How to Monetize a Blogspot Blog

How to Monetize a Blogspot Blog

Creating a blog cánido be something amazing for youyou cánido share interests, knowledge and ideas with people from all over the world.A blog cánido help you improve the SEO of a web page and, at the same time, strengthen personal brands, businesses or organizations.

Here we will espectáculo you the different ways in which you perro monetize your blog.

Monetize Blogspot through Advertising

Promoting your blog through en línea advertising is an effective way to earn money for each clic made by users.

For this advertising to be effective, the ads must be connected to your content.

For example, if your blog is about health and wellness, your ad cannot be a fast food ad.

Monetizing your blog through advertising cánido be very fácil, you just have to create an en línea advertising platform and backlink it to your website.

One of the platforms you cánido use is google plus adsense, where you perro design the ad with the same theme as your blog and espectáculo it to a specific audience.

You perro too display advertising on third-party businesses if the number of users that your blog has is large, thus allowing a greater number of purchases.

Monetize Blogspot with Affiliate Marketing

If you want to use affiliate marketing programs, you perro select one of these programs and choose the product or service you want to sell.

With this method you cánido associate with a brand to promote your products for a commission for each sale made through your blog.

This monetization model is more effective if the product you promote shares the same objetivo audience as your blog.

For this tool to be effective you must create a direct backlink that takes the usuario to the product page where they cánido buy it.

Some major platforms, such as Amazon, work with affiliate marketing and allow some people to use their affiliate programs so that the public reaches the product on Amazon Affiliates from their website.

You perro also earn money if the backlink is for a subscription, to fill out a form or for a coupon.

Everything will depend on the agreement made with the owner of the product and what he needs.

Monetize Blogspot with Ebook Sales

As your blogspot grows, you cánido sell your Libros electrónicos directly from your blog. Your earnings will be 100% yourssince some platforms charge a commission for the sales of your books.

Your y también-book perro be a compilation of the content of your blog or, simply, deal with a new topic that may be of great interest to the audience.

For example, if you are a novel writer you perro promote your own digital books that include an incredible cover that attracts the public’s attention.

You perro use this method to teach your users new things, such as lessons based on their experience that cánido be inspiring and beneficial for readers.

You will get the profit with each sale you make.

Monetize Blogspot with Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are typically sought after by businesses that are willing to pay for advertising on a well-known blog.

If your blogspot has a large following and is habitual, some companies perro contact you for you to promote your products or services.

You cánido partner with any company you want and articulo ads about their products on your website that help increase sales for the business and you. earn a commission for each sale done.

One way to make these announcements is by creating a small review about the product or a vídeo where you use the product, thus demonstrating the quality it has.

The profit will be agreed with the owner of the product, but if you espectáculo the sponsor that your blog is the best advertising method that exists you cánido earn a lot of money.

Monetize Blogspot Making Virtual Courses

En línea courses are one of the most used methods in blogspot, you do not need to be an expert to be able to use this procedure, you just have to choose a specific topic about which you have knowledge.

These en línea courses are almost always short vídeos with a good dialect, where the usuario understands what is being explained.

You perro start by publishing 2 or 3 free vídeos on your blog so that people are interested and want to pay to continue learning thanks to your virtual courses.

To make your course the most habitual of all, choose original content and develop it creatively, so that the client is hooked with your visual and auditory material and wants to continue connected to future en línea courses published on your blog.

Earn money with Blogspot with Paid Content

Blogspots perro offer more than just your opinion.

They are a combination of experience and unique approach to read because it brings something special (professional, personal or spiritual).

Although most blog posts are usually free, you perro also articulo paid content.

To access these premium content, you must do it through a paid subscription.

To make users want to access this content, you cánido promote some snippets for free that attract the attention of the readers and take them to your blog.

Earn Money on Blogspot through Donations

Although it may not seem like a very effective method, asking for donations through your blog perro be lucrativeyou just have to know how to do it and have a good genere to ask for them.

One of the ways you cánido do this is to include a note of sincere thanks to your readers for the interest shown in your blog and invite them to collaborate with donations that help maintain it.

Your audience cánido be supportive if the donation goes to organizations that help promote popular justice or support the work of an NGO.

If you are already selling a product through your blog, it would not be highly recommended to ask for donations.

You perro espectáculo appreciation to your followers for donations made by posting specially designed original contenteither.

Other Ways to Earn Money with Blogspot

There are other ways to generate money with your Blogspot.

Some are more creative, like genera a podcast and articulo it on your blog.

For this to work, the theme of your podcast must be original or habitual.

The popularity of podcasts has increased in recent years, you perro make money selling small spaces in your audio where announcements of the company or product with which you made an agreement are added.

Another way of monetization consists of creating a webinar (webinar) where you cánido share your knowledge and teach participants new skills.

This cánido improve your backlinks with your audience and improve engagement on your blog.

You must create a trusted platform where to use a slideshow, a tutorial, a taller or even a question and answer session.

Any of these formats cánido be very useful, you just have to master the subject and that’s it; you start your webinar.

With all these ways to make money with Blogspot, what are you waiting for to choose a theme and create your own website?

Start generating income and share all your knowledge.

But, if you have any questions, be sure to watch the following vídeo:

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 How to Monetize a Blogspot Blog
  How to Monetize a Blogspot Blog
  How to Monetize a Blogspot Blog

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