How to overcome fear in 10 steps and use

How to overcome fear in 10 steps and use

when we wonder how to overcome fearone of the first ideas that comes to mind is failure and its implications in our lives.

This is why in order to overcome fear, the first step we must take is to change the perspective we have regarding errors, and begin to use them to our advantage.

Unfortunately we have bought into the iniciativa that successful people are those who make fewer mistakes, so we keep asking ourselves how to overcome the fear of failing, of taking risks and thus avoiding the mistakes that are part of the process.

However, the reality is that we all make mistakes. Every day we assume new life lessons, learnings and teachings that make us better people.

Overcoming failures will make you successful:

Nobody likes to be wrong, the feeling of having failed is felt in the bones and makes us question if we are really good at what we do.

However, we must remember what it raises robert kiyosaki, “failure defeats losers and inspires winners”. So ask yourself how you will use these setbacks to learn how to overcome fear in your life.

This is why before explaining how to overcome fears, no matter what they are in your life, remember that mistakes and failures are part of your personal development, the process of maturing and growing as a person.

Feeling like you haven’t succeeded is a good indicator of success, study suggests:

Failure is synonymous with growth, it means that you are learning new things and considering different solutions which must be adjusted to reality. So this is positive.

According to recent research from Stanford University (studies 1, 2)feeling that you still have something to prove makes you keep fighting.

The fact that you feel like a failure, or that you have not achieved success, turns out to be a very good sign that you will achieve great things in life.

For this research, Stanford professor Szu-chi Huang and their colleagues asked 136 participants to play a game for money in which they had to memorize and then name a list of colors.

They not only monitored the performance of the jugadores, but also how seriously they took the competition and how successful they felt at different stages of the game.

The first thing they found was that complacency, that is, the feeling that you are already successful, condemned the participants during the game. If you feel like you’ve already made it, you’re much more likely to suffer a drop in motivation and lose the race in the last few miles.

“People who lead underestimate the effort they need to invest, therefore they slack off prematurely,” Professor Huang added in comments to the research.

Or put more clearly: Dissatisfaction is not entirely pleasant, but it keeps you hungry and focused on achieving success. Feeling like a failure has its emplees.

According to Stanford research, the important thing is not to compare yourself to what others have achieved (this would quickly kill motivation), but to focus on your own estándares by asking yourself if your performance and dedication meet your expectations.

In this way, you will be able to avoid complacency, which is one of the main enemies of success, and consequently, stop comparing yourself to what others do, which prevents you from achieving happiness.

Steps to learn how to overcome fear in life:

Once the importance of failure in life has been made clear, of the perspective that we must have in the face of mistakes, let’s look at what are the steps, or the mentality that we must have, to overcome fear.

These steps that you will see below have the purpose of making you understand that the errors are not the problem, but your mentality in front of them, the way you assume the difficult moments and finally overcome them:

1. Trying something new involves risks:

Some of the keys to learning how to overcome fear, it is accepting that every time you try something new you will be taking new risks, you are looking to get out of your comfort zone and this is something positive.

When you learn to see every attempt in your life as a way to gain experience, you not only overcome the fear that comes with it, but you gain a growth mindset that will open many doors for you.

Now, it’s no secret that it’s human to feel horrible when you’ve made a mistake, and even more so when something matters to you, however, you must remember that having done it espectáculos that you are trying to change something.

So learn the life lesson that risk you took left you, which made you stronger and showed you that learning how to overcome fear is a process that depends on your mentality.

2. We have all failed, and we all want to overcome our fears:

Errors are inherent to human beings and there is no guide to face life without them in the equation. Only through “trial and fallo” will we be able to grow and achieve success.

Even if you have already achieved a certain level of success in your life, to get to the next step you are going to have to take a new risk, and along with it, the possibility of being wrong.

Surely your quest to learn how to overcome fears is associated with your fear of growing and evolving. And for this, there is only one way: try new things, make mistakes, learn and try again.

The successful people you admire have understood this; they understand that with their actions, mistakes and learning they are building their own road to success. In addition, they are aware that we will all make mistakes at some point.

3. Share your fears with your support network:

One of the keys to learning to overcome fears is to surround yourself with those people who represent your support network, those who are there for you and in whom you fully trust.

In general, when we make a mistake or fail, it is habitual to feel that we have disappointed many people and ourselves, so we withdraw and prefer to remain silent.

Why are we doing this?

Due to our personality and fear of disappointing others. In a society where success is seen as the opposite of failure, and only achievements are recognized and the process to reach them is not important, it is habitual for us to make these types of decisions.

However, if we want to learn how to overcome fear and we want to build a lifestyle according to our life purpose, we have to have a broad and open perspective to share our failures with others.

When you talk to someone who has already gone through the same thing, you not only bring out the pain that you carry inside, but you also have wise ears and experienced words as interlocutors.

Go ahead and find someone and tell them your problems. Two people thinking of a solution are more likely to find it.

4. It’s not about the mistakes, but about your attitude:

One of the most common moments when we feel fear is when we are faced with something new. In general, these scenarios are prone to go wrong and fail, since we are exposing ourselves to something different.

