How to monetize your Gameplays and other ways

How to monetize your Gameplays and other ways

if you love play videogamesyou should know that they now exist ways to earn money with the Gameplay industry. What better way to earn money than doing what you love? you cánido use these platforms to generate incomeand here you will learn how to do it.

Monetize Gameplays with the most habitual games

The vídeo game industries have been advancing over the years.

With the new creations of vídeo games, it is becoming easier play and earn money at the same time. Some of these vídeo games offer different ways to earn money.

Do you want to know what they are? Surely yes, let’s start…

League of Legends

The habitual videogame League of Legends, Also known by its acronym “LoL”, it is an en línea game that has a large number of followers since its launch.

The objective of the jugadores is to protect their own base while on the map the bases of the enemies are located in order to destroy them.

Also, depending on the level, you will have to accomplish certain missions to destroy your opponents.

Being an en línea game, you cánido interact with people and provide them with a service where you teach them how to improve their plays through a YouTube channel or Stream.

This is one very fun way to earn money. You cánido create a channel on any of these platforms and create very diverse themes.

With published content, you perro add little ones advertisement of the platforms and earn money with it.

You perro also include subscriptions or donations, which cánido be very lucrative.


He amazing vídeo game Goldentowns is a game where the player must create his own city and make it grow, managing resources, constructing buildings, organizing attacks or defenses, trading,…

This game includes resources such as meat, vegetables, wood, stone, iron, clay and gold, which will help you build the city. The most valuable resource is gold, and you perro exchange it for real money. To earn it you must create gold mines.

This money is not paid by the page, but by people called “Resellers”, who have paid a license to the owners of the game to be able to buy and sell gold in Goldentowns.

To request the payment, you have to clic on the menu above, where it says “Gold”, and then on the “Trade” tab, there you will find the different sellers and the prices they pay for gold.

If you clic on the “Details” button, you will see the payment methods they use and you cánido choose if you want to buy or sell gold.


The famous Runescape game allows jugadores to participate in a fantasy world where they perro do whatever they want.

Characters perro perform various activities, such as training a skill, fighting monsters, participating in quests, playing a mini-game, or socializing with other jugadores.

This game has been designed so that they cánido be played two combat mechanics“Legacy” or “Regular”, a concept also known as “EOC” (Evolution of Combat).

Legacy mode is the traditional combat mechanics, while the regular mechanics offer a new estándar feel afín to other games like MMORPGs or Blizzard’s World of Warcraft.

There are several ways to make money in runscape: cut down magical trees and sell them for 1K each, gamble in the dueling arena, hunt dragons and kill them and then sell their skin and bones, carry out special missions…

Monetize all kinds of Gameplays through the Platforms

Vídeo game content is habitual on all platforms like Fb, YouTube, Twitch, weblogs or Twitter.

it’s possible offer content from any game and monetize it. You cánido include live broadcasts, consejos, live matches and much more.

Monetize GamePlays with Twitch

With the Twitch platform (the most habitual) you perro monetize your vídeo games vía uso contínuo, creating content like live broadcasts, consejos, techniques and much more. You just have to create an account and meet some basic requirements.

There are two forms of monetization in twitch: the affiliate program and partners. With both, you cánido obtain economic benefits depending on the number of followers you have and visits to your channel.

To belong to the Twitch affiliate program you must meet some requirements:

  • Stream at least 8 hours in the last 30 days.

  • Have an average of 4 viewers simultaneously with each transmission.

  • Stream for 7 days the last 30 days.

  • Have at least 50 followers.

Once you meet the requirements, you will receive an invitation in your dirección de correo electrónico to belong to the affiliate program, which will appear on the achievements page.

By clicking, you will receive a welcome correo electrónico that will redirect you to a configuration page.

Once there, you will have to entrar your data, accept the contract agreements, provide tax data to Amazon and choose the payment method by which you will receive the money.

The other method is he Twitch partnerswhich consists of working with streamings.

You will receive a payment for each ad viewed by your followers. With each ad that you include in your content, when seen by users, you will earn a commission that will be paid to your channel.

In order to be part of this community you must meet these requirements:

  • Have more of 500 followers simultaneously with your channel.

  • stream regularly 4 times a week.

  • Have content that fits the guidelines and terms of the Copyright Law of the Digital Age.

If you want to request the payment you earned from advertising, you must wait 45 days or have a minimum of $100 in your account to request payment.

Monetize Gameplays with the sale of Developed Accounts

If you are an expert in gaming, you cánido create an account on any platform and articulo original and eye-catching content that attracts a large following.

That is a more advanced level, but after achieving this objective and having a fully developed channel, you perro sell it to another person who wants to make money publishing vídeo game content and doesn’t want to start from scratch, or just wants to already have a seguidor base.

It’s a way to make money fast (and a lot), but you must have reached this point. You’ll probably have a hard time getting rid of your channel at that point anyway. And it may not be the smartest option either… Unless you want to focus more on other projects.

Why are there buy-sell channels? Many entrepreneurs they prefer to buy these accounts that already have many followers to start publishing their content having already an audience that cánido see it and provide them with profit.

Monetize gameplays Participating in Tournaments

Vídeo game tournaments are the most habitual in the world.

During the year, great jugadores are selected and are challenged to participate in these tournaments by competing against each other. The winner apart from win the title of Best player, also gets a monetary prize.

These tournaments are often organized by vídeo game industries that advertise their games. They perro also be organized by other organizations that select these jugadores and put them to compete for the prize.

Monetize gameplays with In-Game Betting

In the world of vídeo games, tournaments are becoming more recognized, and millions of people become fanes. Some, taking advantage of this fanaticism, and replicating sports betting, created the bets to win money.

You perro place these bets on pages specifically created for this, but before placing your bet make sure that it is completely safe (remember that you must be over 18 years of age to do so).

Another time to place bets is during tournaments. You and other jugadores cánido bet an amount of money and the winner will take the prize.

These matches perro attract millions of viewers who perro join these bets and as a plus, you cánido take advantage of this audience to advertise your channel and increase your followers.

Do you dare to go for it?

Since the world of vídeo games is so big, there are many ways to earn money.

Some of them are seguidor subscriptions or donations.

In both, you will receive monetary commissions sent by your followers so you cánido keep publishing your content and, as a thank you, you could create special content for them.

If you are a seguidor of vídeo games, what are you waiting for to earn money by putting your knowledge and skills into practice doing what you like the most?

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 How to monetize your Gameplays and other ways
  How to monetize your Gameplays and other ways
  How to monetize your Gameplays and other ways

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