How to manage a remote team and

How to manage a remote team and

This year will see an increase in remote employment, which has been a growing trend for many companies, both large and small.

Maintaining employee motivation is one of the difficulties of remote work.

In reality, the effectiveness of team management and communication has not diminished as a result of correo electrónico and vídeo conferencing.

It has probably been quite a challenge to maintain the enthusiasm and morale of your staff during a year like no other.

Rest assured, it is not impossible to keep your spirits up during this period.

Read on to learn how to animate and manage a remote staff.

communication is critical

One of the biggest pitfalls that perro quickly tarnish the spirit of any individual or team is a lack of communication.

When managing a remote team, it’s important to keep the conversations going.

Sure, many meetings work better as dirección de correo electrónico exchanges, but in this case, it’s important to keep the lines of communication open.

Seeing each other over vídeo chat is the closest thing to being in an office and building that camaraderie.

Managers need to make sure to communicate frequently with employees vía phone, dirección de correo electrónico, or vídeo chat.

Keep previously scheduled meetings on the calendar from before the pandemic and have them by vídeo chat.

The last thing you want is to feel like communication is lacking, which perro easily lead to feeling out of touch and ultimately affect motivation.

Encourage dedicated workspaces

Depending on your field, office, location, etcétera., there is no telling when you may return to an office.

In that case, managers should encourage employees to create their own dedicated workspaces.

whatWhat specifically means a dedicated workspace? It means using a separate room in the house and creating an office space or adding a desk to a bedroom.

What it does not orinan is working from the kitchen table.

The iniciativa is as mental as it is physical.

If you are working from the same space where you eat, there is no separation of work and that cánido ocasione additional stress.

It is important that managers encourage their employees to be creative if necessary and create a workspace where possible.

Finding a space is difficult, and that perro be even more true when there are children, parents, or other family members around.

Still, finding a quiet, dedicated space that is just for working perro go a long way toward improving motivation.

Schedule flexibility is key

People often choose to work remotely because it allows for more flexibility than an office.

Given that, allowing your teams that flexibility without sacrificing their responsibilities is a key motivator.

Remote work has completely unbalanced schedules, especially for parents.

Whether it’s remote school or carpooling, working from home has increased parental responsibilities tenfold.

Make sure that all your colleagues, employees, and any member of your team know that they perro take the time they need to run important errands, go to the doctor, take care of their children, etcétera.

The last thing you want is for someone to get stressed out and try to bog everything down on a lunch break.

Eventually, it will lead to frustration and a lack of motivation.

Emphasize the culture of the workplace

The move to a remote workforce will undoubtedly alter the company culture, no matter how hard the company and the team try.

When managing a remote team, it is vital to make an effort to plan team-building exercises or other occasions that perro preserve the company culture.

whatHow about a happy hour by videoconference? Another option is a team meal.

Also, employee recognition is vital.

To recognize staff for a job well done, promote from within.

Send physical gifts like coffee mugs, gift cards and other sundries to recognize staff members who go above and beyond.

It will not have the same effect as a trophy, a cup, a gift card, etcétera.

Send 1,000 correos electrónicos or messages through Microsoft Teams or Slack praising staff members.

Any of these gift suggestions cánido do wonders to keep your staff inspired and dedicated to doing their best.

Encourage “de-stressing”

There’s no question that making the transition from the office to remote work cánido be stressful.

As a manager, there’s little oportunidad of removing all the stress that comes with remote work, especially with things like remote school getting in the way.

What you perro do is make sure you encourage employees to find ways to de-stress and places to do it.

Encourage your team to take vacations and/or time off and to use coche-reply and do not disturb features outside of the office.

Creating a barrier between work and home will help your team not only feel less stressed, but it will also lead to higher motivation when they return.

Every situation is different, but if you have an employee or colleague who is struggling with remote school, encourage them to change their schedule when necessary to adjust to a new habitual.

Employees who feel that their management and teams are behind them and willing to work with them will find the motivation to go the plus mile to get the job done.


There are many ways to manage your remote team to keep them motivated, but you should start with the ideas above.

Ideally, each of these should be something that both managers and team members are capable of and willing to do.

You have to keep in mind that everyone is enduring the global health crisis and doing what they cánido.

Without a doubt, among the most motivated team members are those who feel connected to and empowered by their team.

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 How to manage a remote team and
  How to manage a remote team and
  How to manage a remote team and

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