How to pay for Electricity with Card

How to pay for Electricity with Card

The use of the debit card has increased in recent years, which has led financial institutions and payment platforms to devise options so that you cánido pay your services.

You perro pay for the electricity service from the company that makes the payment, passing it through the point of sale or through some of the en línea payment platforms that the company has at its disposal. We will espectáculo you the main ways to pay for electricity.

How to Pay for Electricity with a Debit Card?

To cancel the electricity with the debit card, you must verify the availability of money in your account, have the card code on hand and present some identification at the moment that they request it.

Payment perro be made from the collection office of the company, they will ask you for the physical card to pass it through the point of sale, some identification document, your special password for debit card transactions and the service invoice to pay.

Also you cánido do it for Internet, through the payment platform that the company has intended for this. They may ask you for the basic information to generate the payment and the number of the invoice that you are going to cancel.

How to Pay for Electricity with a Credit Card?

This procedure is the same as that of the debit card. You must verify the available credit cómputo on your card. Sand you’re going to go through some point of sale, You must have some identification on hand in case they ask for it.

If you are going to make an en línea payment, you must entrar the information requested, including the invoice number to be paid, personal information, such as your name and surname, the numbers that the card has and the security code.

This procedure must be performed through some payment platform that the electricity company tells you or through the company’s website.

How to Pay for Electricity with a Virtual Card?

The virtual card has the same characteristics as a debit card, except that you perro only view it digitally on a móvil inteligente, tablet or computer.

It is prepaid, this means that you must recharge it to the limit that the bank allows you.

This card is to be used exclusively en línea.

At the time of paymentthey may ask you for some personal information such as: name and surname, card numbers, security numbers and, in some cases, the number that the bank sent you by text message to your phone for security.

How to Pay Electricity with Card En línea?

Paying for electricity en línea is easy and fast, you just have to have the financial instrument you are going to use on hand, it perro be a debit card, a credit card or a virtual card.

Any of the three is feasible as long as check availability of every one of them.

You must search that options gives you the company to pay en línea, through a payment platform or through the company’s website.

C.when this process is done you must provide basic data such as your first and last name, card number, card security number and the invoice number to pay.

Some banks have a security system in which you must unlock the card first to do the transactionon, and it depends on each financial entity. maybe you I sentandn some security number for text message to complete the payment process.

How to Pay for Electricity with a Card in a Dataphone?

Is a very easy procedurethe person who is making the payment will ask you to give him the card and some identification that verifies that you are the owner of the same, he will pass the card through the dataphone and ask you to entrar the password.

It is important that the card has a sufficient cómputo and is in good condition so that it cánido be read by the electronic device. It is a very fast operation that only takes seconds to process.

How to Pay for Electricity with a Card without a Dataphone?

Many companies that do not have a dataphone have other types of methods, such as he card reader, that is connected to a collection Aplicación that is downloaded to the establishment’s mobile phone or one on a Tablet.

You also have the option of paying for a phone call, as long as the company has contracted the service.

You call from your mobile to number provided by the company and they will ask you for some information to process the payment, such as your name and surname, identification number, debit or credit card number, card security code and invoice number to pay.

Now to pay the electricity service is very fast and with several options available to avoid the cut or a fenezca for non-payment.

It is so easy that you perro do it from the comfort of your home or go to one of the authorized offices and using any financial instrument you have available.

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 How to pay for Electricity with Card
  How to pay for Electricity with Card
  How to pay for Electricity with Card

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