limit, to determine the frequency with which you are billed.

  6. Account spending limit.

  7. Commercial information.

    This is used to change the name, address and other details.

  8. payment activity.

    Here you perro see the extracts.

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 How to pay with the mobile?  Different methods
  How to pay with the mobile?  Different methods
  How to pay with the mobile?  Different methods

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