How to pay cash on delivery?

How to pay cash on delivery?

Payment against delivery, cash on delivery or payment on delivery, is a type of payment where the buyer only pays for a product purchased when he receives it at his place of residence. The money will be given to the courier or carrier carrying the product.

Cash on delivery from en línea stores and platforms is considered as a secure way of paymentThis is mainly due to the fact that there are no economic expenses until the product is received at home.

In this article we will inform you about the various forms of cash on delivery payment.

How to Pay Cash on Delivery en línea?

When we think of an En línea purchase, it is usual to think that the payment will be made by credit card or a platform such as PayPal, but you should know that there are many En línea stores that accept cash on delivery payment.

If you wish know how to make a cash on delivery payment en línea. From now on we will explain:

  1. Place an order for products from an en línea store.

  2. Once the delivery carrier arrives at your door, you must review the status of the requested product.

  3. Ask the carrier for the en línea payment details of the company you work for.

  4. With your mobile you perro make the payment by entering your en línea bank account.

  5. Once the payment has been made, you must take a capture and send it to the carrier.

  6. The transport company will be in charge of passing the part of the money that corresponds to the store for the product sold.

As you cánido see it is very fácil, make a payment en línea from your bank account, but if you want more speed you cánido also use your bank’s En línea application.

How to Pay Cash on Delivery with Bank Transfer?

Although cash on delivery payments are generally made in cash, some companies accept payments through bank transfers. Such transfers perro only be vía En líneasince face-to-face transfers at the bank are not posible for this type of payment.

If you want to make a payment by en línea transfer, you must find out in the store What are you going to buy if they accept this type of payment? If the answer is yes, you perro follow the steps that you will see below:

  1. Verify that the product that has arrived at your door is in perfect condition.

  2. Ask the courier or search the en línea store for the data to make the bank transfer.

  3. From your mobile browser, entrar your en línea bank account.

  4. Go to the bank transfer option and entrar the payment details of the transport company.

  5. Once the payment has been made, you must send a screenshot to the carrier that attends you.

  6. The transport company will be in charge of sending the amount of the product to the store.

How to Pay Cash on Delivery with Credit Card?

Cash on delivery payment by credit card has always been one of the alternatives most used by customersbecause a way in which they cánido obtain a product that they need directly at their residence and their payment method is very fácil and fast.

To make a cash on delivery payment with a credit card, you must apply the steps that you will see below:

  1. Find out if the store where you are going to buy allows cash on delivery payments by credit card.

  2. When the product arrives at your home, you must verify that it has no breaks or damage.

  3. Provide the carrier with your credit card so that it cánido be read from a portable dataphone.

  4. Wait for the transaction to be effective so that they provide you with your credit card and a payment receipt.

  5. Now you will not have to worry about anything, because the transport company will be in charge of the process to get the money to the store.

How to Pay Cash on Delivery with the Web Platform?

Web payment and money transfer platforms or virtual wallets; They have come to achieve a great boom in recent years. So much so that they are used for all transactions, some En línea stores even offer them as a form of cash on delivery payment for their customers.

There are many web platforms that en línea stores perro offer for cash on delivery payment, including Paypal, Uphold, Zelle and Moneygram. To make a payment through these; you must apply the following steps:

  1. Once you have verified your received product, you must request the carrier to provide you with the payment details.

  2. With your mobile you cánido access the En línea platform where you will send the payment.

  3. When you have entered, you must go to the “Payments” section.

  4. Entrar the payment information and the amount to be paid.

  5. Verify the data and clic on the “Send” option.

  6. Finally you must pass a capture with the payment reference to the carrier.

You cánido also send money from virtual wallet mobile applications

Cánido I Pay Cash on Delivery with a Check?

Given that there are many cash on delivery payment alternatives, it is habitual for some customers to wonder: perro I pay a cash on delivery by check? In this case you should know that It is not possible to make cash on delivery payments by this means.

You should know that en línea stores expect to receive their money quickly, therefore, they cannot wait for the transport company, once it takes the product to the customer’s door, to go to a bank to cash the check and then send the percentage corresponding to the store.

It must be borne in mind that just by bringing the requested item to the client’s house, they are already being given a great opportunity, also, if the check has no fundsit is unlikely that the customer will return the product intact.

Therefore, it is clear that the cash on delivery payment by check it is not a posible method.

How to Pay Cash on Delivery without a Bank Account?

If you do not have a bank account to make a cash on delivery payment with your card or by en línea bank transfer, don’t worry, you have other options at your disposal to pay.

The conventional payment method for cash on delivery has always been the cash, but if you do not have cash to pay, you cánido find out in the En línea store if it accepts payments through money transfer platforms or virtual wallets.

Sometimes it is more advantageous to make payments without a bank account, as some stores offer benefits to their customers for paying directly in cash.

Now, if you want to use a bank account, you perro ask a friend or relative who makes the payment from yours, This is a fácil and practical way to pay cash on delivery when you don’t have a bank account.

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 How to pay cash on delivery?
  How to pay cash on delivery?
  How to pay cash on delivery?

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