How to monetize a Mobile Aplicación?

How to monetize a Mobile Aplicación?

In recent years the use of mobile phones has risen to power. With this, various aplicaciones have become for any type of company effective tools for your growth and thus attract many customers. The aplicaciones are many, some will be mentioned later.

There are any number of aplicaciones in the mobile world, but there are very few that generate activity, and this is essential for achieve profitability. Just downloading is not enough, the goal is to keep the aplicación active among users, since it was created for that purpose.

When creating an aplicación, the The objective is to make the most ofAlthough it is not an easy task, if the strategy is well defined it will be easy. The important thing is to know and master the different ways that cánido be carried out to achieve the previously equipo objective.

There is three factors Fundamentals to be taken into consideration:

  • Examples of Payments You May Be Charged For
  • Short and long term goals
  • consumer guidelines

Finally, remember that any project with the intention of improve your business It must be well analyzed and studied previously, much more if it concerns a mobile application.

Aplicación types

The world of the technological age has meant that everyone has a smart mobile available that allows access to the Internet and develops various functions. These applications are characterized for being very enriching, since it provides to manage the procedures and activities that users carry out on a regular basis.

Among the types are:

  • Native aplicaciones: This application is the one that is developed for a specific operating system. They are prepared to take full advantage of the functions of the device.
  • Web applications or web aplicaciones. This aplicación does not need to be installed on the device, so it does not take up space. Its access is possible through a web browser, regardless of the operating system used.
  • hybrid applications: It results from the combination of native and web applications. They are purchased through an application store, taking up space on the device, a characteristic afín to hybrid ones.

test aplicaciones

When designing an aplicación, it is advisable to test it before launching it to correct possible errores and not disappoint the usuario. For this one tests period there are many tools even for each context, easy to install for all types of operating systems.

Consists in download the aplicación free, giving the opportunity to use it within a certain period, and later it becomes a paid aplicación. Surely, you realized that it is very useful for your life, so you make the decision to pay to enjoy this excellent tool.

free aplicaciones

Many users download aplicaciones for free turning out to be very successful; well currently most applications are free, without requiring payment. The list is usually very long, but it’s not worth having all of them installed if you won’t be using them. Download the one you need the most.

Most of the businesses with aplicaciones have the purpose of increasing their list of users or practicing branding. With a free service it is achieved quickly. In the case of wanting to make an aplicación profitable, you have to study the models and choose the one that best suits your requirements, although the profits are minimal.

It is true that the business of mobile applications grows daily. Although many people refuse to pay for a mobile application, the annual numbers of users reflect a notable increase among those who dare to acquire them by payment. Those who hold back from paying may be out of habit or think that the tool is not that useful and opt for the free ones.

So, unbind three forms of payment:

  • Payment per download of the Aplicación: Paying a cost for maintenance of the aplicación is posible, although if users refuse, their use cánido be reduced by declining the aplicación.
  • Subscription payment: They require a payment every certain period to enjoy the service.
  • Payment for queries to the server: Pay for a specific use, ideal for companies.

Monetize with a Payment Aplicación

Some believe that the method is not common in recent times, however, when the time comes to make an aplicación profitable, the option is common. The mechanism consists of grant to the application determined cost. Whoever wants this application must only pay the value and proceed to download it.

The trend is that there is an increasing number of aplicaciones that are not paid (Free). Frequently the usuario does not want to pay an aplicación that you have not yet downloaded and that does not guarantee being able to solve your daily needs. However, today they continue to be one of the ways that provides the highest income.

You always have to think about usuario reaction, in the end it is he who rates the aplicaciones according to the benefit that it provides. By not having the possibility of a prior test of the service of your aplicación, it causes discontent in the virtual client.

Otherwise, if you are sure that the aplicación is unique and exclusive, consider that option as valid, because the usuario will be willing to pay. Remember that users today are looking for the fastest and most effective way to solve everyday life situations that give them peace of mind and confidence.

Monetize with a Freemium Aplicación

This type of aplicación dates back years and is fabulous because it is the combination of a system free and another Premium with high quality services. Their strategy is based on captivating the client with the possibilities starting with a free service that captures the client, and the plus functions will be included with an additional charge.

Among the most common is the freemium model, which provides the service for free, but to access the plus functions you must pay. If you opt for the freemium model, this type of aplicación is one of the most common, which is why it is called functionality limitation.

Continuing with the family of freemium services, there is the presentation of limitation by time. It consists of offering a free trial time. When the time is up, start charging for the service provided. Giants like Amazon or Spotify work in this practical way.

