How to obtain the Certificate of Health in

How to obtain the Certificate of Health in

Health criteria are often required when applying for a job or activity.

For this reason, a certificate proving that it is in perfect condition is an important and necessary document.

In this article we will espectáculo you how to obtain the health certificate in Venezuela.

What is a health certificate?

A health certificate is an official document that describes a person’s state of health.

These documents must be signed by a health professional to be legitimate, and are often used to certify that someone is free of contagious diseases, drug addiction, mental illness, or other problems.

In the context of insurance, health certificates cánido be used in both life insurance and health insurance.

In other cases, they are required to obtain a job or to entrar a study house.

A health certificate must be written by a doctor and always espectáculos the official results of a physical examination.

In addition, they include your name, address, the date the exam was taken, and the date the certificate was issued.

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Recommendations to request the health certificate

In Venezuela, as in other countries in the world, you must follow certain steps and meet some prerequisites to process the health certificate.

Here are some recommendations on how to obtain a health certificate in Venezuela:

1- Go to the health center, outpatient unit or Health office where the procedure will be carried out.

Investigate the hours of attention to the public and what are the requirements that you must present to process the health certificate.

2- With this information, schedule the day to carry out the procedure and go to the health center a few hours before the start of the day, to prevent any eventuality.

3- They will take your data and perform some tests.

Once your certificate is delivered to you, we recommend that you make a copy of it and keep the original in a safe place.

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4- Do not forget any requirements, if this happens it is possible that they will not process the certificate.

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Requirements for the certificate request

A health certificate in Venezuela is processed in the units or health centers arranged for that and it is necessary to go to the place with certain mandatory requirements, these include:

1- Vaccination card showing that you are immunized against Toxoid, Hepatitis “B”, Trivalent and yellow fever.

A copy of it is not accepted, it must be the original card.

2- The ladies must present the report of the last cytology, it must be less than 12 months old.

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3- Report or proof of the physical examination performed.

4- Results of the urine and feces test, less than ten days old.

5- VDRL test less than six months old.

This test is performed in order to verify the presence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

6- A passport-type photograph, on photographic paper, white background, current and where the entire face perro be seen, without accessories that cover it.

7- Entendible copy of the identity card.

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8- Copy of the food handling certificate.

Only for people who work in this area.

9- Authorization signed with a copy of the identity card of the legal representative, if under eighteen years of age.

Note: All exams must be carried out in a recognized health center, with a valid signature and stamp, but above all current and original.

Copies of any study are not accepted.

These health centers cánido be private or public, as long as they comply with the respective regulations and estándares.

Steps to follow to obtain the health certificate

First of all, it meets the requirements indicated above and organizes it in a folder so that the process is much faster and more orderly.

Then follow the instructions below:

1- Go to the health center arranged and certified by the Ministry of Habitual Power for Health to process and issue the certificate.

2- We recommend arriving very early, in some places they assign a certain amount of numbers daily and it is in order of arrival.

Going to the place early allows you to solve any eventuality that arises and also speeds up the process.

3- Once they give you the corresponding number to be attended, wait and, when appropriate, deliver all the receipts to the person in charge.

4-It is possible that they will deliver the certificate the same day or tell you when to pick it up.

Where do you get the certificate?

Generally, the health certificate in Venezuela is managed in the offices and health units of your city, you should investigate which is the closest to your home.

It is very frequent that there is a dependency for each sanitary district, made up of a part of the municipality, including their respective parishes.

On the other hand, the different tests requested cánido be carried out in public or private medical centers, as long as they are authorized and recognized by the Ministry of Health for that purpose.

Cost of the procedure

In Venezuela, obtaining the health certificate does not imply any cost, being in this aspect very easy to process with respect to other documents.

The investment of money depends on where it is decided to carry out the medical examinations, if they are public or private centers and other expenses for photocopies, photographs, among others.

What is the difference between the medical certificate and the health certificate?

Some people tend to confuse the medical certificate with the health certificate and although they are two procedures related to their physical condition, they have different objectives or purposes.

The medical certificate is a document or certificate prepared and issued by a doctor, it certifies and attests to the health condition of the applicant, at the time it is being processed.

It usually contains information related to your blood group, visual conditions, etcétera.

It is generally valid for three years and is usually a requirement for the controlador’s license process.

On the other hand, the health certificate states that the applicant is healthy or, on the contrary, has conditions or pathologies.

This document reflects information regarding vaccinations, state of urine and feces, respiratory diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, infections.

This certificate is valid for one year and is issued by the health authority of your community, with the signature of the corresponding official and the respective seal.

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 How to obtain the Certificate of Health in
  How to obtain the Certificate of Health in
  How to obtain the Certificate of Health in

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