How to monetize your iVoox profile

How to monetize your iVoox profile

The incredible iVoox platform is a space where you perro publish, listen, share and download audio. It is one of the most used platforms to publish podcasts, audiobooks, conferences and even small concerts. But this is not the only thing you perro do on this network, too perro earn money.We will tell you how to do it.

Monetize IVoox with Seguidor Subscription

Seguidor subscriptions are microfinance programs with which you perro monetize your content on iVoox. They allow listeners become funders of your podcast, contributing the economic amount that they wish.

If your content is of quality and you create strong bonds with your audience, you perro use this method.

your entusiastas they perro finance your projects and, as a result, they will continue to enjoy your content, and you will continue to genera them.

Also, to thank them for their support, you cánido create content specially dedicated to them as a token of appreciation.

Monetize IVoox Through Sponsorships

Create ads for promote products from third parties it’s been done for years.

Monetizing your account through sponsorships cánido generate good income. There are many brands in the market that are willing to pay to gain space in a quality podcast that has a large number of followers.

sponsorship revolutionize the world of advertising through audio.

Getting your listeners to want to buy the product you promote is the key to this method.

You must create custom ads of the product or services that you offer and that reach the public in a captivating way so that they want to buy it and thus earn money.

Your earnings depend on the sales made with the ads and the agreement you made with the owner of the product.

The more followers you have, the greater it is you sales opportunity.

Monetize IVoox with Ads

Advertising spots are an advertising format strategically placed within the audio.

The goal is for the listener to hear the ad and remember the product or service What are you promoting? They are usually included at the beginning, middle or end of the audio.

Some factors that influence advertising spots are the locution, music and sound effects.

Remember that if you make a good announcement, the listener will remember the product you promoted during the audio and, if it seems interesting, maybe i will buy it.

Monetize IVoox with Affiliate Marketing

A habitual way to make money these days is through affiliate marketing programs.

All you have to do is promote products from other businesses, and when someone buys through a affiliate backlink, you will earn a commission for that purchase.

These backlinks will be strategically placed on your page and will include an affiliate code provided by the same advertiser. With each clic that a usuario makes you help to make a sale and you perro earn money.

A very beneficial thing about affiliate marketing is that you cánido promote different products from different businesses and earn commissions for all of them.

Your sales will be recorded every time a customer clicks on the backlink you placed, in this way a record of sales and profits will be kept.

Monetize IVoox through Donations

Sometimes it is difficult to keep your projects active, that’s why iVoox created a new functionality with which cánido monetize a podcast with donations. You just have to configure your account from your private area in a few fácil steps.

First, you must go to donation management and register your PayPal account. Make sure your account is verified to receive payments.

Second, you have to select those podcasts in which you want to activate the option for your listeners and that they perro collaborate financially.

So that your followers perro know that they have the option to donate, beam small ads explaining the possibility of financing your projects.

And, to thank you, you cánido make special podcasts, created specifically As a sign of gratitude for your colaboration.

Other ways to Earn Money with IVoox

On the iVoox platform, there are other ways to monetize your account; as iVooxOriginals.

It consists of an exclusive contract. The company is willing to pay good podcasters an amount that cánido vary between 200 and 400 euros per month in exchange for them the content is only found in iVoox.

This option is not open to all podcasters, only those with sufficient popularity within the platform will be selected. But, with determination, you could belong to this select group.

Another way to earn money with iVoox is articulo premium content.

Once you have built your personal brand, it is possible to offer special content and, in return, your listeners could make a monetary contribution.

For this option to be substantiated, you will need to create very special content and have enough followers who are willing to pay for premium content.

The key to success on the iVoox platform is in create unique, creative and special content so that your listeners are loyal followers of your podcasts and, as your brand grows, you cánido implement these ways to monetize your account.

Thus, your work will have financial support and you will be able to continue producing great projects.

Do you want to know a little more about making money on iVoxx? Sure you do, here we leave you this vídeo:

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 How to monetize your iVoox profile
  How to monetize your iVoox profile
  How to monetize your iVoox profile

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