Among the storage aplicaciones we perro see aplicaciones like Dropbox or Google plus Drive. The limitation by use or capacity they are executed in the majority of the aplicaciones on the number of licenses.

Monetize with Advertising

Advertising is one of the most successful ways to earn money and the advertising resources that are in sight are varied. Although creating an effective advertising campaign for an aplicación is not easy, care must be taken that it is not too aggressive so as not to lose the usuario.

To earn money, the advertising resources The most used and habitual highlight banners, pop ups, notifications, among others. Strangely, aplicaciones have multiplied to inhibit advertising and contenido publicitario on Android.

For monetize an aplicación It is important to focus on what you want to achieve. It is recommended to carry out a diagnosis and previous studies in favor of a beneficial result. Among the factors to be studied are:

  • The type of application
  • Who is it addressed to?
  • What is the competition?
  • Design a good positioning strategy.

Fulfilling these premises you perro earn income representative and equipo the estándar in terms of mobile applications, because they are escencial to improve a business and achieve profitability.

Monetize with In-Aplicación Purchases

In the world of aplicaciones, monetizing with in-aplicación purchases is one of the more definitive methods to achieve the goal equipo: earn money. This method facilitates a universe of possibilities, because there are three types of in-aplicación purchases: subscriptions, consumable purchases, and non-consumable purchases.

Breaking down in-aplicación purchases:

  • consumables: It offers purchases several times, that is, you buy once to consume it, if you like it you must buy again.
  • No consumables: This service is paid only once and is used unlimited.
  • Subscriptions: It is used to offer services for a certain time: monthly, weekly, hours. They are renewed at the moment of changing the configuration.

Clearly, this method is a perfect fit to apply to everything related and appropriate to purchase internally in your application. With countless eager users downloading multiple aplicaciones, this method is effective. Although few users really choose to buy unless they are very enthusiastic.

Finally, this method offers an application for free, reaching great diffusion, but within the application are the functions that you must pay for. It is worth leaving a common example such as the case of the special candy packages in Candy Crush, with this the iniciativa will be quite clear.

Monetize with a Sponsored Aplicación

Generally, the ideas that are already being handled from one moment to the next materialize and in a short time they become operational, allowing them to be known. This application is perfect for a certain advertising campaign or brand, because it targets a precise audience that matches your objective.

It is possible that for the make be helpful and convenient to agree to finance the development in order to spearhead the exceptional launch. Although you cánido also consider owning the complete aplicación and making a full sponsorship that meets your framed expectations.

Then, that application would be created specifically thinking of a certain brand or with a consistent and precise position, which would only need to be put to the end. With a sponsorship of this magnitude both the name and the image of the aplicación could be conditioned, and at the same time it would limit other input views.

Do not forget, this model seeks dress the aplicación with a brand to receive an economic consideration in return, and thus maintain control of the aplicación. The sponsor is always going to inquire about positioning their brands and looking for a way to impose their own reasons, even exclusively.

Monetize with Big Data

This time it is the turn of the intangibles squeeze that profitability. It is an aplicación that seeks to know the tastes and preferences while respecting your privacy, without invading spaces, but it is good to know the usuario.

By originating this exchange, the company manages to capture information that will allow it to better adapt the products or services it has been offering to the public. In this way, it is possible to design a specific campaign that achieves the largest number of users and obviously, that information acquires more relevance.

Other Monetization Options with Aplicaciones

On the one hand, paymium It is a good option for the usuario, because it offers the opportunity to acquire certain plus services of the application. However, it is necessary to take into account that its result is not profitable, because there is no good stimulus that encourages you to pay for everything.

In the same way, there is Affiliate marketing. As fácil as it is used repeatedly, it consists of advertising various products and services. In return, they expect to receive a commission for the sale of the published products or information request for the services offered.

The donations They are an option in which you have to trust the good heart of the usuario and be grateful. In other words, be generous when contributing a contribution for the advantages provided by the aplicación, since they also need development and maintenance.

It is impressive to vea how every day in all parts of the world the technology gains ground and with it the innovations that facilities provide. Today applications offer different companies and businesses innumerable ways to make themselves known, so much so that they become importante.

But it also espectáculos that nothing is free, and that if they go hand in hand they are the perfect combination to reach the usuario. Obviously, in the same way the usuario also benefits. But it must be maintained, because in the end it is he who determines consumption.

Now, would you pay for an aplicación, with which you were enthusiastic?

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 How to monetize a Mobile Aplicación?
  How to monetize a Mobile Aplicación?
  How to monetize a Mobile Aplicación?

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