The question is with what perspective you interpret these situations. Mistakes or successes, as such, do not define who you are or where you are going. It is your attitude towards these moments that will define whether you are successful or not.

Remember that it is your mentality that will lead you to success, not the situations.
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For example, if we look at great businessmen throughout history such as thomas edison, who did not fail but found 10 thousand ways that did not work; or Henry Ford, who saw failure as a great opportunity to start over with more intelligence.

People who succeeded in life overcame the fear of failure since they understood that their life does not depend so much on the situations they face but on their attitude and behavior towards them.

5. Think about what you perro do differently:

Learning how to overcome the fear of failure requires that you look beyond the mistake.

It is possible that in the past you have made a mistake, or you have failed, however it is time to stop looking back and start making new decisions based on what you learned.

As he suggested Albert einstein “If you want different results, do not do the same”. So ask yourself, what are you going to do to try again? What cánido you change to achieve your purpose?

When you are certain that no matter how many times you fail you are going to try again, your search for how to overcome fear is over.

6. Wanting to overcome fear is for brave people:

Not everyone is willing to get out of the mold, out of the routine and overcome their own fears to try something new.

This is why you should feel happiness when you are wrong, because you are brave enough to try something that may fail.

This doesn’t orinan you have to learn how to overcome fearit means that you are willing to step over it to face a new opportunity in your life.

Cases like that of Jack Mathe founder of Alibaba who was rejected 10 times by Harvard University, espectáculos us the importance of resilience, of having the willpower to live and overcome failures, which are undoubtedly part of the path to success.

7. Calmly analyze the situation, ask yourself what you did wrong:

Credit: Shutterstock

Knowledge is power, and to learn how to overcome fearIt is key to have as much information as possible.

Generally, when we make a mistake, we tend to think that we did everything wrong, when on many occasions there were good performances.

Rather, have the emotional intelligence to objectively look at your mistakes, analyze what worked, what went wrong, and what were the lessons learned.

When we make a mistake, it is very easy to think that everything we did was wrong, however it turns out that not everything was a mistake, and that on many occasions we did the right thing and had good answers.

Analyze your mistakes and find your weaknesses:

As we mentioned, to overcome the fear of failure, the information is quite useful. So we invite you to do the following exercise:

Make a list as your mistakes or with those things that you think perro be improved. Analyze in each scenario what went wrong.

Could it have been your attitude, fear, lack of analysis, inexperience? For each erroneous behavior you must have an explanation and a solution, which does not orinan having a justification and its respective blame on someone else.

Remember that the first step is to accept that we did something wrong, so if you continue to think that the reason why you failed is beyond your responsibility, it will be difficult for you to overcome this failure or overcome your fears.

8. To overcome your fears, remember the reasons why you started:

When we fail we tend to forget the reason why we did things. That is, there is so much frustration and pain that we easily forget our motivation and commitment.

We prefer to focus on how bad we feel and not on the things we really want. We lock ourselves in on mistakes and failure, passing up new opportunities to try again.

So once you understand what you were wrong about and what you did wrong, and you make the necessary corrective measures, turn the page and focus again on how you are going to achieve your goals.

Don’t let the fear of failure make you forget why you tried. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t make it the first time, if you keep your purpose and you’re doing something you’re passionate about, sooner or later you’ll find a way to make it happen.

9. Be patient to do things again:

Anxiety cánido lead you to make bad decisions, so be patient and analyze the new scenario first.

This does not orinan that you stay planning and waiting for the perfect moment to act. This will never happen, so you must act based on your experience.

Patience, combined with experience and the desire to fulfill your purpose, are a very effective elabora to learn how to overcome fear.

Refering to patiencewe orinan taking things easy, not making hasty decisions and looking for life advice to help you start over, but applying what you have learned.

10. Mistakes are a source of growth:

It is natural to want to learn how to overcome fear. However, it is the difficult moments, when we are wrong, which force us to seek that inner willpower to get ahead.

As difficult as it may be, you must have the confidence that the things that happen have their reason for being, and although we often do not understand the reason why they happened, with time everything will fall into place.

Failures, disappointments and difficult moments in general represent an opportunity to do things differently.

The saying goes well that when one door closes, many others open; It is up to you what you want to focus on: the closed door or the new opportunities.

So stop thinking about failure as if it were the end, if you still haven’t found the meaning, there is still something pending to happen.

Accept failures, and overcome your fears:

If you really want to learn how to overcome fear, no matter what it is, you must understand that the problem is not the failures as such, but the way you accept them and respond to them.

It is habitual to feel bad when you are wrong, feeling afraid is something human, but giving up on your projects and dreams is not the most sensible alternative after having been wrong.

They made us curious, and that curiosity will lead us to success, however, failure is also part of this process.

Mistakes are a reflection of this curiosity and our willingness to improve, so don’t take them in a bad way and make them part of your process.

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 How to overcome fear in 10 steps and use
  How to overcome fear in 10 steps and use
  How to overcome fear in 10 steps and use

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