How to monetize your own Podcast?

How to monetize your own Podcast?

A Podcast It is a widely used marketing tool today. Consists in digital publications periodicals in audio or vídeo with specific content to capture a especial audience and that perro be downloaded from the Internet or published on your website.

If you want to undertake digitally and monetize your passions with creating podcasts, you are reading the right article. Here you will learn how to generate income, while your audience increases.

Monetize a Podcast with Sponsorships

Using your podcast with sponsorships It is one of the most used techniques to generate income.

Many entrepreneurs use this format to advertise their brands and increase their sales.

When your podcast reaches a certain prestige, it is the right time to establish alliances with brands sponsors who support you financially to generate new and creative content.

When you are making your podcast you should only promote the product, service or brand in a way that the audience wants to buy what you are offering.

There are several brands that are willing to pay for advertising In this format, you just have to have a good number of followers and offer quality products.

Monetize a Podcast with Advertising Spots

The ones of the advertising wedges is a technique in which an ad is inserted at the beginning, middle, or end of the podcast.

The advertising time is chosen strategically so that the usuario perro know or remember the product or service.

Normally, while people are listening to the audio, they are doing something else.

Therefore, one of the most effective ways of introduce the ad is in the middle timebecause whoever is listening will not be able to advance the audio.

If you include commercials at the beginning of your podcast, the person listening to it perro skip ahead to the ad you’re promoting and not hear it.

The same happens with the ads at the end, 80% of people they don’t get to fully listen to the episodetherefore they will not hear what you are promoting.

Monetize a Podcast Through Platforms

Once your podcast is recorded with unique and quality content, the next step is to upload it to a platform so that it perro be heard by many people.

There are many options to upload your podcast and we will tell you which are the most used:

  • Spotify: is one of the most habitual aplicaciones to upload your podcasts and reach a large number of followers.

  • iVoox: is a Spanish platform that focuses on audio in general, it allows its users to play, download and share audios of all kinds of themes and genres.

  • Youtube: It is a very habitual option and the most ideal if your podcast is in vídeo format.

    Being very famous, the reach of your brand cánido reach many people.

  • Anchor: It is a good choice to upload your content, and it has gained some popularity in the world, since it allows you to monetize your podcast.

  • google plus podcast: It’s a huge and trendy platform where you perro upload your content.

  • Apple Podcasts: It is also another option to monetize your podcast and reach Apple users.

  • Sprinkler: is one of the options that is associated with Spotify, and allows you to easily create and distribute your content.

  • soundcloud: it’s still a pretty solid platform to host your podcast and promote it.

Several of these platforms allow you to monetize the episodes in exchange for ads and commercials.

Monetize a Podcast with Affiliate Marketing

One of the ways to generate income is by using affiliate marketing.

It works in a very fácil way, you just have to create a special backlink so that people perro clic on it and you earn a commission for each registration or sale made through the backlink or discount coupons.

Amazon is one of the platforms that works with affiliate marketing.

You must promote stores, products, services or courses in your podcasts and you will earn money without having to use sponsors, just promoting third party products.

Monetize a Podcast through Donations

This is one of the most common ways of raise funds for your podcast.

You just have to promote correctly in your episodes and ask your listeners for a donation that you cánido thank by creating exclusive content in the form of thanks.

It is the most recommended if you belong to an organization or foundation seeking financial aid to keep its functions active.

One of the platforms that use this method is patreon, where you perro offer different packages depending on the donation or create a PayPal account to request the income.

Other ways to Earn Money with a Podcast

Other ways to monetize your podcast is creating premium content.

Once you create your personal brand and have a large number of followers, you cánido offer exclusive content in exchange for a small monetary contribution.

iVoox has a seguidor subscription program that allows podcasters receive economic contributions of the subscribers.

Endor’s Orbit, DEX or Mucho más Allí de la Situación are some of the podcasts that use this system to generate income, all you have to do is have a large number of subscribers.

Another way to earn money using podcasts is promote your own websiteproduct, course, brand,… through advertisements or simply by talking about the characteristics of your product, its benefits or quality, among others.

You just have to create an attractive advertising format so that you perro increase your sales.

Creating a podcast cánido be a bit difficult for many, but if you are a professional and know all the ways to create content, you cánido offer your knowledge to those who are starting and don’t know how this works.

One of the newer ways to make money with podcasts is creating seguidor events.

There are platforms like Meetup, Verkami either eventbrite that allow you to create events with payment interaction.

One of these events was the Days of podcasting 2018 in La capital española.

How could you read in this article, there are many ways to generate income using podcasts, you just have to create unique and quality content.

Here is an easy tutorial on how to create them:

The podcasts that have the most reach now are thematic ones, where you select a specific habitual topic and create amazing content.

Do not wait any longer, and start!

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 How to monetize your own Podcast?
  How to monetize your own Podcast?
  How to monetize your own Podcast?

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