How to monitor your health at home

How to monitor your health at home

One of the advantages of working from home is the benefit of additional time, without the need to commute or worry about getting ready.

That same convenience perro be applied when you manage your health from home.

It perro be a huge time saver, not having to travel to the doctor’s office, clinic, etcétera.

Things like heart rate cánido be checked with a wearable device, and the internet makes it very easy to look up medical symptoms.

As long as we take it to this level, we too perro jump in with both feet and do even more to manage our health at home, for the ultimate in convenience.


You cánido get kits to help you monitor your health in your own home to avoid a visit to the doctor.

Some of the equipment has always been around, some of it is only recently available through technology, and some has simply been updated.

Blood pressure and blood oxygen monitors

Blood pressure and blood oxygen monitors have always been available, although they have not always been used by everyone.

For some, their health depends on knowing their current blood pressure or blood oxygen level, and traveling to the doctor’s office or the pharmacy cánido be a hassle.

These aren’t bad elementos to keep on hand just in case, even if you don’t currently need them.

Both have many options on Amazon, including some that send results to an aplicación.


CPAP machine

There seems to be a growing trend of people not being able to sleep without ventilator support.

You may have a tough day ahead of you, unable to concentrate, which means you won’t get much done, if you don’t get a good night’s sleep.

Sometimes special mouth guards perro help with this, but often those who have sleep apnea need the use of a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure).

While in some countries you will need a prescription to buy a CPAP machine and accessories en línea, they are readily available.

Modern versions of these machines connect vía Wi-Fi to send your stats to your doctor, and cánido also send them to an aplicación.

That way, you perro check your progress and see how much the device has been helping you without ever leaving your home.

Bathroom scales

If there is one thing that many people fear when they go to the doctor, it is having to get on the scale.

Obviously, it is more accurate than the ones at home.

But you perro get that same accuracy with a digital scale at home and save yourself the surprise of what your current weight is.

In addition to being digital, you cánido also get one that inputs the information into an aplicación on your phone.

Along with weight, digital scales cánido also track your BMI and percentage of muscle, fat, and water.

It perro give you the benefit of seeing all of this information in one place so that you cánido track it much more easily on your own.

I have used the Greater Goods Scale for the past four years and have had very few problems.

You cánido use it with an aplicación or without it.



The fitness trackersSmart watches and the like cánido keep track of much of your health information, and they’re starting to appear.

Whether you get a Fitbit, an Apple Watch, or something on a different operating system, you cánido track not only your fitness details, but also your heart rate, ECG, blood oxygen percentage, and much more, including your mental health.


These portable devices continue to do more and more, saving you the trip to see a doctor and check your escencial signs.

The most habitual in recent years has been the Apple Watch.



With this deluge of information coming to us from computers, especially those that are digitally connected, we don’t want to forget about the Internet.

Not only cánido it be beneficial for providing general information, but you perro also find details about your personal health.

It will save you time and give you more peace of mind.

Find health professionals

The Internet cánido be a fantastic source for finding medical professionals.

Although at one time we all went to the doctor in our neighborhood, who assigned us a specialist and we did not question it, things have changed.

We all have a GP, and our insurance dictates which specialist we go to.

But,how do we trust them? Save yourself time and hassle by easily googling healthcare professionals.

You cánido also check them out on Healthgrades, which will espectáculo you profiles of certain doctors, with reviews, or let you search by specialist and address.

look for symptoms

While this practice is probably the bane of every doctor’s existence, you cánido also Google plus your symptoms to see what treatment options you have.

However, it may be too much information.

Take it from someone who had leukemia: everything I researched just scared me.

I had to stop searching for my sanity as the information was starting to make me question if I would make it.

It’s not good for your physical or mental health to have that kind of thing hanging over your head.

However, a website like WebMD allows you to look up your symptoms, research diseases and treatments, and much more, giving you peace of mind while you wait to see a doctor for a professional opinion.

WebMD Symptom Finder

Get in touch with the support group

Fb is attacked from all angles, but one thing it’s particularly adept at is bringing people together.

There are closed groups for every topic under the sun, and this includes medical support groups.

Supporting those who truly understand cánido go a long way for your mental health.

You perro find support for your especial illness by giving you lots of information and support.

Of course, there are other sources for groups as well, but it turns out that Fb is the easiest to reach.

Support groups on Fb

Medical records

You may not realize it, but many of your medical records are available en línea.

You do not have to drive to the doctor’s office or hospital to pick up your records.

Your doctor or hospital will usually send you an correo electrónico with instructions on how to access your records.

This cánido be through an aplicación or on the web.

It will include various information such as past illnesses, tests, immunizations, hospitalizations, doctor or hospital visits, medications, etcétera.

It really is a wealth of information that is available at your fingertips.

To end

You cánido bring it all together and monitor your health at home in one place.

You cánido do this on your computer, but that may require additional steps to transfer the information.

A great point to do this is on your phone.

iPhones include the Health aplicación that includes health, medical, and fitness information, while many Android manufacturers offer a afín aplicación.

Many of your devices cánido be equipo up to send the information directly to the aplicación.

And the aplicaciones cánido also connect to hospitals and labs to get your results and escencial signs to once again save you the time of having to make that trip.

Once you start to monitor your own health at home, you will be able to take control of it and make more informed decisions.

You’ll save time, be healthier, and have better mental health with less anxiety.

All it takes is some organization to escoge what information you want under your control.

With all of that taken care of, you cánido also create your own routine that works for you, so you cánido still be in control of your life.

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 How to monitor your health at home
  How to monitor your health at home
  How to monitor your health at home

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