How to monetize vídeos on Vimeo

How to monetize vídeos on Vimeo

The renowned platform Vimeo is a network where users perro share your vídeos. Many professionals select this platform to upload their projects and be able to espectáculo the world their work. Next, you will learn how to publish your vídeos while earning money with Vimeo.

Monetize Vimeo with Consejo Jar or Donations

If you want to monetize your Vimeo account, you must first choose your account type.

You have two options: the pro account and the Agregado account.

Both work with the Consejo Jar monetization method.

The Consejo Jar option allows followers to do monetary donations to the owner of the Vimeo account so that he perro finance his content and users continue to enjoy your publications.

The creators of the vídeo will receive 85% of the profits from the donations.

Monetize Vimeo with Pay Per View

The Pay per View service consists of put up a pay wall on your channel so that in order to watch your vídeos, followers must pay for access to the content.

To activate this option you must have a Pro Account.

This platform allows creators personalized options to sell their projects and vídeo content to their audience directly.

The creator will be able to place, among others, the price, the duration of the rental and the geographical distribution that he wants.

For this method to be successful and for the audience to be willing to pay to see your content, you content must be completely original and creative.

Monetize Vimeo with Sponsored Posts

Vimeo is a very habitual platform, so it is possible to monetize your account by creating sponsored posts.

This consists in create an ad specific to a product, brand or service, for which the company is willing to pay and appear in your publications.

The Vimeo platform differs from YouTube in that the ads that we normally see during a vídeo on that platform do not appear.

In contrast, sponsored articulo modes are used differently on Vimeo.

Perro make special vídeos where these products appear or where you are simply using any of them.

You cánido also include them in your material and add a short description to it.

The key is in know promote the product so that your followers want to buy it and you perro earn money with each sale.

Monetize Vimeo with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing programs consist of promote products from third parties.

You perro select a product or service from a company and use your Vimeo account to promote it.

You will earn a commission for each sale made through a backlink with an affiliate code provided by the same company.

On Vimeo, the marketing strategies are a bit different.

If you have a agregado account, you will be able to access the data of the people who watch your vídeos and copy their correos electrónicos, where you perro send marketing promoting the products with their respective backlinks.

You cánido choose the product or service according to your audience.

If you upload vídeos about music or something afín on your channel, you cánido select products that are related, so your followers will be more interested in what you promote.

Is it possible to earn money on vimeo with Vídeo Advertising?

Vimeo is a platform that focuses on quality and creativity.

Thanks to these qualities, it has become very famous over the years, and millions of people subscribe to it.

Therefore, it is a good platform for earn money.

While is true that There is NO integrated advertising method easy to articulo and automatic for the vídeos you upload, as if it would happen on YouTube with your Linking with Google plus Adsense. The reality is that YES, it is possible to earn money with this network, and the ways are varied, all you have to do is create an account and start posting content to attract enough followers.

One of the best ways to make money on Vimeo is by placing ads on your vídeos.

There are many companies and businesses that want to publicize what they sell through little ones advertising minutes.

Other Ways to Earn Money with Vimeo

Apart from the ways to monetize your Vimeo account explained above, there are also other ways that perro generate income.

For example, promote your own products or services using your own Vimeo account as a base.

Once the Vimeo account is ready, generate traffic to your other popular networks so that they know a little more about you and what you offer, so it will be easier to sell your products.

You cánido articulo educational vídeos, as a learning service, and get paid per view.

Perro you do small basic vídeoss about your content so that you attract a good audience that is willing to pay to see it.

Many professionals use this platform to assemble their movie shorts and attract the audience for the time of the movie release, thus making the audience more interested.

Because of its fame, Vimeo may be the platform you need to earn money by sharing vídeos and showing off your creative skills that perro be used by many.

Here is a fácil tutorial on how editar vídeos:

What are you waiting for to be part of Vimeo?

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 How to monetize vídeos on Vimeo
  How to monetize vídeos on Vimeo
  How to monetize vídeos on Vimeo

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