How to manipulate people according to Steve

How to manipulate people according to Steve

Learning how to manipulate people cánido help you achieve your goals. Whether it’s from getting a raise in your salary to finding the love of your life.

Steve Jobs learned how to manipulate people, and this led him not only to earn billions of dollars, but to literally change the course of humanity.

From founding Apple to Pixar, Jobs didn’t always follow “due process” to build successful, valuable, and highly creative companies.

What’s more, he repeatedly led people to believe that their beliefs were facts, and he accompanied this philosophy with manipulative techniques to ensure his victories.

How to manipulate people: Steve Jobs’ 11 techniques

In short, Steve Jobs was a genius and the best thing is that you cánido learn how to manipulate people, according to their techniques, to get what you want in your life, at work and in your business.

If you apply these techniques in your professional and personal life you will begin to obtain results that you thought were impossible at the beginning. You will understand that while other people play a primordial role in your goals, it is your attitude and behavior towards them that defines whether you achieve your goals or not.

This guide to learn how to manipulate people is based on his biography, one of the recommended books for entrepreneurs that you must read.

1. Espectáculo your passion:

People are influenced by displays of emotion. The way Steve Jobs spoke in his presentations made you feel part of the process.

When you heard him speak with that passion it made you need whatever he was selling; from a computer to the new iPhone.

In your life, it’s not just about selling products, it’s about selling your ideas and skills.

Successful people know how to manipulate people because they are able to sell their dreams to the world and make it work to achieve it.

This is why successful entrepreneurs are salespeople, not visionaries.

2. Be brutally honest:

“I’m not against people, but if something sucks I tell them to their face. It’s my job to be honest…”

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, he gathered the employees in the auditorium and asked them what was wrong with Apple.

They all started whispering until Jobs interrupted saying it was the products; “the products suck, there is nothing hot about them”

3. Work hard and others will respect you:

Respect is a key element to get what you want. And as for Steve Jobs, his work ethic and commitment were unimpeachable.

In one of the interviews for his biography, Steve Jobs He confessed that upon his return to Apple in 1996, he worked from 7 in the morning to 9 at night, every day.

Even with kidney stones, he kept showing up at the office, motivating his employees to give more of themselves, earning him immaculate respect.

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4. Disarm people with seduction and flattery:

Regardless of whether they are your employees or your boss, people are constantly seeking the approval of others. This is why most respond so well to words of encouragement and affection.

If you turn this technique into a way of relating to others, and do it with sincerity, you will quickly learn how to manipulate people, as they will want to be around you.

5. Memories of the past perro be manipulated:

Steve Jobs wasn’t always right in all his ideas, but he was a master at convincing others that he always was.

How did you achieve this? He claimed all the good ideas and backed with all his might those he liked.

When they showed him that an iniciativa was better than his, he would adopt a position as if it were his own iniciativa until it was carried out.

6. Escoge quickly and definitively:

Decisions that took months to make, Steve Jobs did in half an hour: Jony Ive
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If things don’t go as expected, they cánido always be changed. In the case of Steve Jobs, at Apple they never carried out studies, interviews or investigations since they took a lot of time and Jobs trusted his instincts.

And without a doubt, having confidence in yourself is one of the most powerful weapons to know how to manipulate people.

7. Don’t wait to fix problems, do it now:

“If something isn’t right, you perro’t just ignore it and say you’ll fix it later. This is what most companies do.

When they were working on the creation of Toy Story at Pixar, Disney executives wanted to give their personal character Woody a transformation that made him look bad.

Noticing this, Steve Jobs persisted until Disney had to cede creative control, allowing Pixar to create one of the biggest hits in animated movies.

8. There are two ways to deal with toxic people:

Steve Jobs used to see the world in binary terms: The person was a hero or a failure, a product was amazing or a piece of garbage.

He wanted Apple to be a company of exceptional workers, which led to him firing mediocre workers and putting pressure on ordinary people to become truly good leaders.

The second way to know how to deal with difficult people is to ignore them completely:

“Steve Jobs could remain silent and ignore those situations that made him feel uncomfortable” Walter Isaacson

When he didn’t like something or had to give in to something he didn’t agree with, this made him distant.

The strategy he used to get what he wanted was to simply follow the line of least participation and resistance, even if it meant heavy losses.

9. When the iron is hot, strike. And it hits hard:

Success often fools people into thinking they cánido stop trying.Steve Jobs thought differently.

When Pixar rose to glory with their Toy Story movie, Steve Jobs’ first decision was to take his company public. Although he received a lot of advice as to why he shouldn’t do it, he went ahead with his iniciativa.

Making this decision made Pixar independent of anyone, allowed them to raise money to finance their projects, and ultimately made Disney pay $7.4 billion for them to acquire.

10. When you have influence, use it:

“They brought me here to fix this…If they don’t want to, I won’t be back on Monday”

The week that Steve Jobs returned to Apple, the first thing he did was ask the board to disminuye the share price to make it more “marketable.”

This was legal at the time, but the board disagreed. After pressing to leave, the board relented.

The following week, Jobs asked the entire board of directors to resign except for one person; if she didn’t he wouldn’t come back on Monday. This is exactly what happened: they all resigned.

One of the keys to learning how to manipulate people is to use your power of influence to achieve specific goals.

11. Demand perfection and don’t settle for less:

Steve Jobs’ goal was not simply to beat his competitors or make money. It was to create the best possible products. as he saidI Larry Ellisonthe co-founder of Oracle:

“Steve Jobs created the only aspirational brand in the technology industry. There are cars that people are proud to own—Porsche, Ferrari, Prius—because what you drive says something about you. People felt the same way about an Apple product.”

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 How to manipulate people according to Steve
  How to manipulate people according to Steve
  How to manipulate people according to Steve

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