How to obtain the Certificate of Participation

How to obtain the Certificate of Participation

It is necessary that education systems have a good structure and that they are well established in order to ensure that development is achieved effectively and efficiently.

In the same way as in other countries in the world, Venezuela has an organization that is in charge of managing the educational system.

This body is one of the great pillars that must work in order to sustain socioeconomic development.

Its about Ministry of Educationbeing the entity that is in charge of managing everything related to education within the country.

However, the University Ámbito Planning Office (OPSU) I also develop a very important job related to the education that the population receives.

It is the entity in charge of manage university quotas.

Here you will find all the information you may need about everything related to the opsu Certificate Of Participation, as well as all the necessary requirements for this procedure.

How to get the OPSU Certificate of Participation?

You will be happy to know that the process to be able request the OPSU Certificate of Participation it’s really fácil.

So, if you have enough information to do it, you just have to remember that you must have the approval of the institute of secondary studies.

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On the other hand, This document is delivered once you have registered in the system.

Keep in mind that the entire process is done from the internet, so it cánido be much easier and more comfortable for you.

Step by Step

Before starting the process to request the certificate of participation, you must take into account that the process has to start from the last year of high school and not after.

Now we will guide you step by step so that you perro make the request without many complications.

  1. To begin with, the institute in which you are studying your baccalaureate will have to provide OPSU with a list of student correos electrónicos in order for them to start with the pre-registration process from student aprecies.
  2. After the pre-registration has been done, you will have to wait for receive an dirección de correo electrónico in which your password will be indicated to be able to entrar the National Income System (SNI).

    Once the registration process has been completely formalized, you will be able to entrar the OPSU website using the data provided.

  3. To entrar the OPSU portal you will use the correo electrónico and password that were registered in the SNI.

    When you are inside the porta you will have to fill out some information forms very fácil, which are usually about your family’s socioeconomic information.

  4. When you have finished this registration process on the OPSU portal, you will be given two options: choose a university degree and another for the issuance of a certificate of participation.
  5. At this point you will simply have to choose the option of your interest and then a archivo will be downloaded with your OPSU certificate of participation.

Keep in mind that in order to get the OPSU certificate of participation you have to participate in the raffle for university places.

In this contest you perro opt for a university center.

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How to register in the OPSU?

In order to register on the OPSU website, all you have to do, as we mentioned above, is complete the registration form in the SNI.

With the data you provided on that platform, the registration will be made within the OPSU system.

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So the only thing you have to do once you are inside the OPSU portal is to complete the registration.

You will only have to give your personal information and complete a very fácil questionnaire with questions about your socioeconomic status.

This is of great importance within the university quota rafflesince people who have few resources have priority to be able to entrar public universities.

What is OPSU?

OPSU are the acronyms of University Campo Planning Officebeing the organism that is in charge of helping the National Council of Universities.

The OPSU was created to be able to help in the administration, in the creation of policies, strategies and in everything that is related to the university.

So it is the entity that is in charge of create and evaluate plans for the development of higher education.

Likewise, it functions as a body that is in charge of managing the different methods focused on achieving a better distribution of academic vacancies.

Likewise, it also functions as the body in charge of measuring the educational needs of the population.

This at the same time that it proposes different alternatives to improve higher education.

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What is the OPSU Certificate of Participation and what is it for?

Finally, we are going to answer one of the most common questions that students who must apply for the OPSU Participation Certificate usually have.

This certificate is issued to be able to check the aprecies that students obtained from 1st to 5th year. However, at the same time it serves as a proof that the student participated in the raffle carried out by the organization to grant academic vacancies.

Thus, through this certificate you perro formalize the registration to universities, both public and private.

Now you know what it is for and what the OPSU Participation Certificate is, as well as the steps you have to follow to obtain it.

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 How to obtain the Certificate of Participation
  How to obtain the Certificate of Participation
  How to obtain the Certificate of Participation

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