how to make money writing

how to make money writing

Do you have a gift for writing? Then you could use it to earn money writing on the Internet!

There are many people who at the time decided to make money writing and they ended up getting more than a small income per month.

Yes, some even make a living from it.

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  • Beginnings are hard and you may not know what to do with this precious gift.

    To help you with this, we have prepared a small list with some of the ideas that you could try.

    How to make money writing on the Internet?


    Write weblogs to earn money

    If you master a relevant subject, you could create a Blog to provide information about it.

    For example, the 3d printers They have become fashionable in recent years.

    If you understand the subject, you could write a blog in which you report on the available models, you perro give advice on how to print, create a FAQ with questions, etcétera.

    Cánido earn money for writing articles on your blog in the following ways:

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  • ·Advertising: adds third-party advertising.

    You don’t have to go far to find a provider, as Google plus AdWords itself helps you with it.

    Affiliate Marketing: You cánido try to integrate affiliate backlinks on your blog. Amazon Affiliates works great for it.

    ·Selling Backlinks: If your blog achieves a certain popularity, you cánido offer backlinks in your articles to help raise the authorship of other pages.


    How to earn money writing articles on the Internet?

    Writing for yourself perro be demotivating, especially if you’re not going to receive any benefit after writing each article.

    Therefore, you always have the option of make money writing articles for everyone else.

    In this case, you have 3 options:

    Specialized platforms: There are platforms that allow you earn money writing articles without investing nothing, as is the case with publisuites.

    You just sign up, create your editor profile and wait for orders to arrive.

    Forums: Another interesting alternative is to use the forums.

    In forums like forobeta either Forum2.0 there is a great offer of copywriting work, although there is also a lot of demand.

    The interesting thing is to create a thread in which you make yourself known and offer differential values ​​so that the client is clear why he chooses you and not your competitors.

    Create your own page: While you make yourself known on the previous platforms, it would not hurt if you created your own page where you offer to write articles.

    Use positioning techniques to reach the top positions of Google plus and you will see how you do not lack work.


    You perro also earn money by writing a book

    Thanks to the Internet, writing a book and making money from it is much easier than it seems.

    For example, we cánido upload it to google plus booksindicate the value of it and start receiving income.

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  • it’s possible make money writing poemsnovels, essays, stories for children or any other type of writing.


    Earn money writing in other languages

    Some platforms to write and earn money They will give you the possibility of writing the articles in other languages ​​(such as English, German, French, among others).

    If you are good with languages, and have a certain fluency in translating, perhaps this is what you have been looking for.

    It is a much better paid job than that of a conventional editor, and it cánido be perfectly complemented with it.

    Now you know how to make money writing articles en línea.

    Take these methods into account and you will see how you start with a moderate income until it ends up becoming an interesting salary.

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     how to make money writing
  how to make money writing
  how to make money writing

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